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Ever accelerating change is challenging long-held assumptions about how businesses should operate. Consulting 2.0 helps organizations, institutions and their consultants better understand key issues and opportunities and make better decisions.

Consulting 2.0 covers a wide range of topics, including strategy, leadership, organizational change, negotiations, operations, innovation, decision-making, marketing, and managing teams. We publish articles (digital only), graphics, podcasts, videos, slide presentations, and other media that could help us share ideas.

We believe that lifelong learning drives innovation and thought leadership. We equip our readers with ideas that help them learn, think more creatively, and perform more effectively as business consultants and grow their practices.

Guidelines for Contributors

Expertise: We publish content from those with first-hand knowledge of the B2B consulting sector. Our key distinction from thousands of general interest websites is our core focus on BtoB consulting. We don’t require our contributors to be well-known, but you must know a lot about your subject and how it specifically applies to business to business consultants.

Know Our Audience: Articles work when they target our primary audience of small and medium-sized B2B consultants; these consultants are entrepreneurs, rain-makers and business owners. These consultants serve client organizations of all sizes and across all industries. We also serve clients – professionals who hire consultants and want to know the current trends and talent to solve their business problems.

Core Topics: We publish a range of articles, from broad, thought-provoking pieces to focused, specific how-to pieces. Our readers are looking for proven content, so we’re always keen on receiving articles with data supporting business trends and proven consulting strategies. We also welcome success stories and lessons learned via reader-friendly case studies.

Evidence: We want proof to support your assertions, options original data, references to supporting research or representative case studies or experiences.

Utility: Our audience values practical application – not just theories. We strive to help our readers change the way they think and act. Your submission will be more powerful when it helps readers apply your advice to their own situations.

Originality: We try to bring new ways of seeing common challenges. Of course, some topics have been around for a while, but we still seek fresh insights into core consulting challenges and opportunities to ensure readers receive the most current advice and recommendations.

Revision: The best writers anticipate and embrace the editing process. We seek collaborators who are willing to collaborate and revise accordingly to our editorial process and we may ask you to complete several rounds of revisions that will result in a better final submission.

No selling: Submissions must inform our audience on key issues, not sell the author’s products and services. We expect submissions to adhere to standards of accuracy, fairness, and we ask our authors to disclose any personal financial relationships with companies cited in the proposed article. Your article must not be self-promotional (we allow self-promotion in your author biography)

Original: Do not submit articles that have appeared elsewhere. Include proper attribution for all third-party content, including data, quotes, images or other information.

Length and format: We target a word count of between 750-1200 words. We encourage use of subheadings to break up sections, bullet points and lists where appropriate. Paragraphs should have no more than 5 sentences to ensure articles are suited for online reading.

Headlines (Titles). We retain final decision rights on titles. Our editors have experience determining the most compelling titles – for readers, online searchers, and social media followers – and may rewrite your title to help your article gain the visibility that it deserves.

Copyright. Authors shall hold the copyright on any materials published on Consulting 2.0. IMC USA shall have exclusive first rights to publish contributions on the website for 12 months.

After 12 months, authors shall have the right to republish their material on their own websites with the following attribution: “Re-published by permission of IMC USA. First published on” Authors shall have the right to republish their material on any website that is registered in their name (or their company’s name) with attribution; excerpts from published submissions of less than 25 words are permitted for use in marketing efforts.

Compensation: We do not pay guest contributors. However, we allow for a 100 word author biography at the end of each submission which includes a photo headshot and a link to the author’s website.

How to Submit

We prefer that you send us a short pitch before submission of an article so we can give you preliminary feedback; however, we’ll need to receive a full draft before officially accepting a piece—even if we’ve asked you to write it, and even if you’ve written for us before. All submissions are made on spec.

Please submit article ideas to Loraine Huchler, Editor at

Feedback on Submissions. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to all submissions. We sometimes will defer or reject good proposals due to space limitations or because they’re not distinct from other material that we’ve already published.

If we want to publish your material, we will respond–generally within two weeks. If we have not accepted your submission, please submit another idea. If our editors have said no several times, it may mean that your work isn’t a good fit for our audience.

Still have questions or comments? Please email: Loraine Huchler, CMC®, Editor, Consulting 2.0