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Don Matheson, IMC USA Chair & CEO, periodically reports on the state of the Institute, including new benefits to members, strategic affiliations with other organizations, business issues affecting the consulting profession, member accomplishments, chapter activities, and activities of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). Institute news can be found in the "News and Media" section of this site.


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The Rewards of Serving

Posted By Loraine A. Huchler CMC FIMC, Thursday, May 30, 2013


- for a job well done

- for a significant accomplishment

- for a singular achievement,

- for making a difference.

Every year we recognize members of the Institute for their contributions to our organization, to their community and to the profession.

But why?

Dale Carnegie put it best: everyone needs:

- acceptance

- approval and

- appreciation.

I’ll go one step further – recognition of contributions and achievements is essential to the success of an organization.

As a membership organization, IMC USA has a wonderful culture of recognition of our members who serve in leadership positions, who contribute their time, energy and talent to our community and who inspire others to serve.

Our numerous awards recognize our members’ contributions in a variety of ways:

Certificate of Appreciation

Recognition of Achievement

Community Service Award*

Distinguished Service Award*

Chapter Leadership Award*

Chair Leadership Award*

Lifetime Achievement Award*

Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants*

As I listened to the remarks from our newly-elected Fellows last year at GROW!, I was struck by the recurring themes of the value of the award for the recipient. Over and over again, they talked about the skills they had learned from their service to the Institute, how they had grown personally, and by the deep, life-long friendships with other members.

I want to encourage you to get involved in IMC USA and experience the rewards of belonging and serving.

And I want to encourage you to nominate fellow members who have made a contribution, achievement or served the organization – especially if they’ve played an important role in your professional growth.

Say tuned; in my next blog, I’ll be talking about one of the numerous opportunities available to serve. 




For more information about our awards, please visit Regards,Loraine *Awarded at our annual conference, GROW!; application deadline: July 1; please contact Kathie Nelson, Chair, Recognition & Awards Committee, or contact our Executive Director, Gail McCauley, 

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Honoring a visionary leader of IMC USA

Posted By Loraine A. Huchler CMC FIMC, Thursday, May 23, 2013
Michael Shays, CMC, FIMC, a past chair of the Institute, was honored at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Portland Oregon with a life membership. Michael’s contributions include:
  • obtained financing from Price Waterhouse to develop a video on IMC
  • oversaw the Journal of Management Consulting and the organization’s newsletter
  • introduced a written ethics exam
The author of our IMC USA history1described the significance of his contributions in this way: "His term of office set a standard in communication, visibility, and leadership for subsequent presidencies.”

Perhaps his own words, from one of his many newsletters, best illustrate Michael’s leadership and vision.

What are our values for IMC? The difficulty is, the elected leaders of this organization move on before basic beliefs can be established and mechanisms can be put in place to reinforce them from Board to Committee, Region to Chapter, CMC to Associate. These beliefs help us to find common cause with one another. What should they be?
  • In the American free enterprise system and the right of anyone to practice as a management consultant.
  • In the professionalism of management consulting, and in the obligation of those who practice to strive for excellence and to adhere to the code of ethics of their profession.
  • That certification should be rigorous and a mark of the very best in our profession and that certification carries the obligation to continually strive for self-development.
  • That the Institute must represent and serve a broad spectrum of professional management consultants through resolute and selfless leadership whether or not these professionals are members of the Institute, and that this leadership must be exercised in concert with, and respect for, other associations in our professional community.
  • That the future of our profession rests on the shoulders of those coming after us, and on our commitment to cultivate the art and standards of management consulting in their practice.
  • That the value of the Institute has to its members is directly related to the involvement, participation, and contribution of each of its members.
  • That the health of the Institute depends on the frequency, openness, and effectiveness of our communications with each other.
These are only seven [beliefs]. On the surface they may sound like so much institutional rhetoric, but they are very real and meaningful to me. There is no magic to them. They are fundamental. They tell me:
  • We are not protecting our exclusive right to practice.
  • We do not compromise excellence or integrity.
  • High standards in certification are more important than growth in membership.
  • We serve our entire professional community without selfish interests.
  • The energy of the Institute comes from the individual member.
  • We must keep the network open.
While many things have changed since Michael’s term as chair, our values and our vision have not changed –we continue to be THE community of professional consultants who define excellence and advance ethics for the management consulting profession.

