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o Join the Community of Professional Consultants

Congratulations on your decision to join the IMC community. Please choose from one of the following member types:

Certified Member:  If you are an IMC Professional Member in good standing for at least one year preceding the application for the CMC designation,  along with other qualifiers, you may join as a certified member. 

Dues: $395 for a full year, prorated quarterly, plus an application fee

Certified Emeritus: If you are 66 years or older and have been a member in good standing with IMC USA for at least 10 years, you may join as a Certified Emeritus.

Dues: $150

Affiliate: If you are not a professional consultant, or provide goods of services to consultants, you may join as an Affiliate Member at reduced rates. 

Dues: $495 for a full year, prorated quarterly, plus $50 application fee.

Professional: If you have worked as a professional management consultant for at least one year, you are eligible for Professional Membership.

Dues: $325 for a full year, prorated quarterly, plus $50 application fee for new members.

Young Professionals: If you are 29 years old or younger, starting in the management consulting field, you receive a discount of $130 on your Professional Members Dues!  Select the "Professional" membership option below.       

Retired Professional: If you have been an IMC member for 5 years and are retiring from the consulting profession, you can request to become a "Retired Professional" member at half price.  Please Click Here to submit your request.

$162.50 for a full year, prorated quarterly.

Student: If you are a full-time student and not deriving income from consulting, join IMC as a Student Member.

Dues: $95 dues per year, no application fee.

CMC Non-Member:   If you are an IMC Non-Member and wish to complete the IMC Certification, then you may join as a CMC Non-Member.  

Dues: $550 which includes the fee for the certification process  

ICMCI Associate:  If you hold a full membership in good standing at your "home" institute (non-US), then you may join at a ICMCI Associate.  

Dues:  $80.00

Guest: If you just want to take a look at what IMC membership has to offer, you may register as a Guest at no cost or obligation. Some site content is not visible to Guests.

Dues:  No Dues

Firm: If your firm has five or more consultants who would like to join IMC USA, this option allows your organization to obtain a firm membership. Please complete a Firm Membership Request by selecting here.

Dues:  Calculated based on firm size

All members are bound by the IMC USA Code of Ethics and its Enforcement Procedures.

IMC Membership payment is renewed on a calendar year basis, for all members except students. If you join in the second or third quarter of the year, you will receive all of the member benefits for a pro- rated amount. If you join in fourth quarter, you will receive the remaining months of the current year for free.