Academy Webinar - "Shaping Your Future" with David Rohlander


When: Tuesday 10/13/2015
From 12pm (eastern) until 1pm (eastern)
Where: Academy Online Webinar
Loraine Huchler (Sign in to view e-mail address)

Event Details

How often do you get a referral? Is the perception of your prospects and clients congruent with who you really are and what you do? Why do they refer you?
Principle truths-
I.You control what people think of you.
II.Your brand, deliverables and reputation must be congruent.
III.People make judgments about you based on your behavior.
From this webinar you will receive these outcomes:
•Explore personal leadership and the three fundamental leadership prejudices.
•Learn the key elements of TRUER communications.
•Discover practical ways to assess, change and improve your behaviors.
•Improve your ability to deal with people and influence their decision making.
•Master how to design a continuous personal growth program.
You are your own most powerful asset.
Our focus will be the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors requisite for your success as a consultant. The natural consequence of this effort is you will have loyal clients who will gladly give you referrals. This new perspective and action plan will provide you with abundant cash flow and wealth.
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COURSE LEVEL: Early, Advanced and Profession Leader
CONSULTING COMPETENCIES:   Client Business Insight

For more information on the IMC USA Management Consulting Competency Framework that defines the skills, aptitudes and behaviors of a Certified Management Consultant ® ,  click here .