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IMC USA San Diego Chapter Past Speakers

Presentations Made To
The San Diego Chapter of IMC USA
On Developing Your Consulting Practice 


  • January:  Live Locally, Consult Globally: Expanding Your Practice - Ask Clint Burdett CMC, Oliver Matar CMC, John Bryan DBA CMC and David Chaudron PhD (video webinar for IMC USA members)
  • February: Mark Long on Accelerating Innovation
  • March: Shawn Parr An Uncommon Sense Fourmula for Disruptive Innovation
  • April: Business Intelligence Dinner Meeting with AITP
  • May: Advanced Topics - Intellectual Property (Chris Witt) , Webinars (Clint Burdett CMC), Opportunities (John Bryan CMC)
  • July: Patrick Russell: Self Publishing - Getting Your Ebook on Amazon (Contact Patrick for a copy)



  • November: Who Can Lead Us Out of This? Lessons from Post-conflict Leadership for Cconomic Recovery by John Bryan, DBA, CMC®
  • September: IMC SD: The Future of Strategy & Decision-Making: Predictive Analytics Checkers or Chess by Bill Swanson
  • July: Building BRAND YOU: HOW to Attract Clients That Value Your Brilliance by David Lecours (presentation)
  • June: Market Your Practice by Building Your Referral Network by John Rodolff
  • May: Sherri Petro on Work With Me! Leveraging Multi-Generational Knowledge for Results (presentation download) Link to Sherri's  VPI Strategies micro-site in case you run into organizations where generational issues are surfacing and are unsure of what solutions to recommend.
  • April: Don McNamara CMC on "Getting Past No” - The JanuaryConsultant’s Guide on How to Handle Objections, Rebuttals, Pushback and Other Forms of Client Refusal (presentation download)
  • March: Bryan Lubic on IMC SD: The Search for Talent: Uncovering the Hidden Value of Internships
  • February:  Joe Sterling on Going Virtual - What Works (presentation download, 8/10 Orange County version)


  • November: Bob Philips on Creating Effective Web Marketing Strategies For Consultants
  • October: Rich Mayhew on Negotiating from the Consultant’s Perspective
  • September: Maureen Orey, M.Ed, CPLP on Even a Duck Can Drown! The Keys to Building Your Resilience in Difficult Times
  • July: Patrick H. Davis MSW on Consulting: Addressing Multi-generational Diversity in the Workplace
    June: Sue Stevenson on The Consultant’s Brain and the Client’s Brain: New Neuroscience Discoveries that Can Help Us to Improve Our Combined Thinking
  • May: Carey Lampel on How to Use IRS Codes to Your Advantage: Tax Planning Strategies for Consultants
  • April: Victoria Garcia on Selling for People Who Don’t Like Sales
  • March: Milo Shapiro on Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!
  • February: Amy Berger on Web 2.0 (Link to her presentation slides)
  • January: Todd Greenwood on A Consultant's Opportunity: The Silver Lining amid a Storm of Global Economic Uncertainty


  • November: Rachel Fischer on Engagements with Government Agencies (PowerPoint)
  • October: Jack Gilbert on The Role of Ethics in Consulting to Executives and Senior Managers (Jack Gilbert Presentation.pdf)
  • September: Stephen Haines on State of the Art Best Practices Research Report: Strategic and Systems Thinking: The Systems Thinking Approach®
  • July: Roundtable Discussion Immediate Issues & Challenges Now Affecting You, Your Consulting Practice & Sales Revenue
  • June: Mike McLaughlin on The Guerrilla Marketing For Consultants: Choice, Challenge, and Growth (McLaughlin Presentation PDF
  • May: Mike Stelzner on How to Boost Your Consulting Practice Using White Papers
  • April: John Rodolff on Gaining a Competitive Edge (small business and professional firm)
  • March: Nev Grove on Selling Yourself by Google by the Click (
  • February: Samta Jain on Direct Mail to Build Your Consulting Practice (download handout)
  • January: Mike Barney CMC on Increasing Consulting Sales Through Simpler, Leaner and More Buyer-Oriented Terminologies


  • November: Clint Burdett CMC on How to Explain Risk to a CEO
  • October: Chris Witt, How to Speak as a Thought Leader
  • September: Ken Goldstein, PE, CMC on Understanding Ethics and Professional Practice
  • July: Sabrina Gibson on The 4 Biggest and Most Costly Website Mistakes and How to Fix Them
  • June: Marcus Schaller on How to Write & Use Sales Letters to Triple Your Consulting Client Base
  • May: Henry DeVries, 27 Low-cost Publicity Tricks
  • April: Gerald (Jerry) Bloch, What Every Consultant Needs to Know - Negotiating with Your Client and Avoid Litigation
  • March: JD Morris - M&A Mania How Consultants Can Capitalize on the Opportunities (download PowerPoint)
  • February: Michael Oswald - Agreements for Successful Consulting Engagements
  • January: Bill Mooney - How to Make Your Net Work for You: Using Your Network and Associations to Obtain Referrals and Clients


  • October: Tim Rhine, Creating, Building and Realizing Company Value in Today’s Lean Environment
  • September: Boom or Bust - A Group Discussion
  • August: Marion Paul - The Enterprise Village
  • July: Chapter Planning
  • June: Ron Williams, Identify Theft
  • May: Elizabeth Goodgold -Duh! Marketing - Why Your Customers Buy and How to Get Them to Buy More
  • April: Armon Mills: Business Journal Publishing and San Diego Economic Trends
  • March: Jay Zybelman: The Managed Care Experience
  • February: Robert Putrus facilitated a discussion on business development
  • January: Margaret Bhola: The Who You Are Aspects of Leadership


  • December: Mike Bosworth on Developing New Clients
  • November: Joan Alleckson, CPA: Leading Your Clients to Greater Profitability
  • October: Don Zillioux, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, Strategic Worldwide Development: Confessions of an Organizational Change Agent
  • September: Dennis Guseman: Sustaining San Diego's Economic Growth: The role and challenges of an educated workforce
  • August: Driving the Business Case for Internal and External Diversity
  • July: Collen Turner, Ph.D.: Everyday Olympics: Coaching Yourself to Think Inside Diverse Boxes
  • June: Kerry Morris: Positioning a Business for Successful Exit
  • May: Sondra Kiss, VP Business Development, M Squared
  • April: Clint Burdett CMC: Growth Strategies - We're Tired of Cutting Costs
  • March: Jack Gilbert: When Ethics Bump Into Reality in an Engagement
  • February: Drumm Mcnaughton, PhD, IMC National Board of Directors: IMC Vision for 2005 (The IMC San Diego Chapter welcomes into the IMC the National Bureau of Certified Consultants and American Association of Professional Consultants Members)
  • January: Paul-Michael Dekker: Online Marketing and Your Consulting Site
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