Please join me in honoring Michael for his contributions to our Institute. For more information about the history of IMC USA, visit our website.

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New Leadership for IMC USA

Posted By Loraine A. Huchler CMC FIMC, Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Updated: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Last Thursday, May 9, in Portland, Oregon, IMC USA held the Annual Meeting of the Institute and elected officers to the Board of Directors.

I’d like to thank you, the members of the Institute, who elected me as Chair and CEO as well as re-electing Don Matheson (CARO) as our Treasurer, and electing three new directors, Cynthia Currence (GA), Kathy Nelson (OSWW) and Juan Negroni (At-Large member from Connecticut).


I’d like to provide a few excerpts from my brief remarks at the Annual Meeting.


First, I’d like to recognize our Immediate Past Chair, David Norman, for his leadership during the past two years. The difficult economic climate provided both challenges and opportunities; David encouraged the board to make changes, to think more creatively, to innovate, to try new things.


Some of the most visible innovations include:

  • Certificate of Management Consulting for Executive MBA students
  • Membership for consulting firms
  • IMC Annual Conference - GROW!
  • Mastering Management Consulting (MMC) Capstone Course
  • C2M Live! Virtual Community
  • C2M Connections Monthly Newsletter
  • Marketplace Directory to connect clients to consultants


Some of David’s less visible contributions include:

  • Strengthening our board culture especially around balancing our dual roles of governance and operations
  • Creating a board position for Academic Affairs to support our University Initiatives
  • Focusing the board on execution of our strategic plan to steer our organization out of these difficult economic conditions
  • Continuing our past efforts to broaden our focus on the consulting profession – this is so very important.


Please join me in recognizing David for his contribution as Chair and CEO during the last two years.


So where are we going?


I’ll start at the obvious place: our Vision:

We are THE community of professional consultants who define excellence and advance ethics for the management consulting profession.


And our Mission:

To promote excellence and ethics in management consulting through certification, education and professional resources.


We are a membership organization and certifying body. I believe that our certification is a singular mark of distinction. Our future success depends on our ability to protect and promote its value - in our own minds and the minds of others. Our role as a membership organization is to create a place, a community, for consultants to learn, to share, to collaborate, to grow, to change, and to give back.


As we build on the changes begun during the last several years, we will:

  • Increase our focus on the value of excellence, including certification, education and ethics.
  • Provide more opportunities to participate in short projects and committees that allow members to learn new skills, to create valued relationships, and to make meaningful contributions
  • Broaden our value to a wider range of consultants to grow our membership.


Our organization has survived the latest economic challenges, while other organizations have not. For us to thrive, we must continue to change how we see our organization – change from a narrow consultant-centric focus to a profession-centric and client-centric focus.


Many of us guide our clients through change - we should be experts at responding to change. But I suspect that it is a fundamental human reaction to push back against change. I am asking each of you to recognize that inner voice that resists change, to expect change, and, yes, even to embrace and be part of that change.


I know from my own experience that this is THE place to form deep, trusting peer and mentor relationships – the essence of community.

I look forward to the opportunity to work together to make this community a better place.

Thank you,


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Some Kind Words, and Farewell but Not Goodbye

Posted By David T. Norman CMC-A, Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good day, All

 I trust that, by now, you have received a copy of our new newsletter, C2M Connections, and like our current approach.  If you haven't seen it, look at  You will see it rich with information to help you in your practice.  And, here's a response to it:

 "I'm a brand new IMC member, and this message serves as a value-added welcome note.  The ability to receive curated summaries of articles relevant to me and my clients offers me a personal ROI already better than my financial investment to join.  Keep up the good work."

 Our members say it best, and a 'shout-out' thank you to our new member, Peter Doris of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for sharing his spontaneous thoughts with us.  Nice to hear!  So, check out C2M Connections and its articles yourself; here's wishing you see it as Peter does.

 Farewell but not Good Bye:

 As members of IMC USA you have entrusted in me an unparalleled privilege and experience -- being elected twice (two, one-year terms) as Chair of the National Board.  A simple thank you isn't really enough. 

