C2M Live! Linda Byars Swindling on "Top Ten Negotiating Mistakes Consultants Make"


When: Tuesday Oct. 20th
From 3pm (eastern) until 4pm (eastern)

Event Details
Negotiation is not your strong suit. You’ve left money on the table because you haven’t been comfortable asking for more. You cave when a prospect asks you to take less money. You want the work and you figure they wouldn’t have asked to pay less unless they really couldn’t afford it. You are uncomfortable when someone wants you to give more with no increased remuneration.
These are common issues independent consultants, speakers and trainers face. In order to not fall prey to someone with better negotiation skills, you need to know how to broach negotiations from strength. You need to understand how to mitigate the pitfalls.
In this C2M Live,  session Linda will provide 10 negotiation mistakes consultants, speakers and trainers make, and actionable steps to avoid them.
You will learn:

    The top reason most consultants fail during negotiations
    How to talk money without getting flustered
    Why your friends may be your worst enemies (when it comes to your fees)
    How to ascertain the negotiation power of your contact
    Being willing to look stupid will actually make you negotiate smarter

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