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Here’s my New Year’s resolution for IMC USA – Implementing our own advice.

Posted By Loraine A. Huchler CMC FIMC, Monday, January 6, 2014

Here’s my New Year’s resolution for IMC USA – Implementing our own advice.

About a month after I took office, as I was mulling over this idea of leadership versus management, my husband jokingly observed, "You are all smart consultants who do wonderful things for your clients’ business – you obviously know what to do – how about implementing your own advice?” Yes, of course – talking is one thing, but execution – now that’s how change really occurs.

During the last eight months, we’ve been implementing our own advice by reinvigorating our national committees. We used a new strategy this time; we asked our nominating committee to expand their efforts to vet candidates for national committee chairs in addition to board members.

David Norman, as chair of the national nominating committee, has done a phenomenal job and I am pleased to report that we have filled positions in several key committees: Academic Initiatives, Membership, Marketing and our Academic Initiatives (University Relations), Membership, Marketing and the Academy. During the next few weeks, each of these committee chairs will "talk” in my blog; today’s "guest speaker” is our new chair of our National Marketing Committee, Jo Smith.

An Interview with our New National Marketing Chair, Jo Smith.

Loraine: Tell me a little bit about yourself: where you live, what your practice focus is, something interesting about yourself.

Jo: I have lived most of life in Portland Oregon, with a short time in Hawaii and Los Angeles. Most of my work is with professional service firms, primarily law firms, CPA firms and wealth managers, to help them leverage their talent. I coach and consult to develop leadership, with a focus on practice management and business development. My academic degree is in marketing, but I found that I most enjoy, working with people and services, rather than products.

Regarding my personal life, people seem to be surprised when they learn how much I love adventure. Whether it's taking racecar driving lessons, jumping from a plane or going to Rwanda where, in addition to helping a not-for-profit organization, I was able to see gorillas in the wild;, I love getting way-outside my comfort zone.

Loraine: Tell me about how long you have belonged to IMC and what you have gained from being a member

Jo: I've belonged to IMC for nearly 10 years and have attended meetings in my local chapter (Oregon-Southwest Washington (OSWW)) - an extremely vital chapter. The continued vitality of my chapter demonstrates the critical importance of succession planning. I've attended three Confabs and this fall's GROW conference and I always come back inspired! By far the greatest value I've received from IMC is rubbing shoulders, sharing ideas and occasionally sharing referrals with high quality consultants both within my chapter and at national conferences. Earning my CMC four years ago helped me define and better manage my business and increased the value of those relationships.

Loraine: You’ve just been appointed as chair of the National Marketing Committee. This committee is responsible for ensuring the content, clarity and consistency of our message to our stakeholders: members, prospective members, students, academicians, our affiliate partners who provide goods and services that consultants need and the business community. Tell me about your near term plans for your work within IMC USA.

Jo: I have two goals for the next month. One goal is to learn; I'm on a steep learning curve, studying our website, listening in on IMC leadership calls, meeting with you and Gayle Carson nationally and with local IMC leaders, all to better understand IMC's benefits and issues and the needs of our various constituents. I’m also reviewing the marketplace relevance initiative that gathered information about the demographics and trends for our future members and methods to connect to these members. My second goal is to fill our committee with talented people interested in serving IMC and its members.

Loraine: Tell me about the nature of the committee to serve and what kinds of skills are most needed. (especially "web navigation” and "social media orchestration”).

Jo: We're looking for anyone who is interested in raising the visibility of IMC in the marketplace. We know that most of you have, by necessity, learned marketing to support your business, making you a valuable asset to the committee. We will be interfacing with all of the national committees and chapters. Obviously, if you have marketing experience, web navigation and social media expertise, we are very interested in having you on our committee. Public relations and graphics experience are also valued skills.

Loraine: Is there anything else that you’d like our readers to know?

Jo: Simply that I'm excited about this opportunity. Enhancing IMC's visibility, providing a clear, consistent and powerful message about who we are, what we do and what we offer to our members, partners, clients and the wider business community will benefit each and every one of us!

Loraine: Tell me how our readers can learn more about you and your committee.

Jo: Anyone interested in learning more about me and our committee can call me at 503.234.5044 or email me at I welcome their calls, emails, questions, suggestions and interest! We will start our routine virtual meetings in February; this is an opportunity to get involved in our launch of this committee and really make a contribution to shaping our image and growing IMC's stature and relevance in the marketplace.

Many of our board members served on national committees or served in a leadership role in their own chapter. You can recommend yourself or another member for service by contacting the chair of our nominating committee, David Norman (

Remember, you don’t have to wait to be asked to serve – make your new year’s resolution to increase the value of your affiliation with IMC by serving.

Stay tuned to my blog to "meet” our other national committee chairs.


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Baldwin H. Tom CMC FIMC says...
Posted Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Loraine, Excellent idea to learn about committee chairs. This makes them real and accessable. I expect this will get some to contact them just because there are 'personal' alignments with what the chair has revealed. Baldwin
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Baldwin H. Tom CMC FIMC says...
Posted Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Jo, Don't hesitate to reach out to past chairs and FIMCs with burning questions. I expect they will all have something to say. Who knows? What you hear may be the key that unlocks the 'secret' for your marketing efforts. Baldwin
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