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Nonprofit Consultants Network Roundtable Event (Virtual) - Demystifying data and analytics for Nonprofit Consultants and their clients
Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT
Category: Special Interest Group (SIG)

Demystifying data and analytics for Nonprofit Consultants and their clients

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Data has been and continues to be a hot topic, however, the hype has resulted in many misconceptions about what data and analytics truly are. Nonprofits have challenges that can be addressed with data, but few do so effectively because of non-technical obstacles.  Nonprofit consultants first need to help clients figure out the right questions to ask. 

This session dispels common misunderstandings by simplifying and providing clarity into this often-intimidating topic. A key objective is to establish that it is much easier than you think and is in fact far easier than the widespread ineffective attempt at data and analytics.

You will learn how to identify opportunities to address clients’ challenges with data and analytics as well as how to engage the right resources. We will then discuss a wide variety of real data and analytics use cases with a spotlight on Statistics Without Borders, an all-volunteer professional services organization, for some examples of how data and analytics can help you and your nonprofit clients. You will leave the session thinking about data and analytics in ways no one else has explained and in ways you have never thought before.

Speaker:  Michiko I. Wolcott, Principal Consultant, Msight Analytics,  also representing Statistics Without Borders

Details & Registration

Contact: Ed Potter, [email protected]