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Chicagoland Chapter 2009 Meeting Archive
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Chicagoland Chapter 2009 Meeting Archive

  • January 2009
    10 Important Lessons for Consultants
    This will be a combined presentation and interactive discussion of the major themes of Al's new book Life is a Paradox, sub-titled Counter-Intuitive Secrets to Personal & Professional Effectiveness. The book stems primarily from Al's extensive experience as a management consultant, and the counter-intuitive nature of the most important lessons in business and life. 
  • February 2009
    How Blogging Can Energize Your Business
    Now that business has embraced the internet as the ultimate source of information, blogs have become indispensable marketing tools.
    Consultants are already using blogs to great advantage to –
    • Reach new customers;
    • Build on existing client relationships;
    • Promote, sell, and deliver services;
    • Improve their search engine visibility; 
    • Establish thought leadership in their specialties.
  • March 2009
    Helping Clients Improve Results Across the Business Cycle
    by Adam Hartung
    This session is about what the most successful organizations of all sizes actually do that sets them apart in their ability to generate above-average results year after year after year and how consultants can help them implement these steps.
  • April 2009
    LinkedIn- Building Your Connections
    by Jon Paul
    LinkedIn is more than just a social networking website. It can be an integral part of how you manage your contacts and help you turn people you meet into ongoing business connections. Let LinkedIn become your virtual assistant for managing your contacts.
  • May 2009
    Helping Clients Improve Results Across the Business Cycle
    by Adam Hartung
    "How to leverage Social Media to grow your consulting business in a half hour per day or less!"
  • August 2009
    Special Global Panel Event
    Learn about experiences and lessons by working with mixed international teams. Communication (language) techniques in international advisory environments. Global expansion for mid-market players ($2M to $30M revenues). Independent consulting opportunities across borders (Central Europe & US). Increase the value to your clients, as someone who understands the future of social media and these global communication trends.
  • September 2009
    Surviving a Frozen Economy 
    By Bill Pierrakeas
    Learn how having a better understanding of recent economic changes is affecting our clients, our prospects and ourselves. Our current economic conditions present a radical challenge to our understanding of opportunity, revenue, expectations and service delivery. This interactive discussion helps us to put these challenges in perspective. See how our local IMC chapter plans to be an important part of the recovery plan for your practice to help you not only survive, but thrive.
  • October 2009
    The Assumptions
    Learn about common assumptions we all have regarding change. In this meeting, Peg Kragie led us through a dialogue on how change affects us and our clients. This was the second meeting in a five-part series on Managing Change that designed to stimulate our understanding and application of the change process - both in our own consulting organizations and with our clients.
  • November 2009
    Organizational Energy for Extraordinary Results
    This session focused on how to generate organizational energy toward change for extraordinary results! Learn to transform business with speed and effectiveness. Discover the role energy and our consciousness plays in producing extraordinary results. See what can we have learned from modern day physics that effects the way we look at change management.
  • December 2009
    Effective Communication: You Can't Change without It!
    Change and leading Change is one of the most complex challenges that any individual and organization can undertake. While there are many different approaches and models that have been developed to take on this challenge, at the heart of every successful change initiative is communication.