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Message From The Chair
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The IMC USA Chair & CEO periodically reports on the state of the Institute, including new benefits to members, strategic affiliations with other organizations, business issues affecting the consulting profession, member accomplishments, chapter activities, and activities of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).


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June 2019 Message from the Chair

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Conference and Chapter Update 

At the very top of my IMC USA bucket list is our October annual conference in Dallas. Routinely conferences, no matter who is holding them, are promoted as the best thing since sliced bread. There is absolute certainty in my mind that Board Member Michael Egan and his team are developing an extraordinary event. Our early bird sign-up date is July 31st. Please also let me give a strong shout out to our chapters. Take a look online at what they are doing. Having attended a few of their meetings I speak firsthand to the quality of their programming. That is a story that often goes unnoticed. As you know, the Houston Chapter, under the leadership of Lin Giralt and Kevin Berchelmann was reconstituted last year. Not far behind for reentry is the Boston Chapter under the guidance of our Chat Room Impresario, Ken Lizotte. Who will step up next to open up a new chapter or to reconstitute one?

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November 2018 Message from the Chair

Posted By Jennifer Beever CMC MBA, Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Communicating our Consulting Value 

Before becoming IMC USA’s Chair, one of my commitments was to visit every chapter. So far, I have been to five. Moreover, in July a personal trip to Russia gave me the opportunity to meet with four IMC members from that country.

In early October in San Diego at our conference we celebrated IMC USA’s 50th anniversary. In Milan a few weeks ago, I attended the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) annual conference.

There is no question that IMC members offer great value to clients. But there was a feeling we could do a better job at communicating that value. Two comments captured this sentiment.

Michael Egan, an IMC USA Board member, in his San Diego presentation said, “There is value in promoting our value.” In Milan, outgoing ICMCI Chair, Sorin Caian, said, “We tend not to be so good in letting others know how good we are.”

Please let me know how IMC USA can help add value to your practice by clicking here.


So, as we go forward let me ask everyone to focus on communicating that value. We will all be that better off for it.

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December 2018 Message from the Chair

Posted By Jennifer Beever CMC MBA, Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Communicating our Consulting Value 

This past year I began visiting chapters and will continue doing so in 2019.  IMC members shared their thinking about moving forward.  Norm Eckstein from our Chicago chapter and a former IMC national board chair said to me that we should communicate more often with less written verbiage.  The idea of using video was a thought that had been on my mind. 

So, began the search for the video format that would  serve us best.  Jennifer Beever on our national board had suggested, the platform IMC uses for our national board meetings and other internal communication among members.  It took me a while to understand it extensive functionalities.  We thank Terry Flanagan for having first introduced it to us.

An audio recording from a fellow National Speakers Association member, Terry Brock, convince me that Zoom was way to go. In fact, he included how we could enhanced our businesses using this program for our emails to clients and prospects.  So, beginning shortly my two to three minute video messages will go via Zoom.

In the meantime, my wishes that the spirit of friendship and giving abounding during these holidays continue throughout 2019.



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April 2019 Message from the Chair

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Increasing IMC USA Membership

Chapter Sharing: At a recent CPC (Chapter President Council) meeting, we discussed how IMC USA chapters are working to increase membership. This collaborative approach of learning from each other is but one of the ways we can increase membership.

Become a Proactive IMC USA Advocate: Another way is by committing yourself to recruit a new member within the next three months. That would double the size of our current membership to what it was ten years ago. It would promote the profession and add value as we would have more internal resources available to our membership.

Promote the Annual Conference, Oct 4-6, Dallas: On my recent visit to an IMC USA chapter, a member said that our conference should have two goals: It should be geared to enhancing current member skills and prompt non-IMC USA attendees to join our association. This year’s conference will be rich in content and deliver a unique interactive approach to help attendees start, sustain and grow their practice.

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May 2019 Message from the Chair

Posted By Jennifer Beever CMC MBA, Tuesday, June 4, 2019

IMC USA Chair Juan Negroni

On May 15th it will be one year since you elected me as the head of IMC USA. We’ve had accomplishments with the support of our board, staff, national committees, chapters, and ICMCI. Thank you.

Of course, my thanks go to our members throughout the U.S. for their support and counsel on my visits to their chapters and in subsequent one on one discussion. We all know there are challenges still facing us. Collectively we will tackle them.

