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The IMC USA Chair & CEO periodically reports on the state of the Institute, including new benefits to members, strategic affiliations with other organizations, business issues affecting the consulting profession, member accomplishments, chapter activities, and activities of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).


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Grow! and Disney

Posted By David T. Norman FIMC CMC-AF, Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A Quick Reminder,

If you are considering, which I hope you will, attending Grow! in October (see http:///  ) and are thinking about tickets to Disney (for yourself and/or family members), the prices will be going up June 30th.  While we have negotiated a great room rate for attendees in Grow! at the Buena Vista Palace, we, obviously, have no control over Disney.

Here is their announcement regarding tickets:  (I converted the URL; it was a really, really long).

Stay tuned,

My best,



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Differences, Math and Grow!

Posted By David T. Norman FIMC CMC-AF, Friday, June 22, 2012

I am currently sitting in the mountains of North Carolina awaiting the festivities and celebrations associated with a niece’s wedding, answering emails.

I just read an email trail regarding the Grow!, our national conference in October. Please allow me two minutes and into your home or office to share a couple thoughts about it, please.

The email trail started with an active member expressing surprise at the registration cost, $750* (early registration until the end of July) especially, as the individual noted, that it might stretch the budget for training. Then I read the subsequent email in the trail, from an IMC USA Board member, and it said, in part, "… I appreciate the challenges of cash flow and expense of the conference. We made a very conscious decision – supported by the Board – to build a program and conference that was high in quality in a different venue and that we would do our best to keep costs in line with other quality events.” [Emphasis added]

I thought I'd address this, from my perspective.

Grow! Is different from Confab.

First, as is obvious, the venue is different. IMC has moved the conference to another facility (note: I’ve seen the Buena Vista Palace at Orlando myself), and the organizing team has negotiated excellent room rates for our registrants ($99/night). Being on the Disney grounds, you also have access to all the amenities/events by being registered at the hotel. Bring your family, if you can; could be quite an experience [See:]

Second, Orlando is different; it is truly a destination that is (1) easy to get to, typically with non-stop flights, and, since it is a destination location, (2) very affordable in airfare costs.

Third, the audience (profession of management consultants) is different this year, for two reasons:

(1) ICMCI (our "parent”) has decided to hold their annual conference (which this year is their 25th anniversary celebration) in conjunction with Grow! Consultants from around the world (remembering that there are 48 constituent Institutes around the world) will be in attendance, bringing a totally global feel to this event.

(2) All management consultants, whether they practice in very small firms (of one consultant, like me), boutiques, or large regional, national and international firms.

Fourth, the speakers and workshops will be different. Grow! has been designed, from the beginning, to be different -- a conference for the profession of management consulting. [Note: a previous blog had a list of speakers, but the full schedule can be found at:

You can do your own math in two ways:

One way is to estimate your total, all-in cost as compared to previous years (conference + hotel + airfare [all of which the organizing committee took into serious consideration]); and, the other way is adding up the differences: venue + city location + audience + speakers and workshops. The sum of both (costs + experience) is an outstanding value for your personal and professional growth.

We strongly believe that the nature of this conference will far outweigh any perceived out-of-pocket cost difference (unless, of course, you live in vicinity of Reno). * BTW, the early bird registration of $750 is only $145 more than Confab last year and you get so much more, especially considering the differences.

Register now, please. The room block (at $99) at the Buena Vista Palace is already approaching 50%.

Register now for Grow! and be part of a national conference for the profession of management consulting.

Thank you for your two minutes and into your life.

Stay tuned,

My best,


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IMC Would Like to Make You Famous

Posted By David T. Norman FIMC CMC-AF, Sunday, June 3, 2012

Members, we can't guarantee that we will make you famous, but we would like to help you increase your public profile.

 Recently, IMC hired Jane Blume, CMC, of Desert Sky Communications, to help your organization increase its public profile. She developed a press center for our website, and we'd like to make it more robust than it is now.

Here's how you can help us:

Have you authored an interesting article, column or letter to the editor -- or made a compelling video, CD, or podcast -- about your area of expertise? Or about controversial issues that have come up within the sectors to which you consult?

If the answer is "Yes," then we'd like to review your print or electronic piece for possible upload to the website.

Our criteria:

1. The printed piece must have been published 'somewhere' within the past year -- and preferably within the past six months.

2. You can send us a link to an excerpt from your video or audio presentation that is no more than five minutes in length, 60-90 seconds is preferred.

Please send what you have to either:

-- Jane Blume, CMC, Or to

-- Tom Kennedy, CMC,

They look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to seeing our members' work featured on our Press Page.

