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Consultants Workshop

Consultants Forum


Here’s what IMC offered in 2015-16 to advance management consulting in Dallas-Fort Worth:

-12 unique Consultant’s Workshops on the essentials of management consulting
-4 experts to address the Consultant’s Forum
-2-day QuickStart for management consultants new to the profession
-a holiday party for fun and networking

The Forum followed a finance theme last season, starting with Ben Bernanke in November. IMC DFW served as cooperative sponsor for a World Affairs Council / Bush Center event. Tom Siems addressed us from the Fed on economic dynamism in January. April brought Harold Gross on demographics and behavioral economics. Mike Grimes opened the door to private equity thinking in May. Reserve now to attend the 2017 season kickoff Consultant's Forum on the theme of Sustainable Business Value for your clients. Reprising the panel format you've praised and requested, this Forum showcases the perspectives and experiences of consultants and clients and offers opportunity for continuing dialogue. 

Recent Workshop themes include certification (Richard Morgan, CMC®), ethics (Trish Gaffney, CMC®), enhancing your consultancy (Pete Sorenson, CMC®) and agility (Melinda Marcus) .  Register for Consultant's Workshops —Grow Your Business, with fresh content for 2017, now meeting the 2nd Friday. Benefit by joining the thick web of connections IMC cultivates in DFW and beyond.

The Chapter's Holiday Party left all who attended richer in relationships and fortified for the New Year. Reserve now for Monday, December 11, 2017.

What follows is more of what you asked for, from the May 2015 Consultant’s Forum panelists, on the question: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about consulting?


 Dr. Jean Ann Larson, FACHE, FHIMSS, DSHS, OCC, wrote:

What’s the most important thing I’ve learned about consulting?

  1. Trust Your Own Wisdom, and most important FOLLOW IT. What works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you no matter how much they think it will
  2.  The Tin Man – You bring together a unique blend of experience, education, life knowledge that you can embrace and incorporate to provide value to your clients.  

How did I learn it?

  1. By listening to advice when I was starting out and assuming that because someone else had been a consultant longer or “seemed” to be doing the right things, that these tools and approaches would work for me.  And even though it felt wrong, I thought I was out of my comfort zone and followed them anyway.  You need to get clear on who you are, the clients you want to work with and how you can uniquely work with them to solve their problems before jumping into tools, tricks and methods/  “It’s never about the tools.”
  2. Through a learning project (self-as-instrument) exercise I had to design for myself around how I experience and deal with change outside of my comfort zone. I realized that things that I had learned over my career and even as a child could be brought to bear to get through a really challenging time where I was so outside of my comfort zone it’s laughable. And through my dissertation chair and committee when they convinced me to use an auto-ethnographic approach to change telling me that my experience and deep background in my topic made me both a good researcher and a subject of that research. Lastly through my clients: if I don’t lead with my tools and stuff and go in listening to what they are wanting, I can provide so much more of myself.  I am working on a project right now that taps into work I did as a young engineer though it is not an engineering gig.


How have you put it to work?

  1. I sell “me” not a set of tools
  2. Listen to clients, put their needs first - By listening to my clients and discerning how I can help or how we might work together to resolve their key/critical issues
  3. Develop what the client needs, don’t sell them what you’ve got and don’t be a one trick pony
  4. Be authentic and form relationships with people you want to work with
  5. “Stop selling to people who don’t get you!”

Advice for a friend

  • Trust your own wisdom
  • Discover and recognize your gifts and unique ability
  • Don’t do what others tell you that you “should do” or that they’ve done if it’s not right for you
  • Remember you are creative, capable and complete
  • Seek only deep knowledge
  • Enjoy the freedom to do what needs to be done
  • Don’t play small

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