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Wake-up Call

Wednesday, July 27, 2011   (1 Comments)
Posted by: Gail McCauley
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I deal with a great many people on a regular basis who need to create more business. And that's as it should be. That's why consultants join my community and Forum.

There are some who rapidly increase business by listening, trying, correcting, and testing with me. There are others who are superb at thinking but not doing. Most of these folks come around eventually, and find revelations: "It was the third time I was with Alan….” or, "I finally realized I wasn't doing what he was saying….”

I've also found people who find alarm, danger, and draconian potential in every half-step and every otherwise good omen. "They accepted my proposal but want me to start immediately!” as if one's busy business calendar precludes getting in gear tomorrow. "They want me to send a copy of the slides I used!” My goodness, what next? Your firstborn?

I've determined that whether you see life as a daily opportunity or a diurnal oppression depends on how you wake up. Do you arise with the attitude that life has granted you still another new day to explore, contribute, challenge, and grow? (This is the attitude of my dogs, so it's apparently not dependent on extensive schooling, though American Kennel Club registration may be a causal factor, I guess.) Or do you awake with the gnawing, grinding fear that you may have to—SIGH—respond to a request, do some research, or actually go to the bank and cash a check.

There is a subliminal "sigh” I hear in some oral communications, and a parenthetical "groan” is some written missives. It's indicative of a default exhaustion that accompanies life itself, as if respiration were the equivalent of a workout and standing erect bore more weight than merely your own.

Stop it.

People tend to shy away (viz.: flee like the roadrunner) from those who proceed through life with metaphorical 50-pound packs on their backs. Run like the hares (but hunt like the foxes).

I leave you with your choice:

"LIfe is a slow, reluctant march into enemy territory.” – Henry James

"Faith is not a blind leap into nothing but a thoughtful walk in the light we have.” – Elton Trueblod

One of the hallmarks of James was the unreliable narrator. Trueblood abandoned prestigious posts at Harvard and Stanford to settle in a small Quaker community and his preaching and writing influenced hundreds of thousands.

How do you plan to awake tomorrow?

© Alan Weiss 2011. All rights reserved.


Richard D. Maher says...
Posted Friday, August 5, 2011
Great message Alan. Thanks for this. Your "Million Dollar Consulting" gave good advice too:)