Stay tuned,

My best,


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More Good News....

Posted By David T. Norman FIMC CMC-AF, Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Good News to Share…

You probably have seen the sidebar graphic on our website about Grow!, the national conference for management consultants. If you haven’t clicked through, check this page http://

The Whats:  

This conference is a totally new approach to our conference for successful consultants – from the venue, to the speakers and workshops, and to the design. · Attendance is open to all.

This conference will be held in conjunction with ICMCI’s Annual Meeting and its 25th celebration. Consultants from around the world will be in attendance. ·

The facility is on the Disney property (see Come early, stay afterwards, the rates we’ve negotiated for you are outstanding (and, while I’m on that topic, we are already at 26% of our room block at these rates, so register now to take advantage). ·

The Early Bird registration rate is only $750; save $145 by registering before July 31st.

Speakers/workshops include but are not limited to: ·

How to Think LIke a Seven and Eight Figure Consulting Firm—James Malinchak, featured on ABC’s "The Secret Millionaire” ·

Building Trusted Advisor RelationshipsCharles Green, Co-author with David Maister of "The Trusted Advisor” ·

Mastering the Art of Sales ConversationsMike Schultz, Founder, "Rain Today” ·

The Changing Nature of Business in SocietyLenny Mendonca, McKinsey and Company ·

From Good to Guru: How to Become a Thought LeaderVicki Sullivan ·

Close Deals, Not Doors: The Secret to Communicating Your Competitive EdgeSam Horn ·

Accelerate Your Established Consulting Practice:Tools, Techniques and TipsAndy Birol ·

The Wisdom of WizardsDick Metzler ·

 Innovative Marketing Mastery for ConsultantsFord Saeks ·

Ethics, Risk and ComplianceJuan Pujol and Paul Martino ·

And, more…


What do you do for you, for your consulting skills and competencies?

I’ve written, in this blog, that management consulting is a noble profession. You are, as one author wrote in the front cover of his book to me, " of the few, who influence the few, who influence the many.”

You strive to be better. You serve your clients with integrity and pride. You influence many beyond your clients.

Come. Do it for you, for the profession and for your clients. Participate in learning from and with your international peers. Grow!

Follow the link, be part of something bigger:

Stay tuned,

My best,


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IMC USA Receives International Award

Posted By David T. Norman FIMC CMC-AF, Sunday, March 4, 2012
Updated: Sunday, March 4, 2012
IMC USA Receives International Award and One of Our Own is also Recognized for Leadership

 IMC USA is the 2012 recipient of the Most Dynamic Organization of Consultants from the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation.

Gabriel Al-Salem was a very influential management consultant in Central Asia and was instrumental in expanding the international scope of the profession, particularly through the European Bank for Regional Development's Business Advisory Services Program (EBRD BAS) (Gabriel Al-Salem worked previously with Ernst & Young, A.T. Kearney, and KPMG Consulting). He tragically lost his life in 2010.

The Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation was established by his wife, Viktoria Olskaia to "help advance economic growth ... by providing access to innovations and best world practices in consulting." (see:

As was noted in their award, "For over 40 years the Institute of Management Consultants USA has helped consultants both as individuals and members of firms to enhance their professional practice and to develop awareness in their clients of the value of a professional management consultant." They add, "In a way, IMC is a reflection of Gabriel's quest for all management consultants to be a dynamic brotherhood where cooperation, support, and ethics are the foundation of colleagues cooperating in a professional way."

As Chair I was honored and humbled to receive the award on behalf of you, our members. My comments, made via Skype, to an international audience included: "Gabriel Al-Salem was the model of professionalism and ethics in management consulting. His focus, and indeed the Foundation's, on improving the business environment and promoting economic growth was crucial to the growth of management consulting in Central Asia. And, what makes this award especially important is its international scope, which is best exemplified in Gabriel's energies and it is reflective of his kindred spirit." It was a great honor to accept this award on behalf of all members of IMC.

And, if that were not enough, another award was presented .... to our own Dr. Drumm McNaughton. From their website, "A Special Recognition award for Significant Contribution to the Development of Consulting Profession in Central Asia went to Drumm McNaughton, past Chair of the Institute of Management Consultants USA, for his volunteer help to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan consultants in establishing the CMC certification process in their countries." Many of you are aware that Drumm, through ERBD BAS, helped develop our fellow Institutes in both Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan and helped certifiy, as CMCs, eight management consultants.

So, congratulations to both Drumm McNaughton for his recognition and to IMC USA for its award.

