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How to post an event 0 M. Haas This post describes the process to add a program to the NCR Calendar, including setting up a store ticket, discount coupon and laying out the event page. We can post programs as a "date" or "event." Dates are entries on the calendar but cannot process registrations. If we only have a title for a program and know when it will be held, we enter it on the calendar as a "date." Once we have a program description and speaker bio, we delete the "date" entry and simultaneously set up an "event," which allows registration. Our goal is to have 6-12 months of program topics posted in advance as "dates" to show the range of programs we offer. We also want to post 2-3 months ahead as "events." Since events expire form the calendar automatically (as the event date passes), there should always be a live event available for registration on the NCR calendarStep One:   Set up an event ticketEach event has a corresponding ticket in the store. Tickets include price by registrant/member category. In the admin area of the website, go to Ecommerce > Store > Products > Add a New Product. Although you cannot copy an existing product (event ticket), you can look at the most recent NCR event ticket for guidance. Leave every item as a default except as follows:Product Name: enter "IMC NCR Dinner Program (mm/dd/yyyy)"Primary Category: select "Chapter Events (NCR)" from the drop down menuType: select "event ticket"List in Store: select "No" (listing in store disconnects ticket from registration)New Image: (optional) add an image that reflects the event and shows up on the calendar (image is best an iconic one that shows the theme of the event - see NCR calendar past events for examples. Few chapters are aware of this but it gives a professional image)Non-Member Unit Price:  65 (as of April 2012) Member Unit Price(s) 55 in member categories that are capitalized (Affil, CMC Emeritus, Firm, ICMCI, Prof, Student, Certified) Product Description: this is the event schedule (best copied from a previous event) Click Submit (or Update if editing a prior submission) Step Two:   Set up a promotional discount    Go to Ecommerce > Store > Promotional CodesClick the edit button for "NCREARLY" Set "Date Expires" to two days before event dateSet "Promo Code Applies To" to the ticket you just set up (ticket name starts with "IMC NCR . . ." and should be right next to the previous month's ticket, which you should uncheck)Click SubmitRepeat process for "NCEARLY7" except set "Date Expires" to  7 days before event.Step Three: Set up the event descriptionGo to Features > Calendar & Events >  Dates & EventsAt the top of the page (in light blue) click "{more options}"Calendar Date: Select "Past" from the drop down menuCalendar Category: Select "National Capital Region"Click "Apply Filter" to see a list of all past NCR eventsFind the latest NCR event (click the Date column header twice to sort by most recent date first)Mouse over the green arrow and click "Copy Event" (dialog box will ask to confirm; click OK) Edit the copied event as follows:Status: click "Active" Name: Edit name to upcoming program, remembering to start name with "IMC NCR:" Start Date: Set event dateEnd Date: Set event dateEvent For Display: edit moth and day to month and day of upcoming eventTicket Options for Primary Registrant: Select ticket for upcoming event (the ticket you just set up, which is listed alphabetically under "IMC NCR . . .")Ticket Options for Additional Attendees: Same as for Primary Registrants(Note: do not select any Optional Tickets for Primary or Additional Registrants)Must Register By: Set date of upcoming eventOnline Registration Instructions: Edit meal selection as appropriate. Related Products: Select any available IMC Store products you consider related or interesting (up to about 2-3 max. Some variation over time is a good thing, or you can leave it alone)New Image: Upload same image as for ticket or another one that fits with program theme. Images should be 125 pixels wide, in color if possible, and uploaded to the "NCR Chapter" folder.Description/Comments: Edit title in content box and add program description and speaker info. At top of content box, click "Upload a File" to upload speaker photo into library (unlike above photo uploads, this can't be loaded from your computer or online, so has to be uploaded first, then referenced in the insert photo location).Once you are done, click Submit (or Update if you are editing) and go to to walk through the process of clicking through the calendar and the registration process to make sure all dates and text are correct and content and images are appropriate.Make sure you deleted any "Date" postings for the same date after you have a working "Event" posting.Finally, go to the calendar page and click "Export to Calendar" and make sure the event start time is correctly specified (especially around Daylight Savings Time changes) because it can be off an hour if you are setting up an event when it is (is not) DST and the event is (is not) on DST. See how easy that is!
by M. Haas
Thursday, April 19, 2012