Prof. Andre Vaccaro, Intl MBA, M.Sc. eq, M.Ed.eq

CEO / President

Member and Director of the Florida Chapter of ABCO - Associação Brasileira de Consultores - Brazilian Consultants Association. Member of IMC/USA - Institute of Management Consultants - USA. Member of AMA - American Marketing Association, joined in 1991. With an extensive experience in large and medium-sized multinational corporations and 19 years as University Professor in Business Administration and International Relations in renowned institutions such as FAAP Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, UNIP Universidade Paulista and UNIITALO, combined with 27 years of corporate experience occupying Executive and C-Level positions in companies like INTEL, AT&T, SKY TV, TELEFONICA, TELEMAR, Interchange/Citibank, ImpSat and Vistaitec, Professor Vaccaro manages to conciliate the practical market best-known-methods with the proper academic knowledge.

This proven success formula results in achieving the client companies' intended results in a professional and accurate manner, by applying the state-of-the -art business methodologies with a clear Strategic Planning process and its successful implementation.

It is imperative for any foreign company that intends to do business in the US to be able to count with highly skilled professionals that can integrate both its original market and the American market experiences, to mitigate risks and liabilities that can jeopardize the intended profits and company's health.

Baccalaureate in Business Administration Marketing-oriented from FAAP, with an International Executive MBA from FIA/FEA/USP (Universidade de São Paulo), a Masters of Science equivalent in Marketing Management from FAAP and a M.Ed. equivalent from UniItalo, Professor Vaccaro also has certificate studies in Marketing at EASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, and two international competitiveness graduate modules at The WHARTON School (UPenn) and OWEN GRADUATE School of Management (Vanderbilt University).

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