Stay tuned,

My best,

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New Website Look and Feel and a New Offering

Posted By David T. Norman FIMC CMC-AF, Saturday, February 25, 2012
Couple things hopefully of interest to you:


 I trust by now you've seen the new website -- its look, feel and ease of use are considerably improved. Our website has been quite robust, but not the most user-friendly. A number of people really contributed to creating this improved experience for you and it's been a long-time in the making. But, thankfully, it is live! And, over time, we will be working to improve the wording on a number of the pages.

While you are perusing the new site, you may want to check your own profile and update it. This is important as not only has the Find a Consultant search been improved but we have another member benefit to offer all our members.


We are now offering an online Marketplace for all (inside and outside IMC USA -- consultants, clients, and prospects alike) to find you. Look on the home page, at the top left. Click on the box entitled IMC Marketplace Directory (

You will be taken to a directory of all our members -- and, if your profile has your information in it (see the paragraph above), you have a free listing. You may, should you wish, upgrade your listing for a small subscription amount. This is just another way prospects and clients can find you.


 I had previously mentioned the National Conference in October at a Disney property, Buena Vista Palace. We continue to get good comments and are working on a great program, in conjunction with ICMCI's annual meeting and celebration of their 25th anniversary. I encourage you again, to Save the Dates, October 4 (arrival and opening), 5 and 6th. The room rates are outstanding and, should you wish to bring family to enjoy Disney, rates are extended several days on each side of our event. I would also encourage early registration to ensure participation in the room block.


Should there be a topic you would like me to blog about, please send me an email ( with your suggestion(s).

Stay tuned,

My best,


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Academic Initiative Comes to Fruition

Posted By David T. Norman FIMC CMC-AF, Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Some Great News to Share:

Our Academic Initiative, ably led by your Board member, Manola Robison, is now official.  Georgia State University's (GSU) J. Mack Robinson College of Business is offering adult students, through their Executive Education program, the Nation's first, Certificate of Management Consulting.  (see the link at:  As important is the fact that they have already established a Student Chapter IMC on campus, which is aligned with the Georgia Chapter.

Here are some of the their words: "The Certificate Program in Management Consulting covers the best-in-class theories and practices for professionals who want to prepare themselves for a career as an internal or external management consultant. The program content is benchmarked against the Institute of Management Consultants USA’s Consulting Competency Framework. IMC USA is the certification body and professional association for management consultants in the USA and a member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)."  GSU's brochure can be found at:

So what does this mean for you, our members?

1.  The material for this effort (the Certificate of Management Consulting) has been developed by primarily by Don Scellato and Manola Robison and is licensed by IMC to the Schools and Colleges of Business.  Our work is now recognized by academia and forms the coursework, exposing early stage consultants to IMC's competencies, ethics and professionalism.  The five-day course itself is taught by a combination of professors and CMCs.

2.  The adult students/executives going through the five-day course will, of course, have the certificate and will be publicizing it with employers, friends and family.

3.  The Student Chapters will bring vitality and energy to the Chapters (along with increased membership) and increase the connectedness within your community of like-minded professionals.  And, as a member of IMC, they subscribe to our Code of Ethics, as all of our members do.

4.  The brand awareness of both IMC USA and the CMC will be enhanced, and potentially building a new pipeline into our certification process.

And, it is, after all, about branding!

So, what can you do?

Embrace this initiative.  Then go to your local School or College of Business or even your own school elsewhere in the U.S.  They, too, may be interested [Note: at the time of this blog, we have some 12 other schools in some form of conversation with us, much of this already driven by members.].

We have supporting material available for your use -- Program Overview, Sample Letter of Intent, Code of Ethics, and our Competency Framework.


Thanks to many for bringing this Academic Initiative to fruition in about a year, but mostly thanks goes to Manola Robison, for her dogged determination and persistence, and to Don Scellato, the master of the curriculum and his untiring efforts in rewriting our Essentials course.

Stay tuned,

My best,


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An Announcement: Disney Area and Save the Date

Posted By David T. Norman FIMC CMC-AF, Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Good evening,
I am extremely excited to share the news of today with you and ask you mark a date on your calendar.

IMC USA's national conference (think, Confab) is going to Orlando this year.  In addition, our conference will be held in conjunction with ICMCI's Annual Meeting and the celebration of their 25th Anniversary.  Here are the highlights:
  • We will be in Orlando, at a Disney property and a new, large, smoke-free facility, Buena Vista Palace.  They have recently done a multimillion dollar extensive upfit.  The venue, itself, is excellent (see for yourself at  You will be across from Downtown Disney (if you want to bring family, for example; there's free shuttle service to all Disney Parks).
  • Your 'peep' have negotiated extremely attractive rates for the duration of the conference ($99/night).
  • Orlando, because it is a destination city, has a broad range of non-stop flights from airports across the country (and, indeed, internationally).
  • We were just notified that ICMCI (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, our world-wide 'parent') awarded IMC USA their Annual Meeting, which will be held concurrent, and in some combinations, with our conference.  2012 is the 25th Anniversary of ICMCI and, since IMC USA was a founding member this award is especially an honor.
So, what this means to you, as an IMC member, is an enhanced facility/venue, an easily accessible location and at a very attractive 'all-in' price.  A number of the sessions will be held jointly with ICMCI delegates, from around the globe.

