Academy Webinar - "Home Run Sales Pitches"


When: Wednesday June 3, 2015
From 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT
Where: IMC USA Academy Webinar
Don Scellato CMC FIMC (Sign in to view e-mail address)

Event Details
The pitch is thrown and you have an opportunity to take a swing at the opportunity of booking business. Are you hitting homeruns?  Are you building the ideal portfolio of clients at the profit margins you want?  Do your clients refer you so often that you now use strict criteria before taking on new clients? If not, join us for strategies that will hit your pitch outta the park!
After 20+ years of coaching sales executives and business consultants, our speaker Jody Bagno has identified some of the most common stumbling blocks that prevent success.  On this call you will learn to:
•           Avoid the 5 fatal errors that consultants make before and during their sales presentations,
•           Incorporate 3 habits that will help you close more deals at higher profit margins,
•           Read the subtle but powerful buying signals your client is demonstrating, and
•           Build an effective referral network that sends clients to your door!
In your 60-minute investment of time, you will save countless wasted hours and avoid hearing the phrase, “We’ll think about it and get back to you.”