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Ethics Simulation
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Ethics Simulation #1

Ethical dilemmas can be some of the most sensitive client and personal situations that consultants face in their practices. Differing values, perspectives, rewards, skills and information can produce situations that are complex and without ready answers. Finding alternatives to these dilemmas requires consulting skill and finesse. Our online Ethics Simulations will help you:

  • Gain practice skills and confidence. Through these anonymous online exercises, you will have the opportunity to navigate a difficult hypothetical situation before something similar happens with a client.
  • Apply the IMC USA Code of Ethics (COE). The Code is a set of guidelines to help you make complex decisions when black-and-white answers aren't readily available.
  • Gain immediate feedback for learning purposes. Along with an analysis of candidate solutions, you will receive a score based on your responses that you may print and study. Like the real-life situations they simulate, some questions during the game have best, better and ineffective choices that are scored accordingly on a sliding scale. Hence, you may have a lower score because you selected a less desirable alternative in this particular situation.
  • Be better prepared for your CMC Ethics Written Examination. Over time, the entire code will be covered with case materials to help you better understand the nuances and subtleties behind the IMC USA Code of Ethics.

The Ethics simulation can be accessed by purchasing the product in the IMC USA Online Store.  The item is free to members so before clicking the link below, please make sure you are signed in to receive the item for no cost.

Click Here to purchase the Ethics Simulation in the IMC USA online store. 

For comments, or to learn how to submit your own real-life case, contact Brooks Hilliard CMC.

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