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The IMC USA Chair & CEO periodically reports on the state of the Institute, including new benefits to members, strategic affiliations with other organizations, business issues affecting the consulting profession, member accomplishments, chapter activities, and activities of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).


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Message from the Chair: 2017 Annual Meeting Recap

Posted By Noelle Campany, Friday, June 2, 2017

Message From The Chair 


On Monday, May 15, IMC USA elected Officers and new Directors at the Annual Meeting of the Institute held in Chicago, IL.


I thank all our members for re-electing me as Chair & CEO as well as re-electing Dennis Schumaker as Treasurer. Jennifer Beever, Shathi Govender, Al Sagarese, and John Tracy were elected as our newest Directors. During the board meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting, Jennifer Beever was elected Vice President of Marketing, Loraine Huchler was elected Vice President of Professional Learning, and Gregory Brooks was elected Secretary. Please join me in thanking each for their willingness to serve in these critical roles.


We held a special congratulatory program at the beginning of the Annual Meeting recognizing ICMCI as it celebrates 30 years. Thirteen of the original individuals that helped establish ICMCI were IMC USA leaders. We also held a memorial for John Roethle, who was one of the thirteen. John passed away a few days before the meeting. Here are two of the PowerPoint slides used during this part of the meeting.


A review of 2016 was also provided during the Annual Meeting as well as an overview of 2017 plans and accomplishments to date. 


Here are a few of the more memorable 2016 & 2017 to date successes as well as actions you can take to learn more and increase your involvement as a member of IMC USA.


C2M Live!:

  • C2M Live!, IMC USA’s regular online webinar discussion program, continued to grow with record attendance levels throughout 2016 and thus far in 2017. Some of our topics attracted over 70 attendees. If you are not yet on our mailing list, sign up to receive C2M Live program invitations by creating a Guest Membership here.
  • IMC USA offered a special C2M Live! program, Become a Conference Commando, on May 4. The program was provided complimentary to all who registered including non-members. There were 79 registered with approximately half being non-members.  Watch the archived program here.

Special Boot Camp: When Does Client Acquisition Get Easy? 

  • We will offer the first ever Summer Boot Camp which will run from June 9 through June 30, 2017. This is a four-session program that was developed based on feedback from an earlier C2M Live! session. Participation is limited to 12. A link to this program can be found here.

Expanded Social Media: 

  • The IMC USA FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter accounts were expanded in 2016 and 2017. A new Instagram account was launched in 1Q2017 by Young Professional member Charles Nunnally.
  • These efforts resulted in an increase of IMC USA followers online and increased awareness about IMC USA’s membership benefits, conference, Academy programs, and C2M Live!. 
  • The Institute now has a larger footprint on our LinkedIn group with more conversations and comments. Please join the discussion here.

The Academy: 

  • The Academy continued to improve its content and performance through 1Q2017 with significant increases in participation. It is now consistently operating in the black. 
  • Archived sessions are available on the website. The reclassification of the archived offerings and the addition of stronger search options should be completed in July. This project will make it much easier to identify and locate past programs for download.

Mentoring Program: 

  • The Mentoring Program is in the final stages of refinement under the leadership of Parag Ambardekar. The complete program should be available to all by the end of August.
  • Parag is working with the Conference Committee to offer one-on-one mentoring events at the 2017 Conference in addition to the chapter mentoring programs.
  • If you are interested in being a mentor or signing up to be mentored (both entry level and experienced consultants can benefit from mentorship!) please email Noelle Campany,

New Thought Leadership Website: 

  • IMC USA has created a new Thought Leadership Website, Consulting 2.0, to help Business to Business (B2B) consultants attract new clients and grow successful practices. 
  • This presents continuing opportunities for our members to contribute thought leadership articles in the following areas.
    • Marketing
    • Selling
    • Relationships
    • Buyer Insights
    • Management
    • Resources
  • Editorial guidelines and submission information can be found here. 
  • Additional questions can be addressed to our Vice President of Professional Learning, Loraine Huchler, at or 609-896-4457.