 As you may know, my consulting practice is now one of executive coaching and leadership development, which prepared me for this experience.  Your leadership, the entire Board, is in a good space and exhibit the enthusiasm, commitment and good governance to represent you.  As I have mentioned before, these past two years were not without challenge, brought about primarily because of the 'great recession' of 2008-2010.  That economy was also very rough on many of our members with the result that a number had to drop their membership.  As your representatives, your Board pulled together, put away their individual differences/platforms, and focused on a strategy of improving the situation.  They initiated and enacted a number of things that improved the 'value-proposition,' (exemplified by, in only a small part, the new C2M Connections referenced above) and made IMC USA a fiscally stable organization.  We have a balanced budget and are in a good (and improving) position because of these people and their commitment to IMC USA and, especially, to you, our members. I thank them for their service.  Further, my heart-felt thanks goes to you and your peers who hung in with the only professional organization which represents the 'noble' profession of management consulting.

Next week, I hand the 'gavel' over to Loraine Huchler, who you have elected as the next Chair of the Board.  This is a good choice as Loraine, too, exhibits the enthusiasm, commitment and desires necessary to continue to build an organization serving not only you but also the entire management consulting profession.  Put your trust in her and her Board; you won't be disappointed.

 So many people to thank, but I have to finally thank Ms. Gail McCauley, your Executive Director (ED).  Working, mostly behind the scenes, Gail is the backbone of IMC USA.  Sometimes frustration is exhibited towards our staff (e.g., Gail) because this or that wasn't handled, etc.  And, that's a natural reaction for a member to reach out to the ED for resolution.  In fact, that's why she is there.  But, I will share with all of you, our members, that we are, as an organization, absolutely blessed (as I, a Southerner, say) to have her as our staff.  She is unequivocally devoted to and supportive our IMC USA, our mission and our future.  I, personally, have enjoyed being a team-mate of Gail.  Thank you.

So, farewell but not good bye.  I am passing the Chair torch, but remain on the Board as Past Chair, as my predecessors have.  I look forward to continuing to serve you, our members.

 Stay tuned (to Loraine, as she takes over the Chair blog),

My best,



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Value Added....

Posted By David T. Norman CMC-A, Sunday, March 3, 2013

Value Added Benefit for Members....

Two things -- An announcement about another benefit for you, a member of IMC USA and an overview of our value.

First, Another Value Added Benefit:  IMC is pleased to introduce Regus Businessworld Preferred Membership as our newest affiliate and benefit to our members across the country (a $450 value).  The Regus Businessworld Preferred Membership provides each member with fifteen (15) complimentary lounge visits at any of the approximately 1,200 Regus' Business Lounges throughout the world, including high-speed internet and gourmet coffee and tea, thereby providing the member a professional business environment in which to work.

Upon activating your membership, you will also receive a voucher for a complimentary one-time use of meeting room, video conference or day office booking in the U.S. or Canada (a $200 value).

Regus is uniquely situated to serve consultants by providing an upscale facility at low cost to meet with our clients and prospects, conduct video conferences and a number of other important services.  The Regus Businessworld Preferred Membership provides you with a 10% discount on all day office, meeting room, and video conferences bookings.

So, whether in your local area or traveling worldwide, you are likely near on the 1,500 Regus locations, and this value added benefit introduces you to a smarter way of working, with class and professionalism.

See more at

Second, A Overview of Value Adds:  

Did you know that, with the addition of Regus, we now offer you twenty (20) alliances and affiliates which, if taken advantage of, provide both cost-savings and practice expansion?

  1. Advantage Media Group -- assistance with book publishing
  2. American Management Association -- content on management, books and seminars
  3. AON -- professional liability insurance
  4. CABM, CBM -- business acumen curriculum and certification
  5. Citrix -- GotoMeeting and GotoWebinar
  6. Evalusys --comprehensive online tools for client business assessment
  7. ExpertClick -- yearbook of experts and publicity
  8. Group Mind Express -- web collaboration platform
  9. MBA IQ -- business acumen assessment and development
  10. Prevue Assessment -- assessments for hiring, development and promotion
  11. QuadRed -- assessments to help client grow
  12. RainToday -- premier online source for sales and marketing insight
  13. The Alternative Board -- franchisors of peer advisory and coaching solutions
  14. One Page Business Plan -- web-based planning and performance management tool
  15. All Roads -- personal branding and making the web work
  16. BlueChip Expert -- premier invite only consultant and company social network
  17. My Strategic Plan -- web-based strategic planning and implementation tool
  18. Regus -- upscale workplace and meeting solutions (see above)
  19. Spy Ops -- corporate espionage to enhance knowledge and skills
  20. The Business Source -- concise summaries of business books

 See also  Check it out!