Please join us, May 10th for the IMC USA Annual Members Business Meeting. It will be virtual, thus giving you the opportunity to participate. We will recognize past and present volunteers and introduce the new board. We will also share with you where we have been and where we hope to go as an organization.

If you have not registered for the annual business meeting, registration has been extended. Please join us by registering here.

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IMC USA Elects New Leadership

Posted By Don Matheson, CMC, Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Don Matheson, CMC®, Chair and CEO

On Wednesday, May 6, IMC USA elected Officers and new Directors at the Annual Meeting of the Institute held in Dallas, TX.


I thank each member of the Institute who elected me as Chair and CEO as well as electing Dennis Schumaker (At Large) as our new Treasurer.  Four new Directors were elected including Sathya Akunuru (NJ), Jim Park (NorCal), Constantinos Stavropoulos (SoCal) and Ray Suarez (NCR).  Please join me in thanking each of them for their willingness to serve in this important capacity.

Loraine Huchler, Immediate Past Chair, was recognized for her outstanding service to IMC.  Given the continuing economic malaise, these accomplishments are even more significant.  Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Improving Our Financial Performance
  • Adding Depth To Our National Committees
  • Enhancing The Nominating Process
  • Improving The Academy
  • Improving The Overall Health Of Our Institute
  • Elevating The Value Of Belonging To The IMC USA Community
  • Strengthening Our Management Consulting Certificate Program

IMC USA is much stronger today because of Loraine’s leadership.

It is now the duty of each of us to build upon this foundation.  Our Directors have approved three key initiatives to help us jump start the building process beginning right now.  The first initiative is designed for continuing long term benefit to IMC while the second and third are designed as incremental foundational improvements.

  1. A new membership category has been created called “Young Professional”.  We have long talked about the need to recruit younger consulting professionals.  We now have a membership specifically targeted at professionals twenty-nine years of age and younger. 
  2. A five month promotional program targeting potential CMC candidates has been developed.  This has been activated in celebration of the five year anniversary of the Institute receiving the ISO certification for our CMC process.  This is the exact same program that we used when ISO certification was first awarded.  It was a very successful program at that time and is positioned to achieve similar results today.  
  3. A challenge program is available for the chapters using donor restricted funds, to match dollar for dollar each chapter’s efforts with community service in its locale.

I anticipate that each of these action items will help IMC finish 2015 stronger and prepare the Institute for even greater gains in 2016.  Your chapter leaders will be sharing more details in the coming days. 

At this critical point in our history, we must necessarily focus and execute at the tactical level to prepare the Institute to reach its true potential.  However, these tactics must be developed to support our overall vision, mission and position in the consulting profession.

Therefore we have to remember that:

  • We are The Community of Professional Consultants, defining excellence and advancing ethics for the management consulting profession.
  • Our mission is to promote excellence and ethics in management consulting through certification, education and professional resources.
  • As a membership organization, the strength and prosperity of IMC is a direct result of the commitment and talent of our members.
  • It is only through a continually growing culture of collaboration, learning, sharing and mentoring others that IMC will reach its full potential.
  • It is our duty, individually and collectively, to promote and protect the IMC USA and CMC brands.

To accomplish all that we have planned, we need more volunteers at all levels of the organization.  Please think about your individual talents and how you may contribute to the further success of IMC USA. 

IMC needs volunteers for the following national committee chairs:

  • Marketing
  • Academic Affairs
  • The Academy
  • Membership 

All of these national committees need more members.  Our Awards & Recognition Committee is especially short staffed at the moment.  If you have an interest in serving on this committee, please contact Kathie Nelson at

Here are a few other ways that you can make a real difference for IMC:

  • Serve as a chapter officer
  • Serve on a chapter board
  • Serve as a chapter committee chair
  • Serve on a chapter committee
  • Work at chapter events to help the leadership
  • Attend as many chapter events as you can
  • Bring guests to chapter events
  • Promote IMC to friends and colleagues

Please add your own thoughts regarding volunteer service to this list.  But more importantly, whatever you wish to do, please find your own role and help move IMC along this journey.

I truly appreciate all of the support and well wishes since my election.  They are truly encouraging and humbling at the same time. 

I look forward to working with all of you to make IMC’s best even better.

Many thanks,



Gavel Presentation    Magic Wand Presentation 

Loraine Huchler, CMC®, Past Chair and CEO and Don Matheson, CMC®, Current Chair and CEO
participate in the Gavel Presentation (left) and Magic Wand Presentation (right).

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