More information will be forthcoming, as plans continue to be formalized.

Mark the Following Dates:

Thursday, October 4, 2012 -- Arrival with Late Afternoon Events and Welcome Reception
Friday, October 5, 2012 -- Sessions with a Joint (IMC USA and ICMCI attendees) 25th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner
Saturday, October 6, 2012 -- Sessions and Late Afternoon Closing

Information as relates to hotel and events registrations will follow.  Watch for more announcements.

Getting this accomplished is due to the significant effort and many talents and ideas of a number of folks.  You'll hear more about them later, but now, plan to join with the other many, professional management consultants from around the world.  Learn. Grow.  Participate.  Exchange.  Celebrate.

Stay tuned,

My best,

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Been A While

Posted By David T. Norman FIMC CMC-AF, Monday, January 16, 2012
Good day to you. 

It's been a while since my last post; with apologies, sometimes life just comes at you fast.  Not an excuse, just a fact.  Ugh!

Two things: MLK Day and House of Lies.

1.  Martin Luther King Day:
I've been part of adjunct faculty for approximately 25 years, most often teaching Strategy or Corporate Finance.  In Strategy, as we discuss Vision and Mission, I ask my students to close their eyes as I read a very powerful Vision and, after reading it, ask if they could 'see' and 'feel' the author's vision.  While you can't close your eyes and read it at the same time, I suggest that today is a good day to read a very powerful vision -- Martin Luther King's Dream speech (  It is powerful from many perspectives -- the vision itself of a better time, the message of equality and reconciliation, the language, the alliteration, and so forth.  Organizations' Vision Statements can't be/shouldn't be this long; but can they be as powerful and moving.

2.  House of Lies:
Last evening, my wife, Louise, and I watched our first session of House of Lies, staring Don Cheadle on Showtime.  According to Showtime's website, "Charming, fast talking Marty Kaan and his crack team of MBA-toting management consultants are playing America's 1 percent for everything they've got. They put the con in consulting as they charm smug, unsuspecting corporate fat cats into closing huge deals, and spending a fortune for their services. Twisting the facts, spinning the numbers, and spouting just enough business school jargon to dazzle the clients, there's no end to what this crew won't do to and for each other, while laughing all the way to the bank."

If you haven"t seen it, don"t waste your valuable time.  It is hard ignore the foul language (seems the 'F' word is the predominate word in their 'consultant-jargon'), the nudity (gratuitously presented), and the technological/video gimmicks (freeze-frame).  If you can get past all that, then the show itself is simply a non-starter.  House of Lies; indeed.  The portrayal of management consulting is so wrong.  As a professional, lifetime (38 years so far, 23 years as CMC) management consultant I'm not sure whether to be incensed or just amused.  The show may be humorous (although neither Louise nor I thought so), but only as a parody.  And, while I didn't watch it with our Code of Ethics in hand, my guess is that Marty (Don Cheadle) and his 'crack team' violated at least four (out of the fifteen) of the Code of Ethics points you subscribe to as a member of IMC USA.

As we state on our website (see

The standards of conduct set forth in this Code provide basic principles in the ethical practice of management consulting. The purpose of this Code is to help IMC USA members maintain their professionalism and adhere to high ethical standards as they provide services to clients and in their dealings with their colleagues and the public.

Of this Code of Ethics, and of you and your membership, I am proud.

Stay tuned (and I'll try to post more often),

My best,


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Message to the Members, November 2011

Posted By David T. Norman FIMC CMC-AF, Sunday, November 6, 2011
To our members who were not at Confab last month, I have excerpted my comments for each of you in a YouTube Video, at  It's only seven minutes long.

I announced several new alliances for you (see all at, including a relationship with AON (for your professional liability insurance), Evalusys and MBA IQ (both in my previous blog).

I made announcements at Confab for IMC USA's first Firm Member (10 members of AKT LLP management consulting services) and our first Certificate of Management Consulting course and student chapter at a prestigious University, Georgia State University.

Big things are happening in your association.  Be part of the energy.

Stay tuned,

My best,


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