ORSWW Coaches Roundtable


When: Thursday July 9th 2015
8:00 until 9:30 AM
Where: Elephants Delicantessen
5221 SW Corbett Ave
John's Landing
Portland, Oregon  97239
United States
Rob Koch (Sign in to view e-mail address)

Event Details
Portland, Oregon
July 9, 2015
Our next Portland IMC – Coaching Roundtable is on the horizon. Please be sure to join us on Thursday, July 9 for connecting with other coaches, some interesting conversation, and learning with others who share your passion for coaching.
  On July 9, 1941 a team of British cryptologists after months of tireless effort, finally broke the ENIGMA code – the secret communication code used by the German army during the early stage of WWII.   This accomplishment is thought to be one of the truly significant events that changed the course of the war.
Hopefully our clients don’t need to be a cryptologist to understand the messages of exploration, support, caring, and guidance that we share through our interactions with them.   During our last two Roundtable sessions we have explored the importance of questions in our coaching efforts with clients.   On July 9 we will build on the competency of questioning by playing with the counterpoint to good questions, that is, creating room for REFLECTION through LISTENING and EMPATHIZING .   The idea is to make the message easy to hear and embrace for our clients by our balance of questioning and reflection .
What are your tips on reflecting?   On listening?   On empathizing?   Give these critical competencies some thought and bring your ideas for sharing with others on July 9.
Looking forward seeing you and hearing your thoughts on the 9 th of July.


8:00 am
Thursday – July 9, 2015
Elephants Delicatessen

5221 S.W. Corbett Avenue
(John’s Landing)
Portland, Oregon 97239
(503) 937-1075