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But that's just me...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kevin Berchelmann
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Our profession is made up of a bunch of weirdoes.

Ok, that may be a bit judgmental, and harsh; how about "Our profession is comprised of people with myriad professional backgrounds, personal characteristics, and motivations; it's an amalgam of a cross-section of the organizational world coupled with the independence necessary to advise senior leaders on business initiatives, directions, and solutions."

I think the "weirdoes" comment was simpler, but I'm trying to get in better touch with my sensitive side...

I bring this up to showcase how difficult it is to get a bunch of fairly independent weirdoes unique individuals together in a common situation—since there's frequently little we have in common, other than our chosen profession and the businesses with which we work.

I'm speaking, of course, to the challenge in providing universal value, through Chapters and National, to this group. It's tough.

I know in my Chapter—IMC-Houston—we almost disappeared entirely. It's taken the focus, work, and dedication of a few of those "weirdoes" mentioned above to haul it back to viability. The future is still a bit uncertain, but we seem to be on the right path.

I say that, to say this (...and I love using that phrase): When discussing Chapter value, "You get out what you put in." No, I'm not dismissing the responsibilities of locally elected Boards to do the right things – organization, communications, member inputs, etc. They are all true, and must form the foundation.

After that, however, it's up to each of us—as members—to both create value in the Chapters as well as receive value from attending. Your boring discussion-bunny-trail is someone else's "learning of the week." A casual conversation while networking may be the basis of a long-term, successful, professional (or personal) relationship. The speaker topic may not be the most interesting to you this month, but your attendance makes the event more vibrant and engaging for those who see the topic as a necessary and valuable learning.

Chapters aren't entities. They are simply the amalgam mentioned above. A structure without substance. They need members—active, involved, vocal members—to succeed in any measure.

Are you active, involved, and vocal in your Chapter? If so, you have my sincere appreciation. If not... why not?

But that's just me...