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What Got Me Here?

Posted By David T. Norman FIMC CMC-AF, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the first Message from the Chair Stepping Into the Hot Seat, I set the stage and commented on the whirlwind week I just experienced. But, what got me here in the first place, writing the fourth Message from the Chair?

In 1973, with a year and one-half old MBA, wife and two children, I was employed by a regional bank in management. Cool! Good gig. The trouble was, they found out I wasn’t a banker about a day or so before I found out I wasn’t going to be a banker. Fired, yikes. What now?

Doing a Yellow Pages search (remember Yellow Pages, don’t you?) for my next employment opportunity, I went shopping with my resume (no ‘’ then; just feet on the street) and, finally, was hired by an owner of a boutique management consulting firm. At the time, I knew him as an experienced management consultant who accepted my skill set (finance) but not either my competency or my comportment as a management consultant. Nonetheless, for the next eight years I was with the firm and helped the owner, together with others, grow it and serve some great clients in the Southeast. During my employment there he ‘hammered’ me on consulting competencies and ethics – drilled them into me as only an ex-Naval submariner could do. We traveled together, working with clients together, but mostly he tested and trained me. I was always under his watchful tutelage (err… control). He was, for me at the time, what every neophyte consultant hopes for – a true mentor.

As a result of his training and mentoring, I’ve been a management consultant for the past 38 years, have been a member of IMC USA since the early 80’s and earned my CMC in October, 1988.

What’s the link to now? As I remember, he was not only a founding father of an organization that ultimately was one that morphed into the current IMC USA but also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). I have remained in our career mostly due to his strength of character and professionalism. Nathaniel Hill, thank you.

My volunteerism at both the Chapter level (Carolinas) and also National (three years on the Board) has been my pay-back to his pay-forward. What a role providence plays!

What’s your story? And, more importantly, what role do you play in the development of the next management consultant?  What's your pay-forward?

Next up, the Leadership Summit. Stay tuned.

My best,


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George Moskoff CMC says...
Posted Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Welcome. And, thanks for taking on the job; as jobs go, this is uniquely difficult. I would like to help.
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Jim W. Soudriette CMC. FIMC says...
Posted Tuesday, May 17, 2011
David: I wish you well...the challenge is there because you see the way to make effective improvements. I consider this the role of all effective consultants

Another subject
I noted youw ere a VISTAGE assignee. Decided to be of assistance to your associates here (30 groups in this market of over 3M). si I contacted Lauren Tigue who is the Southwest Regional Membershiop Director . she sent me E Mail versions of the brochures and said would snail mail more. MY role ias simply to get applicants. I ran a group like this I formed myself for 13 yeras, I nderstand the process but have a full plate and seek a higher gross and net billing rate myself. besuidesm the manditory commitment of servicing one's participants no augers into my schedule. However, I certainly respect the fact you are still fulling this commitment!

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Loraine A. Huchler CMC says...
Posted Thursday, May 19, 2011
David, your story reminded me of my own introduction to IMC and mangement consulting in my second year of business. I was barely breaking even financially and a consultant that I met at a women's business association invited me to attend the IMC meeting. I knew immediately that this was a place to learn to be a better consultant...eventually serving as the chapter president.
The list of New Jersey chapter members who have mentored me in the professionalism of consulting and chapter leadership is very long; Bill Dorman, Joe Kowalski, John Sturges, John Tracy, Alberto Caballero, Leonard Steinberg, Michael Hierl, and Paul Gondek come to mind. After 14 years, I still pick up the phone on occasion to ask these guys a question.
I see my service to IMC, especially at the national level, a my pay back to these professionals whose passion for IMC and commitment to mentoring young consultants has made my way easier and my journey more satisfying.
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