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Message From The Chair
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Don Matheson, IMC USA Chair & CEO, periodically reports on the state of the Institute, including new benefits to members, strategic affiliations with other organizations, business issues affecting the consulting profession, member accomplishments, chapter activities, and activities of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). Institute news can be found in the "News and Media" section of this site.


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Leadership Succession

Posted By Drumm McNaughton FIMC, Saturday, September 26, 2009

We all know from our clients' businesses how important succession planning is. But do we value and/or apply it in IMC at the national and chapter levels?

I believe we do a good job of succession planning at the National level and at many of the Chapters. However, there are a number of Chapters who do not, and inevitably it leads to last minute scrambling to find their next President.

Here is the National process for succession planning. Each year the Nominating Committee is seated in November to begin the selection process for the IMC Board of Directors. However, this is part of the process that we have in place which is that the Committee:

  • Keeps records of potential Board candidates,
  • Solicits candidates for membership,
  • Discusses potential candidates’ skills and qualifications,
  • Interviews candidates to ensure their commitment, leadership abilities, and technical skills are a good fit for Institute’s strategic direction and tactical needs, and
  • Names the slate of directors to fill open Board seats.

There are other things which go into selecting future Board members and Officers that fall under the title of strategic management.

  • Each year, the Operating Committee (OpComm) meets midyear to review and update the Institute's strategic plan, and as part of that process discusses where the Institute is going and what talent is needed on the Board to be effective and to serve members and the profession.
  • Throughout the year, the Chair, Executive Director, and the Chairs of the CPC and the Nominating Committee keep an eye out for potential members to serve at the National level.
  • We also discuss the skills necessary for board members to grow, and we work with them to improve their skills.

There are a number of chapters who use similar processes; NorCal and NE are two that come to mind. However, there are a number of chapters who do not use formal succession planning procedures and inevitably they come up to the end of the current chapter president’s term and are scrambling to find a successor.

One of the best examples of how to do this right is the New England Chapter. They use a tripartite model for governance where the President elect, President, and Immediate Past President form a three-person governing body to perform the necessary work of running the chapter. Candidates for the President elect are identified 2-3 years prior to their assuming the position, and are given positions of increasing responsibility to ensure they have the requisite skills and abilities to assume the role of president.

Chapters are one way to “become famous” for your contributions and work for IMC (which is important when aspiring to serving at the National level), but what about those members who are not affiliated with Chapters, i.e., At-Large members?

For At-Large members, I suggest getting involved with IMC’s various Committees. We always need people to help us on our committees; these include marketing and branding, member recruiting and retention, sponsorship, corporate relations, certification, ethics, and other various committees. If you are interested, please contact Gail McCauley ( at the National office.

Leader succession is critical for maintaining the health of chapters, or primary point for delivering member value. If you have questions on how we do leadership succession at the national level, or how to implement good succession planning, contact me, Judith Light CMC FIMC, (Nominating Committee Chair), or Loraine Huchler CMC PE (Chair of Chapter Presidents Council).

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Member Recruiting

Posted By Drumm McNaughton FIMC, Saturday, September 26, 2009

if you are planning on holding a member recruiting, I strongly suggest you contact Cynthia Currence, the Chapter President for Georgia. I attended their recruiting event in February, the second of one of theirs I have attended, and (borrowing a line from the movie Top Gun), "they do it right."

Their results: 33 of 45 attendees signing up for IMC AT THE MEETING and of the two events they have run, brought in over 50 new members, many of whom are senior consultants. Way to go team!!!

Cynthia was right. Running a great member recruiting event isn't rocket science. What it takes is an engaged board, good speakers, and understanding and conveying IMC's value proposition BEFORE the meeting.

If you want to learn how to be as effective as GA is, contact Cynthia – she and her team will be happy to “coach” you on making your event as good as theirs. They know how to sell the value of IMC so that the meeting is an affirmation of that value!!!

My congratulations to Manola Robinson, Cynthia Currence, and their team of volunteers. Great job!

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IMC's Media Machine

Posted By Drumm McNaughton FIMC, Friday, February 6, 2009
Hi Everyone,

A couple of quick hits today. First, kudos and commendations to the Oregon/Southwest Washington Chapter for a great event a few weeks ago. I flew up for their meeting which entailed a great speaker on coaching as a part of organizational change, and presentation of a Certificate of Appreciation to John Anderson for his results as Membership Chair (the Chapter has grown 78% over the last year) and the pinning of 3 new CMCs, Kathy Cunha, Nanita McIlhattan, and Jerry Viera (Wende Jones has passed her panel interview (and is now "officially" a CMC), but at the time of the presentation had not been approved by the CRC.

My congratulations and thanks to Kathy Maixner (OSW Chapter President), her board, John Anderson, and the four new CMCs for all you do to raise the levels of excellence and ethics in our profession!

