C2M Live!: From Unclear and Intangible to "Gotta Have This!" Value


When: Tuesday, March 17
3:00 PM until 4:00 PM

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March 2015

Join us for a 1 hour webinar and discussion:
"From Unclear and Intangible to "Gotta Have This!" Value"

Presented By Robert Sherlock

Tuesday, March 17

3 pm (Eastern) / 12pm (Pacific)

C2M Live! From Unclear and Intangible to "Gotta Have This!" Value
Do prospects and clients recognize the value of what you help them accomplish?

When we leave our value unclear and intangible, we don’t fully serve the client before, during and after the assignment.  By contrast, getting prospects and clients to recognize the value of what you help them accomplish has mutual benefits.  You can:
•    Crystallize the need to engage you

•    Get paid fees consistent with what you’re really worth

•    Equip your champions with a compelling story to use in winning internal support

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been consulting for years, join us for this webinar.  We’ll review several common barriers to landing more clients, more engagements, and higher fees, and discuss ways to dodge those pitfalls:
•    How to avoid being your own worst enemy.

•    Incorporate value to the client into your strategy and communication.

•    Adopt a process to help you judge when you can be daring with your fees and when to be cautious.

About Bob Sherlock

Bob Sherlock, president of Rainwerks, provides tools, templates and training programs including Pricing to Prosper .   His company has helped service providers become highly effective “rainmakers” and ever more successful at consulting and business coaching,  www.rainwerks.com .   Bob has held key positions at the General Electric Company.   He is an executive education thought leader, a frequent speaker and author of Daring Caution: The Executive's Guide to Pricing Improvement .

C2M Live!:
Our monthly events are meant to provide community, learning, mentoring and thoughtful conversation – and nurture relationships that lead to collaboration and business growth.

They are not presentations in the traditional sense. – they are conversations, facilitated discussions, with participants  sharing their knowledge and experience.   There is no “expert” opining – it is a peer-to-peer experience.  

A key goal is to create a community of peers, unencumbered by geography, to discuss issues affecting the economy and commerce …things that our clients worry about… such as strategic issues, macro business issues that need clarity and effective methods for businesses to be more competitive – and grow the competence of the participating consultants through the information and insights gained during the sessions.

We use Zoom.us technology so that up to 100 individuals can participate on screen.  One can also call in.

Sessions begin at 3:00 pm (Eastern) (12:00 pm Pacific) but we go on the air one hour earlier.  This provides attendees the opportunity to get to know each other and as stated earlier to engender the community of peers spirit IMC is committed to promoting.

We look forward to having join you us in the conversation and ask you forward suggestions for future topics to Juan A. Negroni.
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