IMC NorCal Virtual Meeting - "Forming Successful Consulting Alliances


When: Tuesday April 28 2015
From 3:30 to 5:00 PM PDT
Where: Virtual Chapter Meeting
On Line Meeting
Don Scellato CMC FIMC (Sign in to view e-mail address)

Event Details
This presentation describes the steps that are needed to effectively collaborate with consultants and other parties to grow your business and serve your clients well.  Often we don’t have time or skills needed that could benefit our clients and our consulting business.  When we find other professionals to assist us on projects and to assist on their projects, we can shine in the eyes of our clients. We also gain the attention of those we assist in completing projects.
 The presentation covers:
·       Finding opportunities to collaborate with other consultants
·       How to ensure the arrangements work for your clients, your collaborators, and yourself
·       Discussion with participants on their experiences with collaboration with others on consulting projects.
 Don Scellato., CMC ® , FIMC, improves business processes, assists in the introduction of new technology, and improves security practices of companies that operate supply chains.
Don worked for a major international transportation company in operations management, logistics management, general management, and as an internal consultant redesigning and improving business processes, system design and implementation, and training.
In 1996, he became an independent management consultant serving supply chain participants as they sought ways to introduce new computer systems and make their cross functional business processes more efficient and customer focused. He also assisted clients to meet US Customs and Border Protection security and compliance requirements.
Don has worked on major projects as a subcontractor to large engineering firms, formed alliances with other consultants, and executed projects as the member of a virtual consulting team. Many of his projects are global in nature requiring forming alliances with  consultants and working with clients in foreign countries.