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Monday, October 21, 2013

8:45 - 10:00 AM

Opening Keynote Address - Growing Your Practice With Little and Big Ideas
Somers White, CPAE, FIMC
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Somers White, FIMC, CMC, CPAE, will be the Keynote Speaker. He comes with a breadth and depth of over 40 years of experience helping companies and individual Management Consultants to GROW their businesses. Somers pre-conference interviews with your peers will set the stage for his presentation.

Some areas covered in his session are:

  • Leveraging Your Time • Leveraging by Follow-up
  • Leveraging Your Marketing • Leveraging with New Ideas
  • Leveraging with Understanding Clients

Somers has had numerous CMCs, FIMCs, and CPAEs (members of the Speaker Hall of Fame) as individual clients. He has consulted, coached and spoken professionally in all 50 states and on 6 continents. A graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Business School, he was an Arizona State Senator. Among his clients, he lists IBM, Shell, Eli Lilly, Microsoft, Hilton, Chevron, Washington Post, RE/MAX Intl, John Deere, AT&T, MetLife, VISA, Fidelity, HP, and PNC Bank. He has taken the "Best Practices” and shown individual Management Consultants how to use them.

10:30 – Noon (Concurrent Session - Workshop)

Improving At the Table: Negotiation Skills for Consultants
Dr. Joshua N. Weiss

Do you find yourself negotiating with prospective clients and feeling as though they are in complete control with you having to accept whatever terms are put in front of you? Do you often find that there is a big gap between what you want and what the client is willing to pay? Well, you are not alone, but it does not have to be this way!

This session is designed to help consultants who are constantly negotiating with clients and other vendors related to their services. When you attend this session you will come away understanding the challenge GROW! FEATURED Sessions of negotiation differently, thinking of all the things that bring value to you in a negotiation, and learning to highlight the value added that you bring to a negotiation and how that changes the power differential.

About the speaker: Dr. Joshua N. Weiss
Dr. Joshua N. Weiss is a negotiation expert and the co-founder of the Global Negotiation Initiative at Harvard University. He received his Ph.D. from the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University in 2002. Dr. Weiss has spoken and published on Negotiation, Mediation, and systemic approaches to dealing with conflict. In his current capacity, he conducts research, consults with many different types of organizations, delivers negotiation and mediation trainings and courses, and engages in negotiation and mediation at the organizational, corporate, governmental, and international levels.

Dr. Weiss is the creator of a number of innovative products that use the power of present day technology to convey negotiation skills to a broad audience. In addition to teaching numerous synchronous and asynchronous courses and trainings over the web, he has developed two products of note. The first is the Negotiation Tip of the Week (NTOW) podcast. The second is the Negotiator In You audiobook and eBook series. The NTOW was in the top 100 iTunes Business Podcasts from 2007 to 2010 and was downloaded over 2 million times during that period. The Negotiator In You series was published in January 2012 and was in the iTunes top audiobook category for two months and has been on the top 100 Self Development books since that time.

10:30 - Noon (Concurrent Session - Workshop)

Authoritative Branding for Management Consultants
How management consultants can forge and leverage an online thought leadership role
Grant Goodwin

As a management consultant you are constantly guiding and advising your clients, using your knowledge, experience and expertise. Are you doing this online? If not, your online presence is falling short. It’s an insufficient representation of your true value: your ability to teach, support, clarify and guide.

What if you could capture the answer to every client question and publish it online? What if every searcher looking for those answers found your content? In this seminar workshop you will learn that the real opportunity online is not to "market” or "sell” yourself, but simply to teach – and that in your role as a management consultant, this opportunity can be leveraged in many powerful ways.

Tailored specifically for management consultants, this interactive 90 minute session will show you exactly how thought leaders can take what they do every day and use it to develop an effective online presence. In this session you will then be shown the over-arching strategy that all management consultants should follow in building and growing an online presence. Finally, you will be engaged in a highly interactive workshop where you will begin to develop the mentality, skills and materials necessary to differentiate yourself online.