  • The 2016 Conference was a remarkable success with a strong international contingent of consultants joining us from Bangladesh, Canada, Finland, Greece, Japan, and Jordan. 
    • Participants were excited as exemplified by the statement of one of our long-time members who wrote “this conference ranks right up with the best of the 15 conferences that I have attended”. 
    • Comments, pictures, and video endorsements can be found here.
  • The 2017 Conference builds upon the success of 2016. Registrations are already ahead of 2016.
    • The conference is scheduled for October 20-22 at the J.W. Marrriott in Atlanta, GA.
    • The Conference Committee is led by Henry DeVries with the following members
      • Marketing Chair – Jennifer Beever CMC
      • Conference Planner – Debbie Nolan
      • Conference Planner – Noelle Campany
      • CPC Advisor – Linda Howard CMC
      • New Member Advisor – Adam Cherrill
      • Social Media Marketing – Lauralee Hites
      • Social Media Marketing – Charles Nunnally
      • Financial Advisor – Dennis Schumaker CMC
      • Presenter & Local Promotion Advisor – Mike Wittenstein CMC
    • Three month special combo Conference/Membership package ran through May 31.
    • IMC USA turns 50 years old in 2018. Our 50th Anniversary celebration begins at the 2017 conference.
    • IMC USA Conference speakers do not present and run. They remain available to attendees for out of session questions and pictures as can be seen on the 2016 Conference Highlights. See our 2017 roster of speakers here.
    • A link to the full conference agenda can be found here.



Like many professional associations, IMC USA has experienced changes in its membership due in part to new forms of competition in online learning, information and networking opportunities. IMC USA has responded with new membership offers, new benefits, and conducted “voice of the member” research in our Reason for Being (RFB) project. Our Board of Directors and volunteer committees are now working to roll out further initiatives as a result of what we learned from the RFB research. Email our Association Executive, Noelle Campany,, if you’d like to volunteer.

  • New membership offerings and associated price points are well positioned to help IMC USA grow as well as maintain the portion of our membership that is nearing retirement.
    • Students - $95.00
    • Young Professional - $195.00
    • Professional -  $325.00
    • Certified -  $395.00 
    • Retired Professional - $162.50 
    • Certified Management Consultant Emeritus - $150.00
  • The strong increase in member benefits and savings, coupled with the full range of membership categories makes IMC USA membership an excellent option for aspiring or more senior management consultants.
  • CMC Emeritus membership grew 40% from 2015 to year to date 2017.
  • CMC membership grew 26% from 2015 to year to date 2017.
  • Professional and Young Professional membership declined during this same time period.
    • This is partly due to Professional members becoming certified.
    • But, we also had a net loss of professional membership.
    • The good news in this membership sector is that our newest members are quickly becoming involved, and active in the Institute.
    • Lauralee Hites joined in 2016, participated in the Leadership Summit and soon began contributing as a member of the Conference and Social Media Committees.
    • Charles Nunnally joined in 2016, participated in the Conference, and soon began contributing as a member of the Conference and Social Media Committees.
    • Shathy Govendor joined in 2016 after moving to the U.S. and was elected an IMC USA Director.
    • Adam Cherrill joined in 2017 and is contributing to the Conference Committee
  • During the first quarter of 2016, we finished the member endorsement videos that we started in the fourth quarter of 2015. There are now nine member videos on our website touting the benefits of IMC USA membership. Here is a direct link to that page.

2017 Marketing Program:

  • New Expert Click Press Release distribution for special chapter events – contact our Association Executive, Noelle Campany,, for more information.
  • Website improvements are underway, including
    • Updates to improve navigation and user experience
    • Added information about the new RFB (Voice of Member) initiatives
    • Improved online community and member engagement
    • A strengthened learning platform
  • Recharge IMC USA Public Relations efforts
  • Focus on Content Marketing such as Thought Leadership Website
  • Expand outside promotion of Academy and other programs
  • Please contact Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Beever,, 818-347-4248, to volunteer on IMC USA’s Marketing or Social Media Committees.

