Academy Webinar - "The Goldmine of Client Insight"


When: September 17, 2015
From 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT
Where: IMC USA Academy On Line Webinar
 Academy On Line Webinar 
Don Scellato CMC FIMC (Sign in to view e-mail address)

Event Details

The word “client” is tossed around by many consultants: “focus on the client,” “deliver value to the client.” Who is this client, anyway?

    Often the client you sell to is different than the “clients” to whom you are delivering services.
    Individuals who contact your firm for help most likely aren’t the same people who sign the purchase orders and contracts.
    Learn what it means to truly be client-centric .

A deep understanding of a client’s world is foundational to a successful business relationship. The frameworks and tools presented within this webinar are thought-provoking and immediately applicable to building better service offerings as well as establishing credibility and trust with prospects – a critical step to gain new clients.
Ellen Grace Henson has an impressive track record of empowering others to achieve maximum potential in their product and service design and execution. She brings deep expertise in all facets of product and service delivery and a unique, proven approach to product management, team engagement, and team motivation. Her experience shows that technology does not equal product and that every product is a business. Her proven approach to product management is to build customer and market insight and use this knowledge to strengthen alignment and skills for the entire cross-functional team.

COURSE LEVEL: Early, Advanced and Profession Leader
CONSULTING COMPETENCIES:   Client Business Insight

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