In this 90 minute session, you will learn:

  • How to leverage your knowledge and experience to differentiate your services online.
  • How to control your appearance on search engines and provide a strategic user experience to your target audience.
  • How to leverage educational content, and your online presence, across all facets of your business
  • How an Authoritative brand makes it easy for people to refer you to clients
  • How to steer a path toward a professional speaking career and online content sales model
  • Where social media really fits in for management consultants.
    Workshop Session:
  • How to create and edit researcher-friendly content
  • How to control your appearance on search engines and provide the desired user experience for your targeted audience

  • How to leverage educational content, and your online presence, across all facets of your company

About the speaker: Grant Goodwin:
Grant Goodwin is a serial entrepreneur based in Kingston, Canada. In 2001, he helped launch, an online education network and content sales business. Still operating today, this online business assists thousands of post-secondary students each year with its interactive tutoring and content businesses.

From BrainMass, a marketing research firm was spun that provided ad agency clients with access to a global network of 2500 experts. This "knowledge brokering” model met the intense needs of advertising agencies and Fortune 500 clients, as they sought clarity and competitive advantages through previously unseen insights.

In 2010, Grant and his partners started All Roads, Inc. as a response to the many requests they were receiving from senior executives and professionals about how to manage their search and social network visibility.

Grant’s goals for himself and his business are aligned: They aim to make the credible, experienced and knowledgable leaders of the business world more visible online. He is the creator of, an online assessment tool and recommendation engine that evaluates the credibility, visibility and readiness of individuals as it relates to personal online branding.

12:30-1:15 PM (Luncheon Keynote)

Time and Tides: How Demographics Will Change Your Consulting Practice and Your Life
Joyce Gioia-Herman CMC, CSP

Markets shift, times change, and, if we are to survive as entrepreneurs and consultants we need to beaware of the rising and falling tides, and adjust our practices accordingly. In the immediate futurewe will see our contacts and clients retire---and a new wave of leaders fill the roles of decision makers.Joyce Gioia-Herman, internationally recognized workforce futurist, will share what to expect, and whatyou will need to do differently to capitalize on these changes. The new generations coming into powerwill change the world. Are you prepared for the future?

Learn about:

  • How the shifts in demography will affect the professional services industry, your clients,and other aspects of your life
  • How the next generation of decision makers will find you, and who they will want to hire
  • How the next generation of decision makers will find you, and who they want to hire
  • What you can do not only to survive, but to thrive and capitalize on these changes.

This is a session you can’t afford to miss!

About the speaker: Joyce Gioia-Herman

A self-described Strategic Business Futurist, Joyce is considered an expert on the future of the workforce and workplace. She has served clients in 46 states and on six continents. Last April, USA TODAY named Joyce their First Road Warrior of the Year. She is a sought-after speaker, who is often quoted in the national media, including Inc., Entrepreneur, Business Week, The Christian Science Monitor and The Wall Street Journal. With an MBA from Fordham University, she is a Certified Management Consultant who is regularly called upon to speak for association and corporate conferences. With her late partner IMC Fellow Roger Herman, Joyce was co-author of the bestselling business books, How to Become an Employer of Choice and Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People.

1:30 – 3:00 PM (Concurrent Session - Workshop)

From Good to Guru Part 2: How to Market Yourself as a Thought-Leader
Vickie Sullivan

Massive content marketing on the internet has made information free and plentiful. Slick websites and case studies make anyone look like a competent expert. How can consultants rise above this avalanche of good ideas? By becoming a thought leader -- someone that the market looks to for answers; someone the market perceives to have a valuable point of view. Unfortunately, consultants need more than good case studies before the market recognizes them as a go-to expert.

Market strategist, Vickie Sullivan, demystifies the latest trends to explain why some consultants are seen as visionaries (and why some aren’t). She will also provide her secret recipe for launching thought leaders who get the high-end consulting and speaking opportunities. Fasten your seat belt for this interactive session where you will learn:

  • How the marketplace decides who is a thought leader and who isn’t (A hint: your track record is just the beginning).
  • Four ways you can become a thought leader
  • Three things every prominent thought leader has
  • Three points of view that establish you as a one-of-a-kind expert
  • A formula that creates compelling thought-leading content for speeches, media interviews and sales conversations

About the speaker: Vickie Sullivan

Vickie Sullivan is internationally recognized as the top market strategist for experts. Specializing in branding for high-fee markets, she has launched thousands of thought leaders since 1987.