Reason for Being (RFB), IMC USA’s Voice of The Member Project: 


This project launched in February of 2016 upon approval by the Board and was jointly sponsored by the IMC USA Marketing and Membership Committees. The RFB began as an effort to identify support changes needed among our members and the market to reset our strategic direction. It included input from a large percentage of our membership and significant face time via Zoom with representatives from all geographies (both chapter and at-large), tenures in the profession and levels of engagement within IMC USA. It continued through September with a status presentation to the Leadership Summit in October. 


Based upon the overwhelming support of IMC USA leaders from around the country, the Board of Directors approved a continuation of this effort at the end of 2016. RFB has become the foundation for the IMC USA’s current strategic plan and will support the future expansion of our organization. Each IMC USA Board Director has taken specific initiative efforts in support of the continued build-out of RFB as it relates to the future direction of the Institute.  


The Reason for Being is more than a Mission Statement. It is a very carefully worded declaration of our intent as an organization. Inside our Reason for Being is a formula for the future success of IMC USA. It tells us and the rest of the world what we do, for whom, and how each will be better. A pdf overview of the program can be found here.


A special thank you to Mike Wittenstein CMC, Business Designer and Customer Experience Expert at StoryMiners and member of the Georgia Chapter, who shepherded and facilitated this grassroots process with our many members that contributed and participated in the development of RFB during 2016. It has been a strong collaborative effort.


While IMC USA has made many advancements, it is and continues to be a work in progress. As we roll out the Reason for Being in 2017, we will be introducing more incremental opportunities to assist in the future building of the Institute. 


The dedication and support of our many volunteer members continues to strengthen IMC USA each day. IMC USA recently lost one of its most ardent supporters, Don Scellato. Don was excited about the RFB and was keenly interested in being a part of its success. He was an example for all of us and will be sorely missed. In case you missed the earlier notice, the IMC USA Foundation continues to accept contributions in his honor at this link. 


Thank you for all that you do to make IMC USA successful.


Best regards,


Don Matheson CMC ®


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My Final Blog Post as Chair

Posted By Skylar Siminovsky, Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Yes, it has been over a year since my last blog entry. Why? Well, change – even good change – requires focus – and lots of effort. This last year has been a time of “doing” – with little time to “writing about it.”

And since this will be my last blog entry as chair, I’d like to ask your indulgence as I reflect a bit.

Get a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and ponder with me for 5 minutes.

This job as chair has certainly been the toughest job I’ve ever had. And while I earned no salary, I gained an immense profit from the experience – professionally and personally. Leadership skills, negotiation skills, taking myself less seriously, learning Roberts Rules of Order, time management skills – there have been lots of lessons. But the most meaningful part of this experience has been from the community of consultants: as I have talked to members to learn, to plan, to solve problems, to find answers, to provide guidance, and, often, to simply listen, I have learned so much – about compassion, honesty, patience, and humility - and about how many members share the same deep care for this organization. A long-time CMC recently sent an email that reassured me on days that I felt that I was alone in my commitment to make IMC a better place.


For the past 3 years I have served as a back lot cheerleader, heard a lot of stories and frustrations, and still have tried to maintain a positive attitude about the organization. 

I was asked yesterday what I saw for the future of IMC USA. 

  • I see the organization of the future as central focus of the consulting profession to raise caliber and quality of consulting generally, no matter the discipline. 
  • The focus on the art of consulting (process) not the knowledge base of the discipline a consultant makes as their practice.

I was asked about the future of the CMC certification. 

  • First, we need to recognize that the attitude and mindset of the millennial generation towards certification is not supportive.  They are more concerned about providing competent advice which they see as independent of a certification. 
  • Second, I believe that as I work and travel throughout the United States and Canada the term “management consultant’ or ‘consultant’ is not seem as a profession, but rather what one does if they can’t find work, they left an organization because of disagreements, they retired from the military and don’t know what to do.  Management consulting is not seen as a profession.