IMC USA continues to provide you a variety of alliances (numbers 1 - 14) and affiliates (15 - 20) to assist you in growing your business and providing expanded value to your clients.

Stay tuned,

My best


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And the answer is....

Posted By David T. Norman CMC-A, Sunday, February 17, 2013
Updated: Sunday, February 17, 2013

And, the answer is....

In my previous blog, I announced that Grow!, our international conference, was going to Las Vegas.  With all the contractual bits and pieces behind us now, I can announce that we will be at the Mirage in Las Vegas on October 20 - 22, 2013.

While the past Grow! was successful, a number of our loyal members suggested that Orlando (last year's location) wasn't convenient enough, especially for the West Coast -- a more central location was preferred.  Consequently, the team looked for a venue more accessible for all and due to the 'all-in' cost, including looking at non-stop flights (see previous blog), Las Vegas was selected.  The Mirage has come forward with the most attractive proposal.  (See

The registration link will be live by week's end and the savings, for registering now, will be around $300.

Our team is busy signing up nationally known speakers so you can expect to see more information shortly -- but, please, accept that this conference, once again, promises to be better than the previous one -- conference for management consultants to come and be part of a great profession.

 Stay tuned,

My best,

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Save-the-Date, please

Posted By David T. Norman CMC-A, Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Save the Date, Please

 Following on the heels of a very successful Grow! conference last October, we will be continuing to provide an annual conference for management consultants.  The previous Grow! had approximately 180 in attendance from all over the world, was held in conjunction with our 'parent' organization, ICMCI, and was, based on the evaluations and comments, well-received.

 Grow! is continuing.  Mark your calendar now for October 20th-22nd, 2013.  Registration and welcoming reception will be Sunday evening, October 20th, with the conference running Monday (21st) and Tuesday (22nd).  The Leadership Summit will also be, once again, held in conjunction with Grow! and this year will be on Wednesday, October 23rd.

 While the location is not finalized (currently awaiting final contract), I can announce that Grow! will be more centrally-located than it was last year (Orlando) due to popular demand.  In all likelihood, our venue for the conference will be in Las Vegas.  Las Vegas, to our planning team, offers (1)  reasonable room, food and meeting space costs; (2) convenient and relatively inexpensive, direct flights (see map following); and (3) a variety of other activities, should you desire to extend your trip, from which to choose.


Direct to Las Vegas

 Watch your email and the IMC USA website for more information about 2013 Grow!

Save the date, attend the national conference for professional management consultants, and Grow!

 Thank you, and my best,

Stay tuned,



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C2M Live!

Posted By David T. Norman CMC-A, Sunday, December 16, 2012

As the year draws to a close, we spend time with our family and reconnect to friends as we celebrate the holidays. It’s also the time of the year that we take a moment to send a card or reconnect with the people in our professional lives – that community of peers, clients and prospects.

Our community of talented, smart and accomplished professionals makes our organization a vital place to make connections. In this era of technology, we’re connecting members virtually with our newest initiative: C2M Live!TM

C2M Live! is a new, monthly webinar series – FREE for members – that connects you with top-notch professionals for learning, networking and advancing your practice.

How C2M Live! works

Every month we host a live one-hour webinar on topics of interest to you - a live session at two different times during the month.

Survey. At the beginning of every month, we’ll have a short survey on the topic for that month’s sessions to start the conversation

Live session. Each session features a seasoned expert discussing current issues that you’ll find practical, useful and thoughtful.

Podcast. If you miss a session, just download the podcast!

Continue the conversation. Then continue in the conversation after the session on our IMC USA LinkedIn group, where you’ll get to chat with fellow participants and the presenter.

Follow-up. Don’t forget to take the follow-up survey that will arrive in your e-mail shortly after the session – we value your feedback.

This month, we’ve been talking about risks in several areas of our professional lives.

• Managing expectations

• Contractual agreements

• Disagreements & Lawsuits

• Intellectual Property

• Confidentiality, including "work for hire;”

• "Subcontractor” issues

Listen as Charles Wilson,, our presenter, talks about how to avoid scope creep during the December 12th session.

