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But That's Just Me

Tuesday, April 5, 2011   (1 Comments)
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Notes from the Editor
D. Kevin Berchelmann
Editor, IMC Connector

As you read this, my first issue as Editor of IMC's Connector, I can tell you exactly what is going through my mind: Kevin, just don't screw it up!

As I take the Editorial baton from Loraine Kasprzak, I assume the role at a time of success; she elevated the Connector to a much-needed level or professionalism and integrity, and insisted on member-relevant content and consistent editing (and could be a slave-driver on word counts and edits!).

In short, Loraine turned over the Connector to me in great shape. As I mentioned above, it would be easy enough for me to simply beg myself, "Kevin, just don't screw it up!"

And I hope I don't. But neither will we "stand still." I think if Loraine's success as Editor taught us anything, it was that we need to keep pushing and growing the Connector until it becomes even more valuable to members than it is today.

To that end, here's just a peek at what you can expect from your IMC Connector in future issues:

  • Member-driven, relevant content, written by members
  • Series and/or regular columns addressing today's significant consultant challenges
  • More and more Chapter-driven news items, with direct input from Chapter leadership
  • Appropriate newsworthy announcements from individual member consultants
  • Spotlights (focused pieces) on Consultants, Chapters, and others involved with IMC

And here's the important part – I can't do this alone! We need your help to make the IMC Connector a bigger, better, stronger, faster publication that provides timely, relevant information to members. So, here's where you can make a major contribution. We need interested, capable members for:

  • assistant editors (need 2),
  • contributing authors and/or columnists (see contribution guidelines here), and
  • "reporters" (for spotlights, current news, etc.)

So give it some thought, and then let me know that you're interested in joining and contributing to the success of the Connector as we move it forward in its "next chapter." Email me at if you have questions, want to volunteer, or just have an idea for future editions of the Connector.

For those willing to volunteer, I'll tell you in advance that the pay is really lousy; but the personal satisfaction that comes from providing a valuable, informative publication to our professional membership ain't all bad.

But that's just me...


Loraine M. Kasprzak CMC says...
Posted Friday, April 8, 2011
Well done Kevin! you are off to a great start. I love the new format.