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IMC Houston Chapter History
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The "original" IMC Houston Chapter was founded in 1970 at the leadership of Gabe Gelb and John Elmer from Gelb Consulting.At that time, the chapter was primarily comprised of then "Big Eight" accounting firms, plus Gelb Consulting personnel, with interest in attaining the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation being a significant driving force.Other significant contributors in those early days were Vince Cali (CMC, FIMC) from Deloitte & Touche and Brad Robbins (CMC), then with Arthur Anderson and now President of Baker Robbins.The IMC Houston Chapter first held their meetings in Gelb Consulting's offices, then at the Houston Club, and subsequently the Houstonian.

During the 1980's, interest in the CMC certification designation among Big Eight firms was strong, but began to dwindle toward the end of that decade, seemingly because most were also CPA’s and had become less inclined to see the benefit.As an effort to increase activity, Brad Robbins conducted a drive to get small and medium size companies involved in the IMC Houston Chapter. The effort was somewhat successful but financially, not enough to sustain an ongoing IMC Houston Chapter as support from the Big Eight accounting firms continued to decline. As a result, the IMC Houston Chapter went into “inactive” status.

In 1993, Mickey Rosenau, CMC, FIMC, moved to Houston from California where he had been very active in a notably robust IMC Chapter. Upon finding out of the IMC Houston Chapter’s “inactive” status, he contacted Gabe Gelb, Vince Cali, Brad Robbins and Bob Overton to determine interest in re-activating the IMC Houston Chapter. With support from the national IMC headquarters, the IMC Houston Chapter became active once again in 1994 and resumed meetings at the Houstonian.By 1997 the chapter had outgrown that facility and moved their meetings to the University Club. In 2003, growth once again resulted in the IMC Houston Chapter moving their meeting place. This time it was to The Briar Club, where meetings are currently held. Today, interest in attaining the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is still a significant driving force, but the scope of the member services has been greatly expanded to include value for consultants of all levels and their clients alike.As a result, IMC Houston is rapidly becoming the resource of choice for those just considering consulting as a career through those with many, many years of experience.

From initial meeting attendee levels of around 40 in the 1970’s, to a low of less than a dozen when IMC Houston Chapter became inactive, to attendance now regularly in excess of 60 and growing, the IMC Houston Chapter is clearly here to stay and faces a robust and successful future in helping their members GET SMART, GET KNOWN, AND GET BUSINESS!