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Good Behavior, Bad Behavior, Read All About It!

The ability to recognize, react and manage ethics issues in consulting benefits from seeing and debating examples of good and bad professional conduct. Here we post examples of ethics in business, management and consulting. In each example, consider what you would do - or could have done - to create or restore trust and ethical conduct.

Please comment. Do you agree the issue is significant? Did participants act appropriately? How would you advise them to act differently? How would you mitigate the impact or prevent a repeat of unethical acts? How will you use what you learned into your own consulting practice?

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Corruption is Not Going Away

Posted By Mark Haas CMC FIMC, Thursday, May 16, 2013

Apparently all the collective efforts to improve ethical behavior through education and compliance aren't having the desired effect. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh says that "no matter how much authorities try to stop certain politicians, business people and others from stealing, he doesn’t "see any deterrent effect” because their behavior seems to be getting worse rather than better."

During his speech for the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust, Freeh noted that many people — from workers in local governments to Washington, D.C., to Wall Street — have not learned life’s lessons that it’s wrong to lie, cheat and steal. "Corruption is endemic to the human experience,” he said, saying it goes back centuries.

One big problem is the difficulty of proving crimes of corruption, such as bribery, because they "are never committed at gunpoint,” adding that the greatest challenge is "to prove that a crime actually took place.”

Freeh said the country’s lack of ethics is out of control today. "It’s pernicious throughout our society,” he said.  "It’s in our sports programs,” added Freeh, who was hired by Penn State to investigate the university football program’s sex-abuse scandal. "It’s in our educational system,” he said, alluding to a school test-cheating probe in Atlanta.    read more . . .

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