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But that's just me...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011   (0 Comments)
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Notes from the Editor

D. Kevin Berchelmann
Editor, IMC Connector

It's hot.

I live in Houston, and we are at 39 days this year above 100 degrees, about 28 of those are consecutive. Our norm is about 5-6 per year total . Couple that with a distinct, record-setting drought, and it's just plain hot.

Now, we could run around screaming and hollering about this disaster, as we see it, and proclaim that the sky is falling. We could do that... but to what end? Would it change the weather? Would it appear as a rain dance, thereby opening the skies to a torrential outpouring and cooler days?

I'm reminded of an oft-used phrase, that sometimes becomes so trite that we forget its significance:

This, too, shall pass.

How is this relevant to us? Well, let's see, the pundits (by the way, how much does a pundit make, anyway?) are proclaiming the presence of a double-dip recession, sort of like an economic groundhog emerging and seeing his shadow. Should we scurry back into our dens (offices, dining rooms, Starbucks, whatever), cover our heads, and hunker down until the weather gets better?

Or, should we simply recommit to our profession, putting our heads down and redoubling our smartly-adjusted efforts to drive our own events?

I vote for the latter. Remember, if anyone—repeat, anyone —in your "space" is succeeding, then I've got really good or bad news, depending on your perspective. "It ain't the economy."

Economies, god ones, bad ones, bull/bear, even groundhog... all come and go. Our business is change; any change is better than real stagnation, so let's quit sticking our heads out tentatively, checking left and right for our shadow or some other symbol of impending struggle. Stay focused, drive forward, and realize that pundits generally get paid for saying really stupid things.

And remember, this, too, shall pass .

But that's just me...