José Salibi Neto

José Salibi Neto is co-author of Management of Tomorrow, a worldwide bestseller now in its tenth edition, with over 50,000 copies sold. A previous book, The New Culture Code, attained bestseller status a mere two weeks after its release. Salibi’s latest book, Adaptive Strategy, published in 2020, is on the verge of repeating these feats. For more than two decades, Salibi worked and socialized with most top management thinkers, including Peter Drucker, Jack Welch, Michael Porter and Philip Kotler, and world leaders such as Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Al Gore and Rudolph Giuliani, among others. Co-founder of HSM, the leader in Executive Education, his name is immediately associated with the introduction in Brazil of contem­porary management key concepts, having helped to transform thousands of companies, executives and entrepreneurs over the last 25 years. Salibi is often a keynote speaker at events throughout Brazil, helping companies and professionals achieve their full potential and make decisions that will determine the future of their businesses and careers. He was mentor to Edson Bueno, founder of Amil, for more than twenty years. His clients include companies such as Algar, Oracle, Ticket, MGB Group, Liberty Seguros, Dasa, Unimed and Aliansce Sonae, among others. He is also co-author of the best-selling Driven By Ideas and, more recently, What Business Schools Don’t Teach