Oliver Matar
Oliver A. Matar CMC®
Sustainable Success Consulting
Newport Beach, CA

Oliver Matar CMC® Is an International Speaker, Global Management Consultant and Multiple Books Author specialized in sustainable success. His experience include successful execution of more than 100 Large International Consulting Projects in the Public and Private Sectors (in the Police, Judicial, Tourism, Municipal, Roads and Transport, Civil Aviation, Culture, Humanitarian, Media Free Zones, Foreign Trade, Rehabilitation, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Services, Retail & Trading Sectors) in 12 North American, European, African and Asian Countries. (To view Oliver’s audio visual profile, follow this link: https://youtu.be/Qw8sCvRbZtw.)

Oliver has developed a worldwide pioneering groundbreaking solution for sustainable success that rests on/integrates Value Creation/Innovation and Occupational Happiness.

Oliver is a frequent speaker in international forums in the USA, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, South Korea, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

He is the author of “How to Achieve Sustainable Success?”, a book that contains his worldwide pioneering copyrighted methodology about how to achieve happy and durable success.

He is the author of the aubible.com bestselling book “Counselors Beyond Knowledge“, a book that contains millions of US dollars in career value for those who choose to adopt its unique career positioning strategy.

He is the author of “Eudemonia Redemption”, a novel that reshapes humans’ approach towards their eternal quest for happiness.

He is the author of “Fuel of Life”, a novel that contains “DAARR”, a unique yet simple model (developed by Oliver) that helps people improve their personal happiness.

Oliver’s books received in excess of 90% satisfaction rating by surveys run by google.

Oliver served as an International Business Fellow of Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow, UK where he also supervise since the year 2011 the final MBA thesis and teaches the flagship MBA course Strategic Consulting in Practice.

From 2013 to 2015, Oliver represented the Institute of Management Consulting USA (IMCUSA) in the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes(ICMCI.) He was a Member of IMC USA Board of Directors. He is a Certified Management Consultant.

From 2015 to 2017 Oliver served as Vice Chair of the “International Council of Management Consulting Institute” representing the USA.