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May, 2009 Annual Conference
The New England Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants Spring, 2009 Conference...


Trends and Tools in Management Consulting to Navigate in 2009 and Beyond

Tuesday, May 5th
Hult International Business School
One Education Street
Cambridge, MA

Stay tuned for a recap of this conference....

Conference Sessions

Charging Up Your Marketing and Sales: A Strategic Look at Brand, Lead Generation, and Business Development for Consulting Practices
Mike Schultz, President
Wellesley Hills Group

Ready to grow your practice despite a tough environment? Mike Schultz, President of Wellesley Hills Group, Publisher of RainToday, and author of Professional Services Marketing (Wiley, 2009) will share with us the keys to charging up and getting the most out of your marketing and sales efforts.

  • What you really need to know to build your brand and differentiate yourself and your services
  • Three key business outcomes of marketing for consulting firms
  • From big to small – how to take what large firms do well and apply it to your practice
  • How to avoid the common marketing and sales mistakes consultants make
  • Hot-off-the-presses data from the benchmark research study How Clients Buy: 2009 Benchmark Report on Professional Services Marketing and Selling from the Client Perspective

Mike Schultz is world-renowned as a consultant and expert in servicesmarketing, branding, and rainmaking. Co-author of the book Professional Services Marketing (Wiley, 2009), Mike is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker, delivering dozens of keynotes each year in-house for clients and at leading industry conferences.

Mike is also Publisher of, the world's foremost publication and membership site for insight, advice, and tools for growing a service business.

News outlets such as Business Week, Inc. Magazine, Boston Herald, and others have featured Mike's original articles and white papers, and frequently quote him as an expert. Mike’s most recent research work includes Making Lead Generation Work for Professional Services, Benchmark Report on Fees and Pricing in Professional Services, and How Clients Buy: The Benchmark Report on Marketing and Selling Professional Services.

Mike has written over 100 articles, case studies, research reports, books, and other publications in the areas of marketing and selling for professional services, writes the Services Insider Blog, and produces the Marketing and Selling Professional Services Podcast.


Track A: The Big Picture – Understanding the Trends That Matter
Trends and Activities for Service Providers to Thrive, not Just Survive

Steve Snyder, Entrepreneur-in-Residence
Gesmer Updegrove LLP

In a challenging business environment, what are some of the trends upon which service providers can capitalize to support both their clients and their own businesses? What are clients demanding from us, and how do we respond accordingly? What are the key trends and requirements that we can replicate across our client base to stand apart from others? This session will explore how service providers – consultants, accountants, bankers, insurance providers, attorneys – can best provide services that matter to entrepreneurial companies.

Steve Snyder is Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the law firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP, working with the Firm's clients to create growth strategies and find new ways to impact both their top and bottom lines. He uses more than 20 years of experience in financing, strategic partnership, acquisition and public companies to help companies grow. Prior to joining Gesmer Updegrove, Steve was the Vice President of Business Development at AmeriVault Corp., a leader in online data backup services, Chief Operating Officer of Sowles Trauring, a large regional health care services organization, President of Centerstone Software, a facility management software company and Chief Operating Officer of Software Partners, a storage management software company. He began his career as a practicing corporate and securities attorney and was a founding partner of O'Connor, Broude, Snyder & Aronson.

Track B: Implementation – Hands-On Tactics for Supporting Your Business
Generating Client Leads Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Jill Whalen, CEO
High Rankings

More than ever before, companies and executives go online in their search for professional service providers. And in a tight economy, the competition for a limited number of leads is as fierce as ever. Those professionals who can be easily found via Google and other search engines will the ones who benefit most.

In this detailed session, nationally recognized SEO pioneer, Jill Whalen, offers tips, advice and information that you can put to use immediately, to increase your web site’s ranking and visibility in popular search engines. Drawing on her 15 years of search engine work with hundreds of clients across dozens of industries, Ms. Whalen will explain what matters – and what doesn’t – in search engine rankings.

