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This website represents a new capability for IMC USA and significantly expands services to our members. IMC USA developed the site to bring collaboration, communication and community to our members. This blog describes site features. Initial posts describe the basic features; periodic posts announce new features. We strongly encourage your comments and suggestions for features or content.


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Member Profiles

Posted By Mark Haas CMC FIMC, Sunday, December 21, 2008
Updated: Sunday, December 21, 2008
Member profiles are the foundation of our networking, Find A Consultant and community interaction capability. A well crafted profile shows other consultants and prospective clients the range of your capabilities and your commitment to the profession through your involvement in chapter activities or communities of practice. Only Professional, Certified, Emeritus and Affiliate Members have profiles. Guests, Student and Lapsed Members are not eligible to post member profiles.

Through your profile, you can:
  • Maintain personal and professional information
  • Supply extended biographical information
  • Manage your external social/professional networks (e.., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Select what profile fields are visible to other members and the public
  • Maintain categorized colleague connection lists
  • Use name formats for "company name" or nick/screen name
  • Maintain multiple personal blogs with audio/video sharing
  • Manage group/community/member blog subscriptions
  • Post and update online resumé/CV
  • Manage your project postings (solicit teaming opportunities)
  • Manage your personal preferences and alerts
  • Upload to your personal photo albums
  • Create an affinity email address
You have control over how much information to make available to others and how much you would like to be contacted. However, you create greater professional and business development opportunities by your participation in more groups, balanced by your desire for privacy. The links in Manage My Profile are:

My Personal Page- how your personal profile appears to registered site users
My Public Profile - how your personal profile appears to unregistered users (your personal blogs and photo albums, if you chose to create them, and the section titled "More Information" are hidden)
Edit My Profile - update all parts of your profile and hide certain data fields (e.g., email address, home address, personal information)
My Groups - list of communities to which you have registered for (your chapter has already been assigned, but you may elect to change this), including communities of practice (consulting disciplines, industry specialty, organizational focus and client type), leadership positions, and committees.
My Networks - links to your profiles on other social network sites (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) , which extends your access to other professionals and lets others access yours (optional)
My Event Registrations - list of past and future events for which you have registered through the IMC USA website
My Blogs - list of your personal blogs (optional). Others can comment on your blogs, they are searchable, and others can subscribe to your blogs through RSS
My Subscriptions - these are blogs on the IMC USA website to which you have subscribed to be notified when new postings are made.
My Files & Links - your personal file libraries connected to your profile, most often to attach your company brochures, videos, etc.
My Preferences - this is how you choose to be notified of activities of those with whom you are connected. We suggest that you use these very sparingly, because turning them all on could generate a lot of messages. However, we suggest you turn on "Email me when new messages arrive" and "Email me when someone applies for an opening I have posted" as a minimum.
My Messages (XX New) - internal messages received from another member who wants to contact you (number indicates how many were received while you were offline). Click "My Messages" to go to your mailbox and click "(XX New)" to go directly to your Inbox.
My Connections (XX New) - you may choose to connect to selected members (similar to Facebook) that provides more messaging options (number indicates how many new requests you have received from people who want to connect with you).
My Photo Gallery - photos you have uploaded and want to share (optional)
My Resumé/CV - if you are interested in participating in automatic email notification of consulting opportunities in your specified areas of interest, we recommend you create a CV to supplement your profile. The CV is more searchable by prospective clients or teaming partners.
My Career Postings - if you have posted a request for a teaming partners or consultant subcontractor, you can track them here.
Membership Info - indicates your membership type and status of membership. This is where you would renew your membership.
Refer a Friend - share with colleagues the opportunity to participate in IMC professional, network, and business development activities. When you use this function to refer a friend to IMC and they register through the website as a guest or join IMC, this is tracked, along with those they refer, to a third level. IMC is offering incentives to member whose referrals result in new members.

Member profiles are the core of your visibility to other members and to the public. Many characteristics are hotlinked so you can identify all members with those characteristics. for example, if you see in a profile that a member has an a Consulting Expertise in Strategy, click on that link to pull up a directory of all members with that area of expertise (perfect for teaming).

Tags:  connections  CV  event registration  groups  member profile  photo gallery  resume  subscriptions 

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