If you missed the first session, you may register for our second session on Tuesday, December 18th at 1 pm EST / 10 am PST, here:

I am thankful for Loraine Huchler's lead role in not only starting this initiative but also in her unwavering support of providing additional value to you, our members.  For more information, contact the facilitator, Loraine Huchler, P.E., CMC®, VP, Membership, at or 609-896-4457.

My best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

Stay tuned,








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Posted By David T. Norman CMC-A, Tuesday, October 30, 2012

At the Leadership Summit in early October (immediately before Grow!), I shared the following comments with your leaders from across the country (approx. 40 in all).  Thought I'd share it here with you.

Where is IMC USA?

The recent economic times have been tough for membership organizations everywhere and IMC USA also has had its challenges, as well as many of our members.  We're moving forward, growing and ensuring that IMC remains vital for many years to come.  Specifically, we have a number of initiatives (some of which I have written about previously in the blog):

• Reaching out to universities and consulting firms to bolster membership. Much of the success we are having is because of the grassroots efforts with local folks reaching out to local firms and universities. This has made a difference.

• Launched Mastery of Management Consulting and the CMC primer

• Strengthening relationship with ICMCI and our international colleagues

• Had a successful Grow! -- a new meeting to allow our members and friends to network and learn together

• Developing a suite of new ethics resources for chapter use

All of these initiatives are about market recognition for you as a member. 

Further, your Board maintains a balanced budget and adheres to a very solid budgeting and controls processes.

Member dues represent 75% of our revenue, with certification (at 16%), Academy and other (at 7.5%) and universities (at 1.5%) rounding out the other 25%:


 • On the Expense side, Chapters & Leadership (at 30%), Member Services (at 33%) and Member Development (at 18%), or 81% of our budgeted expenses, relate to you, our members. The other 19% is composed of Certification (at 10%) and Marketing and Other (at 9%) which rounds out our 100% expenses.



You are the drivers of our continued success -- help us with member acquisition and retention (using our new incentives), and identifying opportunities within both consulting firms and universities.  [Note, there is a loyalty discount (5%) to pay your dues by October 31 ... take advantage of it now].  If you have already done so, my thanks.

The vision of IMC USA is to be the community of professional consultants focused on ethics, consulting competencies and professionalism.  Thank you for being a member.

Stay tuned,

My best,


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News -- Two Things

Posted By David T. Norman CMC-A, Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This blog continues my discussion of our six initiatives launched as a result of our strategic planning event this past July.

Traditionally, fall is the time when we turn our attention to the recruitment of new members and annual renewal for members of our community. In a previous blog, I talked about why you should join and described our new member initiatives. Today I’d like to talk to our members – about our second initiative, "Member Retention and Improve and Communicate Increased Value.”  

We are a membership organization; the vitality and richness of our communities is due to the commitment and talent of our members. We have a culture that supports collaboration, learning and a strong sense of "giving back”- serving as mentors and informal advisors to each other.

Many of our members, and especially our CMC’s and our FIMC’s, serve as ambassadors, advocating for the professionalism of management consulting and serving as role models for their peers and clients. Our members also give their time and talent to serve you, our members, in chapter and national committees and leadership roles.

To all of our members, I thank you – because of you, we not only exist, we thrive.   This is the time of year when our members ask themselves, "Why should I renew?”   Before I answer ... let our members tell you..

What’s your reason? I invite you to get involved with a local chapter, participate in a virtual community, attend one of our Academy programs, volunteer to serve on a committee – and discover your reason for being a member of THE community of professional consultants that lives our values of excellence and leads the advancement of ethics for the management consulting profession.

Second -- An Announcement -- At the Leadership Summit (held in conjunction with Grow!) I announced the next (pending*) Chair of IMC USA, Loraine Huchler CMC.  Many of you know Loraine and her involvement with IMC USA both at a local (New Jersey) and National level.  Loraine has served our members in a number of different positions, including but not limited to rejuvenating the Chapter Presidents Council, assisting with the development of our Chapter Operations Manual (online), and serving as Trustee from IMC USA to ICMCI, extending our reach into the international marketplace.  [*Elections will be held in the Spring, as in past years.]

Join me in providing a welcoming platform for Loraine on her journey to being Chair.

Stay tuned,

My best,



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