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IMC USA provides both public and member-only blogs to bring together members of the consulting community with news, ideas, and opinion. Site visitors may also subscribe to individual blogs or aggregate IMC content through an RSS feed.

Where do you think the consulting profession is headed? What ideas do you have to share with your colleagues? Weigh in on your ideas for IMC and member services. Let us know what you think!

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Blog Name / Description No. of Posts Last Activity
Consulting to Management
The Consulting to Management blog exists to provide consultants with information, tips and techniques and how-to's about building a successful consulting practice and getting the most value from Membership in IMC USA. This blog is managed by Jennifer "Jen" Beever CMC, who is serving a IMC USA's VP Marketing from 2017-2020. For more information, please contact Jen at 818-347-4248.
1 9/26/2019
Ethics in the News

Good Behavior, Bad Behavior, Read All About It!

The ability to recognize, react and manage ethics issues in consulting benefits from seeing and debating examples of good and bad professional conduct. Here we post examples of ethics in business, management and consulting. In each example, consider what you would do - or could have done - to create or restore trust and ethical conduct.

Please comment. Do you agree the issue is significant? Did participants act appropriately? How would you advise them to act differently? How would you mitigate the impact or prevent a repeat of unethical acts? How will you use what you learned into your own consulting practice?

Send suggestions of news articles (with link) to
10 3/29/2016
Message From The Chair
The IMC USA Chair & CEO periodically reports on the state of the Institute, including new benefits to members, strategic affiliations with other organizations, business issues affecting the consulting profession, member accomplishments, chapter activities, and activities of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).
91 7/8/2019
Daily Tips for Consultants
Between 2005 and 2011, IMC published Daily Tips every weekday on consulting ethics, marketing, service delivery and practice management. You may search more than 800 tips on this website using keywords in "Search all posts" or clicking on a tag in the Top Tags list to return all tips with that specific tag. Comment on individual tips (members and registered guests) or use the Contact Us form above to contact Mark Haas CMC, FIMC, Daily Tips author/editor. Daily Tips are being compiled into several volumes and will be available through IMC USA and Mark Haas.
805 2/25/2015
IMC USA Website Features
This website represents a new capability for IMC USA and significantly expands services to our members. IMC USA developed the site to bring collaboration, communication and community to our members. This blog describes site features. Initial posts describe the basic features; periodic posts announce new features. We strongly encourage your comments and suggestions for features or content.
14 12/13/2017
Consulting Ethics
With our mission to promote excellence and ethics in management consulting, IMC provides commentary by Ethics Committee and Board members about consulting ethics, current events and IMC ethics initiatives. Add your reactions, comments and insights to these issues.
1 7/10/2012
Consulting Humor
Like every profession, consulting has a rich tradition of humor. Some of it is self-promoting, much of it self-deprecating. If you are a consultant, you have heard, and probably told, most of theses jokes. We are collecting "best in class" consulting humor. Please contribute jokes, cartoons, videos and other ways to let us laugh about our profession - and ourselves.
31 1/4/2019