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But that's just me...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Admin
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D. Kevin Berchelmann

Editor, IMC Connector

Stick a fork in 2011, folks, it's almost done.

Is that a good thing for you, or... not so much? Did you meet the goals you established for yourself (TELL me you did have goals, right?)? If so, great – do you know how you did it? If not, oh well, live to fight another day... now go find out why you didn't reach them.

Me? Well, I'm sort of like the Houston Texans. At 10-3, I'm having a winning season, though I had a few significant losses, and a couple of injuries along the way that make the whole trip all that more exciting. Or nerve-wracking. Yep, that analogy works pretty well for me, and does a decent job of describing my year in review.

Year's end is a good time for reflecting on those things that matter; maybe you're building a business from near-scratch, maybe you're growing one from a substantial position. Maybe you're employed in the profession and have significant personal/professional goals that you've established.

Whatever the case, slow down, turn off the music, stop and reflect. Take a look at what you've done, who you are, and what you could or should've done, and what you can or better do in 2012. Don't beat yourself up, necessarily, but a little brutal self-honest never hurt anyone.

But that's just me...