IMC CO Business Model Canvas II - Mo Kanwischer 04/10/15


When: 4/10/2015
7:15 AM
Where: Denver Athletic Club
1325 Glenarm Place
Denver, Colorado  80204
United States
David Wechsler (Sign in to view e-mail address)

Event Details
IMC CO Business Model Canvas II - Mo Kanwischer   04/10/15
Using the internationally renowned Business Model Generation (Osterwalkder & Pigneur) to create "a shared language for describing, visualizing, assessing, and changing business models", Mo will guide IMC members and guests through the components of the Business Model Canvas.
The Business Model Canvas (BMC) offers you powerful, simple, tested tools for understanding, designing, reworking, and implementing business models.
In February’s IMC meeting, Mo shared the concepts of the BMC and how the building blocks of the model can be used to visually understand and create innovative business models. On April 10 th , Mo will continue that discussion by explaining business model patterns and design techniques. Even if you missed the February presentation, you will gain a good understanding of business model visualization and popular patters of contemporary business models.