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IMC DFW Management Consultants Forum Archive
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IMC Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter
Management Consultants Forum and Chapter Meeting 

Held the third Monday of each month, September through May since 2003 the IMC Dallas / Fort Worth Management Consulting Forum meetings are an excellent place to meet independent management consultants working in a wide variety of disciplines including business strategy, finance, marketing, human resources, risk management, information technology, training, logistics, and many other specialties. We focus on topics of interest to experienced consultants in the Forum.



Past Meetings

2008 onwards Management Consultants Forum home page
Dec 17, 07 Dr. Peter C. Bishop The Future Ain't What It Used To Be ! A demonstration of the principles used to think about the future.
Nov 12, 07 Dwight Riskey Ph.D. Turning Data & Research Into Action ! How you can help clients conduct research and act to create profitable new business opportunities
Oct 15, 07 Richard F. Tozer DBA Counter-Intuitive Marketingsm: Building a Network of Referral
Support Underneath Your Practice
Sep 17, 07 Dennis O'Hagan Getting Linked-In - Using the Web for Effective Business Networking
May 21, 07 James Olan Hutcheson Consulting to a Family-Owned Business
You need to understand the rewards... and the perils
Apr 16, 07 Lewis Green Secrets of Consulting To Small Companies
Don't venture into the unknown unless you have a deathwish
You Need to Know Small Business to Sell to Small Business
Mar 19, 07 Dick Morgan CMC Interactive Idea Exchange IMC Members & Guests
How to keep your pipeline full & Gain follow-on engagements
Feb 19, 07 Wayne Davis Productize Your Consultancy
How to develop 'products' & build your credibility
Jan 15, 07 Cheryl Harris Ph.D.
Sarah Bodner Ph.D.
Prevent a Mess !
Improving Collaboration with Clients & Colleagues
Dec 18, 06 Mark Haas The Magic of Management Consulting
Nov 13, 06 Mark Haas Dramatic Changes Impacting Consulting!
Oct 16, 06 Trelitha Bryant Beyond the Fear of Rejection
Sep 18, 06 Ken Lizotte, CMC "OH, by the way, I wrote a book"
May 15, 06 Allen Peterson, CMC The 10 Secrets of Neuromarketing
Is there a "buy button" inside the brain ?
Apr 17, 06 E. Michael Shays CMC, FIMC Power Solutions Thinking: The Anatomy of a Breakthrough
Mar 20, 06 Atul Vohra Global Sourcing: Opportunities in a Flattening World
Feb 20, 06 Tim C. Mazur Current trends in business ethics and new, federal standards on managing ethics and compliance in U.S. workplaces
Jan 16, 06 David Smith Suffering from Technology Confusion?
Learn how to Use Emerging Technology Trends and Information to Propel Your Business Forward
Dec 19, 05 Tommy Stanley Could Santa Claus be a Consultant?
Inquiring Consultants Want to Know!
Nov 21, 05 Edward Stone
Rollie Waters
What We Did Right and What We Did Not So Right
GAIN the experience of two careers in one evening

Oct 17, 05 Bart Kohnhorst
Jim Stewart
Carve out new market spaces your competitors cannot touch -
Learn about "Blue Ocean Strategy"

Sep 19, 05 Scott Koenig Blogging – Learn about this new tool and how to harness its potential
May 16, 05 Frank Drinkard Managing Client Expectation - One of You Needs to Do It!
Apr 18, 05 Dave Smethers Demand Creation for the Independent Consultant - a powerful technique for winning new business
Mar 21, 05 Bob Prosen
Al Lynch
Consulting Best Practices - The Client's View
Feb 21, 05 Maxine Shapiro SPONTANEITY ! Experience it; enrich any engagement
Jan 17, 05 Mine Yücel Consulting Opportunities in the Shifting Texas Economy
Nov 15, 04 Dr. Camron E. Nelson Here's To Your Health!
Oct 18, 04 Paula Calise
Edwin B. Berry, CM
Dave Micek
Get Engagements With Larger Organizations
Sep 20, 04 Ashok Desai
Lothar Katz
GLOBAL OUTSOURCING - A Real Threat or Promising Opportunity?
May 17, 04 Edward Stone, CMC, FIMC Get Business ! Applying Cialdini's Principles of Persuasion
Mar 15, 04 Thomas McGaffey Ph.D. Leadership Can Be Learned! A practical path to leadership skill that enhances business results and personal relationships
Feb 16, 04 Alice Dykeman
Tom Chenault
Navigating the Media Maze - How Consultants Can ‘Get Known’
Jan 19, 05 Dr. Al Gini Meaning, Money, and Morality - Dealing with Continuing Corruption in a Post-Enron Business Climate
Dec 15, 03 Dr. Sue Freedman Consulting with Client Project Teams...Thrill of Victory or Agony of Defeat?"
Nov 17, 03 Ken Goldstein, PE, CMC
Jim Webb, CMC
Gerald Turner, PhD
How to Hire a Management Consultant – and Get the Results You Expect!
Oct 20, 03 Michael Egan The Office Of The Future – new technologies that will influence tomorrow’s business landscape.
Sep 15, 03 Mine Yϋcel Dallas Federal Reserve Regional Economic Overview
May 19, 03 Richard O. Mason, PhD
Robert D. Luss, JD
David Reid
Gerald Turner, PhD, PE
Raising the Ethics Bar in the 21st Century
Mar 17, 03 John Deleray
Laurie Link
Nancy Polk
Diane Siegel,
Dan Swanson
How Coaching Fits in Management Consulting Engagements
Feb 17, 03 Rebecca Ryan Upstarts & Stuffed Shirts – What’s with Generation X?

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