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Good Behavior, Bad Behavior, Read All About It!

The ability to recognize, react and manage ethics issues in consulting benefits from seeing and debating examples of good and bad professional conduct. Here we post examples of ethics in business, management and consulting. In each example, consider what you would do - or could have done - to create or restore trust and ethical conduct.

Please comment. Do you agree the issue is significant? Did participants act appropriately? How would you advise them to act differently? How would you mitigate the impact or prevent a repeat of unethical acts? How will you use what you learned into your own consulting practice?

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And the Ethics Survey Says . . .

Posted By Mark Haas CMC FIMC, Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This infographic nicely summarizes recent trends in business ethics. With data through 2011, some trends, like the proportion of employees witnessing workplace misconduct, remained relatively steady. Other indicators, like the proportion of whistle blowers who report retaliation in the workplace, have increased (in this case it is now 1 in 5 facing retaliation, up from 12% a few years ago.

 One third of those surveyed say their managers are unethical.Although the source of another fact is unclear, those active on social media are far more likely to be pressured to compromise their ethics as well as more likely to commit ethical transgressions.

The infographic is a concise visual display of data derived from the Ethics Resource Center 2011 Business Ethics Survey and the infographic was prepared by the Bolt Insurance Agency.

Tags:  business  ethics  survey  whistleblower  workplace 

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