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Marketing with Webinars: 10 Key Benefits

Wednesday, August 31, 2011   (2 Comments)
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By Leslie Shields, CPC

Do you remember the words of Dr. Seuss?

Oh, the places you’ll go!
Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!

Think of webinars as places you can go. Webinars have evolved into a key marketing tool. Webinars are marketing events where you invite prospects and customers from outside your company to learn about a new product, share in your subject matter expertise on something important to them, or just find out what makes you a good fit to work with them.

What’s in it for you? If you effectively plan and execute a webinar you can:

• Generate new leads

• Improve your company’s brand awareness

• Help expand inside existing customers

• Qualify prospects and move the right customers to the next stage of the sales process

One more thought. Webinars offer a number of benefits. Here are 10 benefits you may want to consider:

  1. Short Lead Time – A webinar can be up and running in 4-6 weeks. Logistics are not complicated and you don’t need to plan months in advance.
  2. Run webinars with small numbers or large numbers - You don’t need to worry about minimum number of attendees; meeting venues; catering; or parking.
  3. Build loyalty with existing clients/customers – It’s an easy, low-cost leveraged way to add value and maintain your relationship.
  4. Conduct market research – Prior to the webinar survey the participants to identify their concerns, issues and challenges about the topic. This information provides invaluable research for your business.
  5. Create instant products through recordings – Many webinar services have a recording function built in. Use the recording to turn it into a product such as a DVD, video podcast or on-line video.
  6. Invite prospects to attend - It’s a low-cost way to give them an experience of you before they "buy” you.
  7. No geographical boundaries – You are not limited to your city, state or country. Because of the global possibilities you can reach people beyond your borders.
  8. Provide product support – Use webinars to answer customer questions, explain how they can use the product more effectively, and get feedback for future enhancements.
  9. Expose attendees to guest experts – You do not need to be the speaker of all your webinars. Invite a guest presenter to share the stage. Same market, but with a different area of expertise.
  10. Give people more access to you – A webinar is an inexpensive way to interact with many people at the same time, while still offering value.

Leslie Shields is President of Chevannes Global, offering consulting and coaching to small businesses. Our leadership team has over 100 combined years of diverse experience brought from corporate, government, non-profit and entrepreneurial sectors. What differentiates us is our unique blendof services from ourown business evaluation tools to how we coach and strategize to move businesses forward.

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Thomas K. Casey CMC says...
Posted Monday, September 5, 2011
Good job, Leslie!
Patricio Ramal says...
Posted Friday, September 2, 2011
Leslie, Thank you so much for this post. Brief and to the point. Very helpful. I am currently exploring going into webinars and this validates my decision. Cheers Patricio Ramal