Vickie’s groundbreaking work has earned her an appointment on the Women’s Leadership Board for the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. In that capacity, she has presented three times to the student body there on personal branding and prominence. Her market intelligence updates are distributed throughout the U.S. as well as 17 other countries.

1:30 - 3:00 PM (Concurrent Session - Workshop)

Being A Trusted Advisor
Andrea P. Howe

Trust is the one truly sustainable competitive advantage in business, yet all too often it is overlooked, ignored, or misunderstood. Andrea P. Howe, a career consultant and co-author of The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook, has studied and taught the art and science of being a Trusted Advisor for the last seven years, and in doing so has gained a true appreciation for how Trusted Advisorship fundamentally changes the nature and results of client relationships. In this session you’ll develop a deeper understanding of human behavior, learn tools needed to listen and interpret client wants, and see new ways to distinguish yourself as a safe haven for tough issues.


  • Increase confidence and leadership capabilities
  • Significantly improve client relationships
  • Instill a long-term, sustainable framework for building trust that translates into bottom line results

About the speaker: Andrea P. Howe
Andrea P. Howe is the co-author, with Charles H. Green, of The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Leading with Trust. She is the founderand President of BossaNova Consulting Group and also a lead consultant for Trusted Advisor Associates.

A veteran consultant, seminar leader and speaker, Howe specializes in serving global professional services firms. She addresses strategic topics such as customer intimacy, client loyalty, the dynamics of influence, dealing with conflict, and developing business with trust.

Described by clients as pragmatic, engaging and real, Howe shares with her audiences a rich and diverse toolkit to increase trustworthiness in any stakeholder relationship

3:30 - 4:30 PM (Keynote)

Overpromise and Overdeliver: How to Design a Brand Competitive Advantage that Separates You from Every Other Consulting or Professional Services Firm
Rick Barrera

Based on his bestselling book, this program will show you how to radically differentiate your brand – by designing and delivering extraordinary customer experiences that instantly differentiate your company.

You will learn:

  • How to identify the critical TouchPoints that matter most to clients, and how to ensure that each critical TouchPoint Overdelivers on your Overpromise
  • What cutting-edge firms in a variety of industries are doing to create breakaway brands with a fraction of the typical investment
  • How to keep customers passionately involved with your company and brand, and much more

About the speaker: Rick Barrera
Rick Barrera is a nationally acclaimed speaker, marketing consultant and author, known throughout the Fortune 500 for his extraordinary speaking events and his unique approach to brand building. His research on the strategies used by breakthrough brands will change your thinking about marketing forever.

He has more than 20 years of in-the-trenches experience helping hundreds of companies re-design their systems and implement a holistic approach to serving customers. His impressive client list includes Intel, IBM, Abbott Labs, AutoZone, Bayer, Caterpillar, Merrill Lynch and Verizon. Rick’s previous books include Non-Manipulative Selling, Dollars and Sense of Exceptional Service Delivery and Collaborative Selling.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

9:00 - 9:45 AM (Keynote Address)

The Leverage for Transformation: Mental Models
Dr. Charlotte Roberts
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Many of our clients were forced into some form of transformation to survive the recession. In so many ways, they have changed their thinking about their business. And, their competitors also have a different paradigm, together unconsciously transforming the industry. We only need to look at healthcare or news media as stark examples of inside, outside, upside down change which is still in progress.

Consultants are asked to provide a different point of view in the form of expertise or observations. How well do you help your clients surface and test their mental models, especially while they are trying to find their path to survival and sustainability? How well do you challenge your clients’ business models? How skilled are your clients in testing their own thinking in good and bad times?