I see one of the functions of IMC USA in the future is to build an image of consulting as a profession, irrespective of how you came into the consulting profession.  Yet I quickly say that there are many fine consultants who entered the profession by accident rather than by design.  Life took a twist, and they rolled with the punches and made the best of it, and succeeded!

So where does this take us?  As I see it we need to do several things to grow the organization and make it relevant to today’s business world:

  1. We need to put serious money into marketing the organization to the consultant population;
  2. We need to focus on the fact that the discipline is a profession.
  3. In so doing, emphasize the Professional Member status.
  4. Reduce the membership fees such that they are competitive and reflective of the value an individual gains from being a professional member.
  5. Re-focus the academy – make it a center of professional learning and development.
  6. The CMC should be seen as part of the journey of a consultant who is a Professional Member, not as the destination, as it is today.
  7. We need to develop IMC USA such that it is to the management consulting profession what SHRM is to the human resource profession.

Someone suggested to me yesterday that I should get away from IMC USA and go to a professional organization where I would be less frustrated and stressed.  Folks, I’ve been there, and none are in as much need of fixing as IMC USA.  I go where the fixin’ is needed.

I believe we can make a difference, but we need to do our little part to contribute to the whole.  We have many fine talented consulting professional in our midst.

If we each contribute a little to the whole, we can see IMC USA resurrect itself, not in the same image as the past, but in a vibrant and relevant leader in the management consulting profession.

Rebuilding takes many hands, and each hand is important.  Nobody can sit by and watch – we all need to be involved.  Let’s look for reasons WHY and HOW we can do something, not for reasons why it can’t be done.  Focus on the positive (realistically of course) and the end result will be greater than the sum of its parts, a revitalized and renewed IMC USA leading the consulting profession.


Dr. Rob (Sopo), I could not have said it better myself. We are a membership organization – and it is our members who shape our organization when they step up and participate, contribute and lead. As I transition to a new role, I encourage each member to consider how they can do perhaps just one thing and make a difference for those members who follow in their footsteps.

Finally, I want to express a special appreciation for Don Matheson, CMC® and Angela Dingle, CMC® who have served with me on the Executive Committee as we navigated some very tough financial issues and vetted, selected and transitioned to a new association management company (AMC Source). I am looking forward to serving on Don Matheson’s board as Immediate Past Chair.

With great appreciation,

Loraine Huchler, PE, CMC®, 2013-2015 Chair & CEO, IMC USA


P.S. By the way, y’all do know that I will be Chair of the Academy starting on Wednesday, May 6 – and I’ll be looking for a few good consultants….to envision the future, to plan, to make change, to market and to teach. :)

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How to get business when you join IMC USA

Posted By Loraine A. Huchler CMC FIMC, Saturday, August 10, 2013

My last blog stimulated a robust conversation about the value of membership organizations.

Numerous consultants talked about a platform for sharing and expanding cutting edge ideas to improve member’s capabilities – essentially a learning laboratory that had direct relevance to a consultant’s competency and competitiveness in the marketplace.

In addition to education, consultants repeatedly talked about getting business and connecting to clients - but didn’t offer details about how to make this connection happen. Our own members are often puzzled about how a membership organization and certifying body actually helps them "get business.”

Here’s how this calculus works in IMC USA – it’s worked for me and I’m confident that it will work for you.

The strength of our membership is our diversity. We have general management consultants, advisors and coaches as well as subject matter experts – defined by their practice, market-segment and/or industry focus. We have solo practitioners as well as consultants in boutique, small, mid-sized, national and global consulting firms. We have members who are studying at a university, exploring consulting as a career, getting established, expanding their practice, highly experienced and semi- or fully retired from consulting.

The challenge of serving our membership is our diversity. Consultants at different stages of their career have different needs – education in consulting skills, leveraging technology, ethics, practice management and areas of practice, collegial relationships and mentoring, business growth and new clients, repositioning and succession, service to the profession, the community and pro bono opportunities.