Jill Whalen is the CEO of High Rankings, one of the pre-eminent SEO companies in the US. Since 1995, Jill has worked with hundreds of clients in more than 40 industries to enhance their presence through proven and dynamic search engine strategies that lead to increased traffic, more conversions and enhanced sales. Jill is the founder of the popular High Rankings SEO Forum and the host of the High Rankings Advisor search marketing newsletter. Jill also leads the High Rankings SEO training classes and website marketing workshops in which attendees gain a soup-to-nuts perspective of how to maximize SEO for their organizations.


Track A: The Big Picture – Understanding the Trends That Matter
Green Organizations… A Guide to Building Value and Competitiveness in any Economy
Glenn Bachman, President
Raven Business Group

What’s the proven business case(s) underlying the decision to “go green?” Does “greening” your client’s organization make good business sense? How should you go about transforming an organization into a green business?

Green (AKA Sustainable) businesses are generating a lot of buzz these days, and for good reason. But is it right for your clients? And furthermore, does it make sense in a down economy?

In this session, 30-year environmental and management consultant Glenn Bachman outlines the characteristics of green organizations, examines how greening an enterprise can improve competitiveness, and describes the principles and techniques used to help any organization go through the transition of becoming green.

Glenn Bachman CMC, AICP has served clients in New England, California and the Pacific Northwest. He is founder and President of Raven Business Group, which specializes in environmental assessment, strategic planning and sustainability reporting as frameworks for improving organizational performance. Glenn is the author of The Green Business Guide: A One Stop Resource for Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes to Implement Eco-Friendly Policies, Programs and Practices. He recently conducted a Green Your Business class through the University of Massachusetts and regularly speaks to organizations and associations. For more information on Glenn and his company’s services, click:

Track B: Implementation – Hands-On Tactics for Supporting Your Business
Influencing Your Audience… How to Craft Messages with Impact
Ken O'Quinn, Principal
Writing With Clarity

As professionals, we need to write messages that persuade – proposals that sell; requests that are met; arguments that overcome resistance. It’s an essential part of the work we do and yet a skill that is rarely taught in high school, college or MBA programs.

This practical session explores the “psychology of influence,” and offers experience-tested tactics for helping others see your point of view and respond to your requests. Success in this area requires much more than "please" and "thank you".

Session highlights include:
  • How to open when writing to a resistant or indifferent audience
  • Understanding the role of credibility in being persuasive; how to improve your own credibility
  • Using proven principles of social psychology to help others accept your point of view
Ken O'Quinn, Principal of Writing With Clarity, is a corporate writing coach whose clients include Chevron, Visa, Campbell's Soup, UPS, John Deere, Raytheon, Reebok, and Fidelity Investments. He previously had a long journalism career with the Associated Press. He is the author of Perfect Phrases for Business Letters (McGraw-Hill), and his writing has appeared in the Boston Globe, the Harvard Management Communication Letter, and the Journal of Employee Communication Management. He is a frequent speaker at national conferences.

The Effects of the Digitization of Media on Marketers and Media Outlets, or “What Keeps Me Up at Night”
Michael Olivieri, Publisher
Boston Business Journal
Business models are changing and how we make money is different than ever before.   The digitization of media has had an impact on everything from talent sets and skills development to the types of competitors we’re up against in marketplace.  With forty-nine percent of each waking day spent consuming media, we’ve become a population of scanners.  Mike Olivieri will talk about the impact of digitization on consumption, marketing and media companies in this thought-provoking keynote address.

Mike Olivieri has been with American City Business Journals for 15 years.  American City owns and operates local business journals in 41 cities in the United States.  In addition to being Publisher of the Boston Business Journal, Mike is also responsible for publishing Mass High Tech, The Journal of New England Technology. They are the region’s leading source of business and technology news, reaching more than 150,000 business and technology executives each week.  Mike, the BBJ and MHT actively support numerous local charities believing that a healthy community is an important ingredient for a strong business climate.

Mike has lived in Massachusetts for 28 years and is a graduate of UMass-Lowell. He serves on numerous local non-profit boards including Junior Achievement of Eastern Massachusetts, AccesSport America, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, and YMCA of Greater Boston. Mike also serves on the advisory board of the College of Science at UMass-Lowell.