Having our clients think about their thinking is tricky business. It can be a messy process. They lose patience. They don’t want to change their current model. In our time together, we will look at:

  • The primary components of mental models
  • A consultant’s process for surfacing and testing mental models with clients
  • A real case of transformation
  • Making the turn to organizational development for leaders at the right time

Be ready to have your models challenged!

About the speaker: Dr. Charlotte Roberts
Dr. Charlotte Roberts is an executive consultant, speaker and writer who focuses on executives and executive teams’ ability to continuously challenge their current level of performance and lead their organizations’ sustainability and competitiveness.

Charlotte is co-author of two cutting-edge leadership books with her colleagues Peter Senge, Art Kleiner, Rick Ross, Bryan Smith and George Roth. The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Strategies and Tools for Building a Learning Organization (1994) is a practical guidebook used for creating an enduring competitive advantage. Over a million copies have sold worldwide. Their second Fieldbook, The Dance of Change: The Challenges of Sustaining Momentum in Learning Organizations (1999) maps a pathway to sustaining system-wide change beyond the leadership team’s personal drive and commitment.

10:30 - Noon (Workshop)

The Accountability Advantage
Todd Mcdonald

Saying, I’ll Own It to clients means you are now on the line for agreed upon results or, you are accountable. Having a process that elevates your accountability with clients can mean the difference between offering one-time technical events to engaging clients in on-going strategic solutions. This session will begin by defining consultant credibility, cover ways to eliminate the two anxieties of any consulting/change initiative and introduce a four-part Accountability Advantage process to maximize engagement, performance and results. The end result is for you to say I’ll Own It many more times in your future.


10:30 - Noon (Workshop)

The Client’s View of You
David Zahn

As professional counselors, advisors and consultants, you work hard to hone your skills and refine the techniques that you apply to client situations. However, do you remember what it feels like to be a client? This session will review: how clients decide when to use a consultant; how they select consultants; their views on fees; what they think about managing consultants; and how they evaluate consultants.

About the speaker: David Zahn David
is an experienced businessman, consultant and sales person. He is also multi-talented with a diverse background in instructional design, an author and media guest.

A frequent contributor to industry publications (INC, Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, Training Development, BrandWeek among others), web-based magazines (,, www.toiletpaperentrepreneur. com, etc..), and numerous regional, national and internet business radio interview shows as well as being a three-time book author (The Quintessential Guide To Using Consultants, How to Succeed As An Independent Consultant, 4th Ed, and Train to Gain, Not Remain.), a weekly columnist for four daily newspapers and provider of quotes on industry issues, he provides thought leadership and perspective on issues that appeal to multiple industries.

12:30 - 1:15 PM (Keynote Address)

Achieving Accelerated Growth with Sustained Profitability®
Aldonna Ambler CMC, CSP
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Her Keynote: Chronic problems faced by consulting firms and their clients - Ambler shares examples from her own extraordinary journey and proven concepts that have helped her firm’s clients triple gross revenue while only doubling operating costs. Learn why AAGWSP is the basis of due diligence for THE SERVICE INDUSTRY FUND, Inc. that has been successfully financing the growth of service firms for 16 years. Hear how the AAGWSP has helped drive resilient growth of Ambler’s own service firms across 4 recessions.

About the speaker: Aldonna Ambler

Known as The Growth Strategist®, Aldonna R. Ambler, CMC, CSP has won over 2 dozen national and state level Entrepreneur of the Year awards recognizing the growth and resilience of her businesses across 4 recessions. Her journey, which started as a solo practice…grew into a boutique firm…accelerated into a multi-office international company…involved an ESOP and adding complementary service firms…then establishing a holding company for multiple firms with different facilitate succession and ease of sale/exit/retirement (when the time comes).

1:30 - 3:00 PM (Concurrent Session - Workshop)

Find It, Sell It, Deliver It: Successful Business Models for Consultants
Aldonna Ambler CMC, CSP

Her workshop: Has your business model evolved with advances in technology, globalization, economic uncertainty, and increased client expectations? Centralized or decentralized? Specialists or Generalists? Marketing led or Sales led? Single or Multiple revenue streams? Multiple businesses? Speeches as marketing or a revenue stream? Partners, subcontractors, licensees? Service/Product mix, In person/on line. Learn and share techniques to determine where your business model is headed… while increasing your capacity to help your clients navigate their journey as well. This session reminds us that we are never stuck with a business model.

