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Expert Sounding Board
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Get Mentored - IMC USA's Expert Sounding Board

IMC USA’s Expert Sounding Board allows members who are consultants at any experience level to submit their request for help or support from another member consultant.

Whether you need an answer to one or more focused questions about consulting or need short- to longer-term coaching and support on starting and/or growing your practice, IMC USA’s Expert Sounding Board is designed to match you with the resources you need. The Expert Sounding Board is not necessarily a formal mentorship program that requires long-term commitments. Topics our members have asked about include consulting methodologies, technology tools, ethics, client proposals, how to handle specific situations, time management, personal growth, professional development and more.

How it Works

Members may simply login and fill out a request to be connected with an expert consultant, and IMC USA staff and volunteers will match you with an available volunteer expert.

Members who want to volunteer to become mentors may volunteer by filling out the volunteer form. We need experienced CMC members to offer their assistance on a voluntary, non-remunerative basis for a short period for the program to succeed.

For details about the Expert Sounding Board background, purpose, and sample areas of assistance, you can learn more at our Expert Sounding Board detail page.

What Members Say about Mentoring in IMC USA

Over the years IMC USA members have benefited from their association with a group of peers who have become mentors, friends, collaborators, business partners and associates. Here are some of their testimonials to the power of mentorship and the Expert Sounding Board benefit of being a member.

“An unexpected benefit I received as a member IMC USA is the sharing of resources and knowledge by other members. As a new member, I was assigned a mentor through my local chapter. That mentor, a Certified Management Consultant®, gave me advice and specific tools (namely, a client analysis spreadsheet) to become more strategic in my consulting business development. In later years I approached two different Fellows of the Institute of Management Consultants (FIMCs) for help with issues on a proposal and an ethics dilemma. The advice I received helped me grow my practice and continue to expand my skills as a professional consultant to better serve my clients.”

--Jennifer Beever CMC, IMC Southern California Chapter