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Annual Report for NCR Chapter for 2009
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During this second year of the chapter board, we have continued our efforts to add value to your membership.  This is our second annual report to you.

Professional Development

1. Ten of our meetings this year featured speakers on topics vital to member’s ability to GET SMART, GET KNOWN, GET BUSINESS.  These included: client management, effective presentations, legal issues and risks, successful networking, Web 2.0 and social media, social responsibility theory, marketing, and collaboration.

2. A second annual ‘case study’ meeting was held to assist members in learning more about the skills and knowledge of other members.  This was designed to provide more intensive networking to support further business development among members - as well as a way to have a bit of fun.

3. An ‘Introduction to Consulting’ event was held at Argosy University which offered their students and individuals from a range of other professional organizations the opportunity to learn more about consulting and IMC.  It provided an opportunity for several IMC NCR members to discuss their practice expertise.

4. Three CMC candidate review panels were held and the new CMCs welcomed into the chapter.  Eric Thomas has worked with the IMCUSA Certification Review Committee to  revise the application process for more experienced consultants and to improve the certification content on the IMCUSA website.  Both the new process and the new content are being implemented in 2010. 

Chapter Development

1. We have actively begun our relationship building with other professional organizations to enhance their knowledge of IMC and help our members get known.  This program was designed in 2008.  The first formal relationship is with Argosy University.  Their faculty and students have attended our events.  Additionally, we are working with the local chapter of the Organization Development Network and they recently presented at a dinner meeting.  Relationships with two additional groups are being developed.

2. Our chapter website has been incorporated into the IMCUSA site-  The new site offers many additional services and options for you.  Please check these out as many will help you grow your knowledge, your network, and increase your visibility to business opportunities.  You can put up news items, articles, videos, and links to other information.  Register for out meetings using it and check out upcoming events locally or in other chapters you could visit when traveling.

3. Our first election for President, Treasurer, and Secretary was held under our revised by-laws to better involve all members and communicate information about our all volunteer board.  Electronic voting was done through the website and paper ballots were available on request.  33 members voted.   We encourage you to get involved with the board in any role which interests you or in committee work. A few hours a month will benefit both you and the chapter. A thriving chapter depends on members active involvement in its success.

4. The financial status of the chapter continues to be sound.  We have subsidized the monthly meeting fees throughout this year as an added value for members and  to encourage your participation during difficult times.

5. A breakfast was held with potential  new members and two more are planned for next year.  The new IMCUSA website captures visitors’ interests and we have contacted all of them directly.  Several have indicated interest in attending events and potentially joining IMC.

6. Member suggestions for meeting topics, received from our 2008 survey, were incorporated into 2009 planning and activities.  A 2009 survey was completed and will assist us in 2010 activities.

7. We instituted more regular communications with members beyond meeting announcements.   ‘News Flash’ was distributed at four meetings and additional email communications have been sent to keep you aware of events and services.

Annual Meeting

The chapter’s annual meeting was held November 12, 2009.  The election of Richard Zeigler as President, Eric Thomas as Treasurer, and Daniel Goldsmith as Secretary were announced.  No new business was introduced.

Our Future

1. Meetings for 2010 include more opportunities for you to enhance your skills and increase your business.  Already scheduled topics include: Risk Assessment Tools, Business and Enterprise Analysis, World Bank consulting, Consulting Life: Lessons Learned, and Monetizing Intellectual Property.

2. A new social media strategy as well as marketing and PR efforts are in process.  We now have a LinkedIn page and three subgroups for you to join.  A new chapter blog has just been established.  These are designed to help our chapter increase its membership and to help you by increasing the recognition among other professionals of IMCUSA and IMC NCR as the source for consulting professionals.  Invitations are going out soon to the consulting community in the region.

NCR Member Resources

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Resources contributed by members to improve marketing, practice management, or service delivery.
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