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Find A Consultant

Find A ConsultantUse any of the following 3 (free) ways to find a qualified consultant:

  1. Click the Find A Consultant search button below to find qualified candidates.
  2. Click the Post a Opportunity button below to post a consulting project and have interested consultants contact you.
  3. Ask the IMC USA staff help you identify a consultant.
The expertise of our Members covers most consulting disciplines and includes experience in most industries. IMC does not charge referral payments for any of these services, so there are no financial conflicts of interest with the client, the consultant, or IMC USA.
If you don't want to use our search features or post an opportunity, or you can't find the right type of consultant, you can ask the IMC staff can help you. Please complete the form at the bottom of this page, and IMC will contact you to assist you in finding the right consultant to meet your needs.

Ways to Find a Consultant



Search for a consultant by location, industry experience, technical discipline, certification, or other criteria.

Find a Consultant

More control over who contacts you.
Browse through available consultants and select those you want to contact.
Greater review of qualifications prior to initiating contact.
Takes more time to search.
Consultants you contact may not be interested or available.

Post a consulting opportunity so that qualified and interested consultants contact you.

Post an Opportunity

Less time required to search.

Only interested consultants contact you.

May provide qualified consultants you might otherwise have missed.

Requires a clear statement of your needs and requirements.

Less control over who contacts you.

Ask IMC USA staff to help you identify qualified consultants.

Help you better define your needs and project requirements.

Useful when you can't find the right consultant by searching or posting.

May take longer to locate the right consultant.


IMC USA's objective is to provide hiring managers with the best possible professional management consulting services from our members. All members provide create and maintain their own profiles. IMC is not responsible for the contents of the member profiles, nor does it guarantee the performance of service provided by its members.

Use this form to request help from IMC USA staff to identify qualified consultants.

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