Rudy Miick

Rudy Miick CMC®
The Miick Companies, LLC
Boulder, CO

Rudy is a passionate life-long learner and implementor. He serves as guide to executives and teams as a dynamic change agent. He’s a psychologist, restaurateur, writer, speaker, athlete, husband and dad.

The results of his work drive client performance 3 – 5 times above median bottom line norms; and do so within contract periods. Miick client results are consistent in a myriad of industries: restaurants, resorts, retail, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, martial arts, film, fitness and more.

Rudy is a co-founder and curriculum creator at UCLA Extension Hospitality Management program. He was a board member and an adjunct professor there for 13 years.

He’s a 24 year member of Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) and served as a Worldwide board member, Chair of the Americas, and Chair of Continuing Professional Standards for that industry.

As the author of over 800 articles, blogs, and The Leadership Cookbook, Rudy’s a contributor on five other books focused on leadership, business culture, brand engagement and profit.

“I’m really excited to serve on this board!” – Rudy Miick, CMC®