When Mike is not working he can be found running on the Charles River.  Mike has completed 9 marathons including the Marine Corp Marathon, New York Marathon, Boston Marathon, and California International Marathon.


Track A: The Big Picture – Understanding the Trends That Matter
Selling and Consulting to Global Clients
Christine Spira, Principal
Partnering Consultants

How do the needs of global companies differ from those of national organizations? What are global companies looking for from professional service providers? What are the biggest mistakes made by consultants and others as they move up to the global economy?

Speaker Christine Spira has spent 15 years serving clients across North/South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South Africa. In this fast-paced session, she’ll answer these and other questions, and explain what it takes to thrive in the expanding global marketplace.

Christine Spira, PMP, Founder and Principal of Partnering Consultants, has over fifteen years of experience in consulting and managing projects. The company focus has been on consumer product companies, pharmaceutical and biotech firms and the types of projects include SAP Implementations, New Product introductions and Strategic Change initiatives. Christine is a DDI certified facilitator, has her PMP Certification through the Project Management Institute and teaches for Boston University CEC programs.

Track B: Implementation – Hands-On Tactics for Supporting Your Business
“Blue Ocean Strategy”… Innovating in a Down Economy
Jennifer von Briesen, Founder
Frontier Strategy

W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne’s ground-breaking business book, Blue Ocean Strategy, has been published in over 41 languages and sold over two million copies worldwide. Based on the principle of creating new market space – a “blue ocean” – as opposed to trying to outperform the existing competition, the book draws on examples as diverse as Southwest Airlines, Curves and Cirque du Soleil.

In this hands-on session, strategy management consultant and certified Blue Ocean Strategy practitioner, Jennifer von Briesen, will explain how this approach can help your clients remain innovative and growth-focused, regardless of the current economic situation. Ms. von Briesen will also demonstrate the Strategy Canvas, a multi-purpose visual tool for consultants to help clients recognize opportunities, agree on change priorities, and mobilize for implementation.

Jennifer von Briesen, CMC, MBA, PMP has been a strategy management consultant for 14 years building her career at Boston-based consultancies ADVENTIS and BCG spin-off, Alliance Consulting Group. She founded Frontier Strategy in 2003 ( to help clients find and pursue new growth frontiers, launch products and services beyond their core businesses, and build the processes, organizations, and systems needed for continuous innovation. Jennifer has consulted to CEOs and senior executives at small companies as well as many leading firms including DuPont, Syngenta, Experian, Symantec, Infosys, AT&T, Bell Canada, T-Mobile, Sprint, GM, Philips, and Gillette.

Demystifying  Innovation Breakthroughs: Key ingredients to make your own Innovation Breakthroughs
Dr. Hitendra Patel, Managing Director of the IXL Center & Chair of the Innovation and Growth Program
Hult International Business School

Our cutting edge research of over a hundred innovation breakthroughs across industries, geographies and cultures reveals a simple framework describing key elements of innovation breakthroughs.   Whether it is Minute Clinic, Zipcar, eBay or Apple, all breakthroughs:
  • Take advantage of at least two macro-trends
  • Serve basic human needs
  • Have a simple and often classic business model
  • Build barriers to entry through a system of small changes across the value chain
Learn what makes an innovation a ‘breakthrough’, and how you can help your clients apply this framework to create innovation breakthroughs to increase their market advantage.  Gain access to our database of innovation breakthroughs and case studies, and soon to be published book on Demystifying Innovation Breakthroughs.

Hitendra Patel is Director of the Center for Innovation, Excellence and Leadership and Professor of Innovation and Growth at the Hult International Business School. He was a senior leader and co-founder of Monitor Group’s Innovation Practice and was responsible for Asia and Latin America. Before Monitor, Hitendra was a senior manager at Arthur D Little. As a management consultant, Hitendra has made lasting impact with all types of companies by helping them identify new engines for growth and develop their own capacity to innovate.

Prior to consulting, Hitendra worked at Motorola in the portable energy space and is the owner of six patents. He is also a founder of various venture-backed companies.

Dr. Patel has a MBA from Kellogg School of Management, a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Iowa State University.

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