Second, IMC's media machine is rolling!!! As you recall, one of our key strategies to grow membership and get IMC's name out there, and we are getting it done. Bette Price CMC and Gayle Carson CMC, and assisted by Gail McCauley (Executive Director) and staff have been hard at work getting IMC's name out in the marketplace, and it is paying off.

Over the past 4 weeks a number of our members have been interviewed 8 times by media, including Greg Ward CMC, Bette and me by such as the Wall Street Journal, CBS MoneyWatch, Atlanta Business Chronicle,, and other periodicals and websites. There are two WSJ articles and two CBS MoneyWatch articles, both of which haven't made it to press as yet, but the Atlanta Business Chronicle and have. I suggest you take a look at these and even send the ABC article to your clients and prospects - it is an informative article which talks about how to hire a management consultant.

As we all know, media exposure is critical to create value for an organization and its members (which is why we are doing this). We are educating prospective buyers of consulting services to let them know that the best consultants are members of IMC.

As we get the links to future stories, we will send them to everyone.

Conversely, if you have any leads to the press to help us publicize IMC and the CMC, please contact Bette Price, Gayle Carson, Gail McCauley or me.

Yours in consulting,

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Happy New Year!

Posted By Drumm McNaughton FIMC, Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! May 2009 be your best year ever!!!

In keeping up with the spirit of the Chair blog, I would like to highlight something which came out recently in the e-zine The One of our members, Greg Ward CMC, was quoted in an article about Gen Y in the marketplace and how they are making an impact while having special needs. It is a great article for those who are consulting in the areas of leadership, team building, culture, and organization change, and I highly recommend it.

Another thing I liked about the article is that in he is a "certified management consultant." Writing articles / being quoted and stating that you are a CMC and/or telling someone about your membership in IMC are some of the ways we are branding IMC and the CMC over the next years.

Thanks, Greg, for mentioning having the CMC - efforts like yours and others are helping us create broader recognition for the CMC and IMC membership in the marketplace.

Speaking of recognition, did you know that IMC will help you write a press release about something noteworthy that has happened to you / your business and release it for you to media outlets? As you know, press releases are a great way to develop pull marketing for your business, and getting quoted in the media (to whom the press releases go), can help you fill your pipeline.

We have issued press releases for a number of members already, including Loraine Huchler for her work in helping the Gulf Coast refineries return to operations following Hurricane Ike, and Ken Lizotte and his recent book The Expert's Edge.

If you have a newsworthy item on which you would like to have IMC issue a press release, please contact Gayle Carson, Bette Price, or Gail McCauley. They will be happy to get you on the road to becoming a "consultant rock star"!!!

Yours in consulting,

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Welcome to the New IMC Website

Posted By Drumm McNaughton FIMC, Saturday, December 6, 2008
Welcome!!! This is my initial post to the Message from The Chair blog. I will post from time to time to let everyone know about the most recent comings and goings of the Institute, news of the profession, and other things which may be of interest to you, our members and guests.

Blogging is a relatively new thing for me - I have a blog on my own website which is woefully out of date (April 2008), and those posts tend to be of "white paper length" (my blog-savvy colleagues have told me that this is not the best way to do it, that "shorter is better"). So, I will take their advice to heart and "post less - post often."

As usual, there are a lot going on in IMC. We recently signed a strategic alliance with TAB (The Alternative Board) which will provide consulting opportunities for members to the TAB member CEOs. More on that as the agreement unfolds, but this is another way we are bringing more value to our members by helping them get more business.

We are also into the Christmas and Chanukah seasons, and in my first blog I wanted to talk about the importance of this holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Chanukah, the holidays are a special time - there is a special feeling in the air, and we take time off to be with family and loved ones. Personally, we have one of our sons coming home, so are busy purchasing / mailing gifts, and pulling down the decorations for the tree, and getting ready for our Christmas dinner (no, we're not having enchiladas again like we did this year for Thanksgiving; we will have the traditional turkey).

Here in IMC, they are no less special - chapters are having holiday gatherings instead of the usual monthly meetings, and we at national are getting ready for the new year. We have the gift of a new website (courtesy of Mark Haas FIMC CMC and his team - thanks everyone!), and with that an expanded sense of community. Be sure to check out the new site, update your profile, and renew your membership so that you can take advantage of the many new and great benefits we will be offering this next year.

Speaking of benefits, Santa came a little early this year, delivering a Christmas / Chanukah present of a $99 RainToday membership. We had over 230 people express interest, and so we are moving forward with the agreement. I'm excited about this - I attended my first RT webinar yesterday about building a Seven Figure Global Consulting Business, and easily got my $$$ worth!!!

This is the first time we have offered a group membership like this since I have been a member of IMC (since 1999). Let me know what you think - if you want more deals such as this and have some ideas on what we can to, send me a note at

Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to all

Yours in consulting

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