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5 Key Reasons to Be a Member

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Why join the IMC USA Community?

IMC USA members are fellow consultants to management who understand and face the same things you do every day.
Like you, we work hard to define our audience, network and market, find new clients and serve them to the best of our ability. We dedicate ourselves to continuous learning and improvement to add more value for clients and to grow our consulting business. Many of us are also dedicated to giving back and are volunteers in our community, our profession and our industry.  

IMC USA is a safe place to learn, connect with peers, and grow your practice. 

Join IMC USA today.

For less than $1 a day, you have 24/7 access to a vibrant, knowledgeable resource for your profession as a consultant to management.



Many independent consultants gain specialized expertise as employees and managers in business and organizations or graduate programs in universities. Others started their consulting career at boutique or large consulting firms but choose to strike out on their own or form small consulting firms. All have a need to learn how to build and operate a successful consulting practice.

New methodologies and technologies are introduced rapidly and in high volume that can help consultants and their clients. It's a challenge to keep up with new trends, know how to select and use the top picks, and successfully implement change for clients or in our consulting practices.  

IMC USA is the place where you can learn from thought leaders and your peers in consulting and keep up with the latest technology and consulting methodologies. IMC USA offers learning in online and face-to-face classes, workshops, conferences and discussion groups. Some of our offerings include:


Consultants to management are often trusted advisors who know the needs and wants of their clients. In today's world, consultants must be agile and flexible and able to team up and collaborate with other consultants to get results for clients.
IMC USA offers a safe community where you can meet with peers without fear that they will take your intellectual property, ideas or clients. All members pledge to adhere to the IMC USA Code of Ethics, which ensures that the consultants you meet in IMC USA are operating on the same playing field.
IMC USA members have access to hundreds of consultants in the United States and are encouraged to reach out via phone, email and text.
The support you will find in IMC USA benefits you both professionally and personally. Consultants to management have to manage client relationships and grow a business, and it takes a holistic approach to be successful during life's ups and downs. For many members, IMC USA is a place not only for business connections but also where new friendships are created, develop year after year and endure the test of time.



How do people find you? One way is to be listed on the IMC USA website Find a Consultant Directory. Over ten thousand individuals visit IMC USA's website each month.

Your member profiles includes information on your specialties, services, location, certifications and awards and include a valuable marketing link back to your website.

Members find their IMC USA profile ranks high in results when searching by name.


Standards and Excellence

IMC USA members are involved and committed to being the best they can be in our profession. Joining your industry's professional association raises the bar and sets you apart from the all too common perception that "a consultant is someone between jobs."

Join IMC USA and become known as a consultant who provides quality work, adheres to a Code of Ethics, and has documented standards.

Consultants who become Certified Management Consultants achieve the highest level of consulting excellence. Learn more about CMC® Certification here.



Your membership investment starts working for you immediately by providing a package of discounted business tools and products designed specifically for consultants. Learn more about Member Savings here.