IMC USA Academy Webinar: Finding Your Voice - Powerful Communication Techniques for Women


When: Wed. Jan. 27, 2016
From 11am (eastern) to 12pm (eastern)
Where: Go To Webinar
Loraine Huchler, VP Professional Learning (Sign in to view e-mail address)

Event Details
This webinar has value for both New and Experienced Consultants, with special focus on Women Consultants.
It is focused on the IMC USA Core Competency of “Personal Interaction (Emotional Intelligence)”
As consultants, effective communication is our most powerful tool.  As women, we can face challenges in speaking up and speaking out. 

      How can you use listening skills to your advantage?
      How can you respond effectively to conflict?
      Is placating your default behavior for conflict resolution?
      What false beliefs hinder your success?
      How can you communicate assertively without feeling guilty?  

This webinar focuses on understanding interpersonal communication from a new perspective, sharpening your skills and changing your habits.  Although we designed this webinar to help women, we welcome men who want to understand the communication challenges women often face.
You will l earn practical techniques that can be implemented quickly, increasing your effectiveness in both business and personal interactions.
Miscommunication and mixed messages are rampant in business and in life. Learn the secrets to achieving effective communication, so you and your business can thrive!
Our Presenter
Patty Block specializes in advising women business owners on growth strategies, bringing a unique perspective to the complex issues they confront.
Many women are still making business and financial decisions based on emotions. Patty empowers women owners who are seeking balance and prosperity in their lives, shifting the way they think, with a strategic and intentional focus. 
In building her company, Patty has leveraged her business experience as a former political consultant and lobbyist, as well as leading Development and Operations efforts for The Awty International School in Houston, Texas.
Patty holds an advanced degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She established her company in 2006, bringing together the people, resources and ideas that build results.