Membership Benefits

  • Learn. IMC USA is the place where you can learn from thought leaders and your peers in consulting and keep up with the latest technology and consulting methodologies. We offer online and face-to-face classes, workshops, conferences and discussion groups.
  • Connect. IMC USA offers a safe community where you can meet with peers without fear that they will take your intellectual property or clients. Members pledge to follow the IMC USA Code of Ethics, which puts the consultants you meet on the same playing field.
  • Grow. Get found by clients and referral sources through the IMC USA website Find a Consultant directory. Over ten thousand individuals visit IMC USA's website each month.
  • Standards and Excellence. IMC USA members are involved and committed to being the best they can be in our profession. Joining your industry's professional association raises the bar and sets you apart from the herd.
  • Save. Membership in IMC USA includes discounted business tools and products designed specifically for consultants, providing a significant return on your membership investment.

Membership Categories

Annual membership is based on a calendar year, January 1st through December 31st. New member dues are prorated on a quarterly basis.

1. Professional Membership ($325 Annually, Plus $50 Application Fee)

For practicing or potential management consultant, who agrees to subscribe to the IMC Code of Ethics. Applicants must provide evidence of at least one of the criteria listed below:

  • Minimum of one year's experience as a consultant to management.
  • At least five-years experience in management.
  • At least five years experience in a technical or professional specialty.
  • Masters Degree in Business or related field (e.g., MBA ).
  • Currently working as a consultant within an IMC USA Accredited Practice.

Benefits: Professional members are voting members and receive full benefits.
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2. Young Professional Membership ($195 Annually, Plus $50 Application Fee)

An entry-level membership category for aspiring consultants or early stage practicing consultants who: 

  • Are 29 years of age or younger
  • Agree to subscribe to the IMC Code of Ethics

Benefits: Young professional members are voting members and receive full benefits.
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3. Student Member ($95 Annually)

For full-time undergraduate college students studying at an accredited university with an interest in management consulting and supports the IMC USA mission and agrees to abide by the Code of Ethics. A current college schedule, along with undergraduate documentation is required at time of application.

Benefits: Student members are not voting members and may not receive full benefits.
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4. Affiliate Member ($995 Annually, Plus $50 Application Fee)

An Affiliate Member is for those not practicing management consulting that provide services or products to IMC USA members. Affiliate members agree to abide by the IMC USA Code of Ethics and support the mission of the Institute.

Benefits: Affiliate members are not voting members and may not receive full benefits.
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5. International Associate ($80 Annually)

An International Associate member is a non-U.S. member of an Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) in other countries (Member Institute of the International Council of Management Consultants Institutes) who wants to join IMC USA in addition to their "Home Country" IMC. International Associate Members are required to provide proof of membership in good standing in their home institute.

Benefits: International Associate Members are not voting members and may not receive full benefits.
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6. Other Membership Options

IMC USA offers other member categories, including:

Please contact the office for further details to determine eligibility for these three categories.