1:30 - 3:00 PM (Workshop)

Ethics as a Powerful Value Added Consulting Service
Mark Haas CMC, FIMC

Even against a backdrop of increasingly numerous and highly publicized ethical breaches by management consultants, we have a great opportunity to not only just do right by our clients, but use our integrity and consulting skills to actually enhance their ethical culture and practices.

Both on the front pages of the newspaper and on TV, management consultants are rightfully tagged with conflict of interest, receiving kickbacks, disclosing client proprietary data and creative bookkeeping. Our value decreases because clients question our independence and objectivity, regardless of our technical skills and experience.Both as individuals and as a profession, we can consult with integrity if we actively pursue a two-part strategy. First is a good defense, in which we more vigorously discuss the role of professionalism, ethics and integrity in our delivery of services. Second is a good offense. Our clients face many of the same ethical challenges we do but are rarely prepared to respond.


  • Appreciate why clients increasingly see consultants as unethical
  • Understand what ethical responsibilities are most important to your clients
  • Hear where other consultants are finding the most dangerous ethical landmines
  • Learn how to leverage the IMC USA Code of Ethics to build client rapport
  • Develop a strategy to deliver ethics as a value-added client service

About the speaker: Mark Haas
Mark Haas is President of Research and Organization Management, a strategy development and performance management consulting firm based in Bethesda, MD. He advises executives and Boards on how to build capacity and better execute against mission, with an emphasis on science, technology and R&D centric organizations and progressive nonprofits. He also facilitates high-visibility sessions ranging from WWIV military strategy and recovery from nuclear terrorism to STEM education and national health security strategy.

He is a Certified Management Consultant, a Fellow of IMC USA, author of Daily Tips for Consultants, an expert witness, speaker, former lead Baldrige quality examiner, and advisor to national technical and professional bodies. He holds degrees in biology from Colgate University and planning from Harvard University.

3:30 - 4:30 PM (Concurrent Session - Closing Keynote Address)

Good to Great to Awesome: Secrets to Successfully Wooing Your Audience
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
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Great presentation skills are no longer a nice skill to have. They are the difference between business life and death. No matter if your audience is one, one hundred, or one thousand there is no better way to gain a competitive advantage than being a powerfully persuasive presenter. If your goal is to successfully woo your audience, your conversations and presentations must have:

  • Strong Structure
  • Compelling Openings
  • Emotional Connection
  • Memorable Stories
  • Laser Sharp Specificity

If you are a novice or advanced presenter you are guaranteed you will learn how to improve all your presentations. This will be an action-packed, content-rich, audience-involving presentation.

About the speaker: Patricia Fripp
Our keynote speaker is Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE Is a CPAE Hall of Fame speaker, business presentation expert, sales presentation skills trainer, and highly sought-after executive speech coach. Named "One of the 10 most electrifying speakers in North America” by Meetings and Conventions magazine, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance wrote, "The sixth best investment in you is to attend a Patricia Fripp speaking school.” Companies and executives who want powerful, persuasive presentation skills that ensure them a competitive edge call Patricia Fripp! She delights and entertains audiences while delivering practical, personalized content and consistently exceeds client expectations. Patricia Fripp was the first female President of the National Speakers Association and a partner in World Champions Edge coaching community with four Toastmaster International World Champions. Patricia is the author of Make It, So You Don’t Have to Fake It!, and Get What You Want! and co-author of Speaker’s Edge, Speaking Secrets of the Masters, and Insights into Excellence.

4:15 - 5:15 PM

Magical Moments
Conference Co-Chairs, Dr. Gayle Carson CMC and Mark Snow

The important part of any conference is implementation. This is the time when we will gather and have people share the best pieces of information received from the sessions and the highlights they feel will make a difference in their practice in the coming 12 months. Come and be prepared to share with fellow attendees so that you can take action on key points upon your return.