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Awards to Members: Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude!

Michael Shays receives the IMC Board Chair Crystal Gavel


IMC USA honors members who contribute to the Institute, the profession of management consulting, and the community. Whether at the Chapter or National level, many individuals volunteer their time and talents to lead or support IMC activities in programs, member services, certification, publicity, ethics, operations, conferences, public service, mentoring, education, governance, and international affiliations.   Without the efforts of our members, the IMC USA would not be the organization that we see today.

Others contribute to the profession of consulting or to their communities throughout their careers. They serve as a model of the ideals and service commitment to the profession, and are accordingly honored with awards in several areas.

Get Members Recognized is a new initiative our leadership team  designed to reinforce a culture of recognition of contribution for the efforts of the membership.  

Members can be recognized in many ways – by verbally acknowledging the service of others, taking interest in fellow members’ efforts in the consulting profession and by submitting candidates for awards and recognition in a number of different ways.

Why recognize peer members?   

  • IMC USA attracts achievement oriented members who've contributed to the profession, their technical specialty or community.   
  • Members tend to work harder when they know that their work matters. To help members feel more personally invested in the success of the organization, recognize their contribution.

How do I recognize peer members?  

  • Verbally appreciate or acknowledge noteworthy personal or team achievement via email, phone or public presentation. 
  • Present certificate, plaque or award with IMC USA Request. Review the awards & recognition currently available to members. Based on merit, download the appropriate form. Complete as per the requirements.   
  • Depending on the level of recognition, your nomination or request can take a few moments or an hour plus over a matter of days. 

What can you expect from the Awards Committee?

  • When a nomination is submitted for the national awards, expect a response from the Executive Director to let you know they've received the information.  This information is forwarded to the Recognition and Awards Committee for review according to the process outlined in the specific award.  
  • There are some downloadable awards for leadership, appreciation, or achievement that may be distributed at the IMC Chapter level without committee involvement.  
  • Members are far more likely to stay with an organization if they feel their efforts and contributions are valued and appreciated. Recognizing members for stellar work is vital to maintaining morale and boosting productivity.

Recognition. It's simply straightforward.  It's powerful. It's time well spent.  

Get Members Recognized

There are many ways to recognize our fellow members for their contribution to the Institute and to the management consulting profession:

Step 1:  Download the Award Summary 

Step 2:  Select appropriate award to recognize your fellow member and download submission form

Step 3: Note timelines and requirements. If necessary, contact committee for any questions.

Step 4: Complete request for award.

Step 5:  Submit your request

Award criteria, nomination forms, nomination process are available for download from the library below.

Chapter Awards

National Awards

Special National Awards

Certificate of Appreciation Request

Certificate of Appreciation Request

CPC Leadership Award Request (Awarded by CPC President)

Recognition of Achievement Request

Recognition of Achievement Request

Community Service Award Request

Chapter Leadership Award

Distinguished Service Award Request

Lifetime Achievement Request

Chapter Recognition Award Request

FIMC (Fellow of IMC) Request


Certificate of Appreciation

Recognizes a specific contribution to IMC such as serving on the Board of Directors, Committee Chair, Special Event, etc.

Chair Leadership Award

(Roster of Chair Leadership Awardees)

Recognizes the leadership, commitment, and efforts to serve IMC, its members, and the consulting community.

Chapter Leadership Award

(Roster of Chapter Leadership Awardees)


Recognizes leadership and management efforts to serve members at the local level.

Chapter Recognition Award

Presented to a chapter in good standing that performs a special event that promotes IMC USA and the consulting profession and/or contributes and plays a major role in IMC USA Chapter Operations that serves as an example to other chapters.

Community Service Award

(Roster of Community Service Awardees)

Recognizes the use of consulting skills and behaviors to support community activities and promote effective management in a community organization or activity.

CPC Leadership Award

Recognizes leadership, commitment, and efforts to serve IMC.

Distinguished Service Award

(Roster of Dist. Service Awardees)

National award recognizing a minimum of 5 years service and contribution to IMC at Chapter and/or National level.

FIMC (Fellow of IMC)

(Roster of FIMC Awardees)

Recognizes long-time contributions to IMC, those who have demonstrated exceptional service to IMC (must include national level), and a consulting career that demonstrates the goals, values, ethics and aspirations of the Institute. Only about forty FIMCs have been awarded in IMC's history.

Lifetime Achievement

(Roster of LA Awardees)

Recognizes individuals who, over the course of their career, have made an exceptional contribution to the management consulting profession.

Recognition of Achievement

Recognizes accomplishing a significant goal important to IMC, or a job well done for a specific contribution to IMC, such as serving on the Board of Directors, Committee Chair, Special Event, etc.