Consultants in different practice areas speak different languages. Consultants in different market segments adapt to the different priorities of their clients. And it goes without saying that the diversity of the subject matter expertise in our membership creates a huge challenge for our organization to simply connect to the breadth of the client community.

So how does a membership organization and certifying body such as ours help our members "get business?”

Our incredible diversity means that we can’t define your unique selling proposition, we can’t prospect for business for you, we can’t build relationships of trust with your prospects and we can’t market and sell for you.

But we can help you understand the mindset of prospects and clients, the professionalism and ethics of consulting and teach you skills to communicate, connect and deliver on engagements.IMC USA offers opportunities to learn in our Academy, connects you with top-notch, senior colleagues to create meaningful relationships and test-drive your message with your peers in our chapters, national committees and our virtual community event, C2M Live!, sets the standard of excellence and ethics in the consulting profession and provides mentoring to become certified, giving the client a tangible assurance of competency.

So what's required? An investment, of course – there’s never "something for nothing.” You'll need to put up some cash, of course, but the bulk of the investment is sweat equity – getting connected, making the commitment and getting involved. The analogy to a health club membership could not be more appropriate!

So the next time that someone asks – how does a membership organization and certifying body help its members get business? Tell them – it’s a partnership – between the consultant and the organization.

We’re here to help you grow your professionalism and grow your business. Join us!

Loraine Huchler, P.E., CMC®

P. S. If you were one of our members who experienced problems with our Early Bird registration for GROW!? Don’t despair – we want to apologize and offer to extend the Early Bird until August 31; just click here. I will see you at GROW! in October.

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Our Strategy - Raising our Value to Members

Posted By Loraine A. Huchler CMC FIMC, Friday, July 19, 2013

July is the month that IMC USA board members and national committee chairs work on their strategic plans. July’s newsletter, C2M Connections, released Friday, July 12, details our key strategies, highlighting our two newest initiatives: our Academic Initiatives and growing our library of Intellectual Property. C2M Connections is a member benefit – so if you enjoyed the first three issues, you’ll need to either subscribe or join IMC. Each month offers reprises of published articles of direct interest to consultants and their clients – as well as news about the Institute and our members.

In today’s blog, I’d like to offer some insights about the heart of our strategy: raising the value of our community to consultants and their clients. We are a membership organization and a certifying body. It’s a perfect combination: a place to learn, share, mentor, explore new ideas, chart your course, and grow your business AND measure your progress using our competency framework and working towards certification.

We have a diverse membership – age, education, experience, subject matter expertise, industry focus, client focus, firm size (or solo practitioner), and even nationality – consultants who live in a place where there is no "home” Institute. Our diversity is one of our hidden strengths – it provides a rich community and robust conversation – just listen in at a chapter meeting or our annual GROW! conference or C2M Live! events. Our members learn as much from each other as from our presenters at our Academy!

Our two most active leadership communities, chapter presidents and chapter membership chairs, have been having conversations about developing new ways to deliver value to our members during the last few months. The ideas are absolutely fabulous. One of our most successful ideas came from members: our certificate in management consulting offered at universities – we’ve completed programs at two universities and have several more in process at Universities around the world! For more information or to bring this certificate to your University or Alma Mater, click here to visit our Academic Programs pageon our website.

I’d like to invite our members to participate in the conversation about our current and future plans to increase the value of belonging to IMC. The first webinar session launches today, Friday, July 19th at 4 pm EDT / 1 pm PDTregister at our website and join the conversation! The next webinar session is Thursday, July 25that 2 pm EDT / 11 am PDT – again, registration is required. Please join us!


By the way, there’s one more chance to catch our July C2M Live! with David A. Fields, a master rainmaker: "Opening the Floodgates to New Business" How to Move from an Inconsistent Trickle to a Steady Stream of Clients on Thursday, July 25th, Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific – the first session received RAVE REVIEWS. As always – FREE for members, a nominal fee for non-members – come join us!

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