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IMC DFW Practice Development Workshop #17 - Managing Clients' Expectations
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IMC Dallas/Fort Worth

Practice Development Workshop


Last presented:
May 5, 2010

Next scheduled:
May 2, 2012

Managing Clients' Expectations

Workshop Focus
Learn from experts, stay current, exchange ideas, and share your expertise.

A crucial mistake consultants make is to focus too much on selling their clients, while failing to think ahead. Some of them end up in "missions impossible:" client expectations exceed what the consultant could possibly deliver, and engagements are ultimately considered failures even though the consultant may have made valuable contributions and achieved strong results.

Successful consulting engagements require effectively managing client expectations right from the start. This month's workshop will teach you the right approach throughout the selling process and beyond, discussing important aspects such as:

  • Building initial rapport
  • Identifying & setting expectations
  • Resolving scope conflicts

Workshop Facilitator - Kathy Mast

Kathy collaborates with C-level executives of global companies to achieve a sustainable advantage by solving complex business problems with strategies for future-focused innovation and enhanced returns on I/T investments and innovation. As an executive and consultant working in global companies, Kathy has witnessed, firsthand, the transitions that occur as innovation and technology become an integrated part of everyday business. She’s learned what great leaders and exemplary employees do differently in times of change. She has an Executive MBA degree from SMU. Kathy currently serves on the Associate Board of the Cox School of Business at SMU and the membership committee of IMC.

Networking: 7:15 - 7:30 am
Program: 7:30 - 9:00 am
Cost per session: $25 for members, $35 for non-members 
$10 discount for registration 2 or more business days in advance
(includes continental breakfast; please bring cash or check)

Session 17 of 24
Successful Consulting
Why clients engage; aligning to market needs
Laying The Foundation Defining your services
Legal Issues of Consulting Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, Corp.
Expanding Your Consultancy Partners; Subcontractors; Virtual Partners; Joint Ventures
Creating Value for Clients Value; fair pricing; 'selling' your pricing
Marketing Your Consultancy I Client & market segmentation; identifying prospects
Marketing Your Consultancy II Brand building and consistent marketing strategy
Marketing Your Consultancy III Collateral, newsletter, web presence; budgets
Marketing Your Consultancy IV Networking and referrals; professional memberships
Marketing Through The Web Websites & search engines; blogging
Attention Grabbing Communications Speaking; press releases; media coverage
The IMC Code of Ethics I Integrity; confidentiality; conflicts of interest; etc.
Consulting Contracts & Proposals Roles; winning proposals; legal aspects
Selling Consulting Services I Economic buyers; selling process; cold calls
Selling Consulting Services II Closing the deal; dealing with problem clients
Selling Consulting Services III Selling to large corporations & senior buyers
Managing Clients' Expectations Initial rapport; expectations; resolving scope conflicts
Managing Your Resources Effectively using your time, finances and energy
Improving Your Strategic Agility How to seize an opportunity to interest a buyer
Writing & Publishing for Success Writing case studies & articles; book publishing
Effective Client Analysis Profiling; client management; referral requests
Asset Based Consulting Practice Building assets; productizing; valuing for resale
How to Become A CMC Process; certification requirements
The IMC Code of Ethics II Integrity; confidentiality; conflicts of interest


We invite you to join us if you are new to the consulting business, wanting to learn how to effectively ramp up your practice, an established consultant, looking to stay current with state-of-the-art methods and to exchange ideas about new practices, or an experienced practitioner, willing to share your expertise on how to maximize your consulting success.

The Practice Development Workshop series is designed to cover all aspects of managing a successful consulting practice. You can attend only some of the workshops or join us for the whole series

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