Academy Webinar: "Two Things in China" with Dr. Gene Wood


When: Tues. Jan. 19th
2pm (eastern) and 11am (pacific)
Loraine Huchler, VP Professional Learning (Sign in to view e-mail address)

Event Details
·        Do you work with colleagues or clients who are Chinese immigrants?
·        Are you planning to work in China or for companies based in China?
·        Are you working for any companies based in China? 
·        Are you intrigued by the Chinese culture?

China has played an increasingly important role in business during the last thirty years. And although China is experiencing a slowdown in growth, it continues to be a source of influence and opportunity.   From a business perspective, China presents an immense challenge for outsiders. Understanding the Chinese culture is the first step in successfully obtaining clients and delivering consulting services for Chinese firms – especially if you are working in China.

This memorable learning event is an ideal place to start your journey to business in China or with Chinese companies. Gene’s advice and reminders will be invaluable as you sit at banquets, socialize, and successfully negotiate in China.
COURSE LEVEL: Experienced consultants who work with or aspire to work with colleagues and clients from China
CONSULTING COMPETENCIES :  Client Business Insight
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